June Energy Forecast


The month of June starts on 5th June, running through to 6th July. You will feel the energy coming on fast and furious. In fact, I had a splitting headache in the early hours when the shift kicked in.

This furious energy is created from the conflict between the elements of Wood and Metal. Both are robust and are not giving in. Wood is an element that creates movement and can bring about a strong creative impulse. Meanwhile, it can make us feel like doing things just for the sake of it. So be aware of this dynamic.

In the Chinese Farmers’ Almanac, this time traditionally contains a warning where ‘diseases carried by animals’ can easily spread. For example, the current mouse plague in parts of eastern Australia can get worse, so make sure you protect your home properly and have preventative measures in place if you are in the affected areas.

Take good care of your body and eat nourishing food, restore and protect the kidney essence and pace yourself so you don’t feel depleted. If you need more support on what food to eat during this season and how to bring joy to this simple act, you might want to re-read my last month’s newsletter HERE.


Energy Impulse:

  • Be fully present in whatever you do, otherwise, June’s energy can make you feel weary and depleted. When you can, cease the constant ‘doing‘ and tend to yourself physically, emotionally or mentally, and simply BE.
  • Courage & your decision-making abilities are about to be put through a test.
  • The strong Fire energy reaches its peak during this month and can bring joy and transformation. At the same time, when imbalanced, it can also bring anxiety, insomnia and unsettled mind. Check out the blog post Joy of Eating to learn how to nourish your body so it can become a vessel.
  • Be extra careful around solstice time (ie. 21 / 22 June), this is where the veil between the Yin and Yang becomes very thin. Anything that is not in alignment can erupt. This can manifest in natural disasters, world politics and of course the current health challenge we are all facing right now. Due to its unpredictability, avoid plan anything significant such as buying a property or launch a new project. Travel might not be a good idea if you can avoid it.
  • South, SE and NW part of the world, country or region can experience some difficulties during the month of June.
  • June’s energy can increase the likelihood of conflicts or unexpected circumstances that are likely to be emotional charged (ie. a betrayal, emotional torment from the past etc). Look beyond the situation and see the lessons.

Industry Trends:

  • Entertainment, Airline industry, Media & Energy sectors will experience a temporary boost until Solstice time.
  • Car sales, manufacturing and medical sectors will continue to boom however expect a sudden disruption during 21/22 June.
  • Not a great month for high-risk investment. This month can feel unpredictable on share market.
  • Steady growth of retail sector, transport and travel in the first half of June until the energy ‘clash’ around late June.
  • Property market remains steady however may see change of certain regulations within the industry. Be extra careful when buying a property during the solstice time, it might not be what you envisage. This is a good time to get your equipped before any actions. Check out the FENG SHUI FOR BUYERS AND RENTERS online course below, it is on sale for a limited time. 

Health Indications:

  • Be on high alert when out and about and be careful of any venomous bites from insects, snakes, scorpions etc…the extreme Yang energy created by Fire element can make the animal kingdom ultra-active
  • A vegetarian diet can be beneficial for this month’s energy to maintain physical balance.
  • High likelihood of having headaches, migraines, nerve or blood-related issues, as well as eye and tooth.

Essence at Birth / Star Signs:

  • Excellent month for people who are looking for romantic relationships, especially if you have Snake, Rooster or Ox in your Destiny chart.
  • If your Essence at birth is Yin Metal, this month will bring a mentor, helpful people, beneficiaries or guiding star into your life.
  • If you were born in the Year of the Rat, or have a Rat symbol anywhere within your birth chart, June is considered your clash month. Be flexible with your plan and manage your expectations.

As we are moving towards the most anticipated month of the year – July (clash month against the Year of the Ox), changes are unavoidable for all of us. The continuation of revelation and reckoning will become intense. Deeper internal healing for individuals will lead to a collective awakening. The writing is on the wall.  Can you feel it?

“What you see depends not only on what you look at, but also on where you look from’. 

This month, try to place yourself in a place where you can see a bigger picture rather than get lost in small details (it will only confuse you)….adjust your vantage point. Reframe your situation. Refresh your lens so you feel most supportive.

With light and illumination,
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