Creating Abundance From Your Inherent Destiny Chart
Imagine if you could scale your business in an intentional, nourishing and sustainable way. 
Imagine if you could fully step into your High-Value Gifts & Superpowers, showing up potently.
abundant beings!
You landed here because, just like the boy named Santiago in the book ‘The Alchemist’, there is a recurring dream of yours that continues to show up: somewhere, hidden treasure that is deeply buried is calling you… is waiting for you to discover and claim it…
You were born to live an abundant life, dear ones!
And the key you have been seeking,
in fact, is hidden in your Destiny chart.
If you are a Soul-led Entrepreneur ready for expansion and yearning for a more sustainable, gentle yet deep and devoted way, not hustle…
If you are a Creator, Warrior, Truth-seeker, Healer or Explorer, and believe you hold so much light but don’t know how to bring it into physical form…
If you are currently working at a soul-depleting job counting down the minutes until 5pm everyday but fail to see the way out to create financial abundance following your soul’s calling
Or if you are simply intrigued about learning Chinese Astrology to create wealth and gain clarity on your life path, without having to go through years of training and study…..
You are in the right place!
The moment you were born, was the precise moment when the energies of Heaven & Earth came together. This special transmission of abundance is hidden within your Destiny chart until it is ready to be activated and initiated – by YOU.
The configuration, the elements contained in your Destiny chart, are in fact a map – the clues and signposts that lead to your ‘hidden treasure’.
I enrolled in the Wealth Alchemy program because I wanted to grow my business. Having felt stuck and directionless for some time, I was looking for ideas to help me. Grace’s teaching delivered this and so much more.
The course provided me with the opportunity to understand myself at a deep cosmic level, which has been a tremendous gift. A gift, which has brought clarity, purpose, and direction to my life. My path ahead is clearer, I now have a vision for my business, and I am excited about what lies ahead.
Joining Grace on The Wealth Alchemy program was one of the best investments I could make in myself and my business. It is a powerful, spiritual journey of self-discovery that I believe everyone can benefit from. I can highly recommend it to anyone considering embarking on such a journey.
Words don’t do justice to the moment I found out what my high value gifts are, it was awesome! Like that “aha” moment when all that you intuitively knew it’s finally confirmed. You have my infinite gratitude for helping me to remember who I am. Grace, you have my deepest gratitude for being such an amazing and inspiring teacher.
You cannot imagine how grateful I am for this wonderful course you have put together. I am so enjoying it and every module is like unwrapping a gift!
Wealth Alchemy is unlike any other course.
This is the first course that teaches you how to create Wealth & Abundance through decoding your Destiny chart and the Five Elements.
Part Destiny-chart teaching and decoding, part soul-attunement, healing and activation, this powerful course takes you on a magical journey to discover your ‘inner Alchemist’ through the connection between your physical self and your soul’s evolution.
By utilising the energetic impulse of the Five Elements and the guiding influence of nature’s intelligence, you will arrive at a place of self-empowerment and clarity with a solid strategy to move forward in business and in life.
This course brings the hidden message within your chart to light by revealing your ‘High-Value Gifts & Talents’,  so you can show up potently and powerfully to create more sustainable Wealth with pleasure, delight and ease.
The clarity brought forth is not only something “good to have”, it is the foundation on which everything else is built, for you to glide through life with purpose and conviction.

We are all born uniquely different. It makes sense that the ways in which we create our wealth are vastly different. Your Wealth Element and your hidden gifts and talents determine what your innate Wealth Creation strategy should be in this life.

  • It reveals the truth about your ‘money stories’ without judgement
  • It points you to the right industry with the maximum return for money
  • It uncovers your High-Value gifts and superpowers
  • It reveals your Hero’s journey, the Universal Lessons and Challenges, your Soul purpose and shadow traits
  • It shows the type of organization which is best for you to thrive in
  • Or whether your current job profile matches your genetic wealth code and your unique inherent Wealth Strategy
  • It helps you to synchronize to the unique rhythm and pattern of ‘Money Wave’ so you can flow with ease, desire and purpose.
What if you have a blueprint laid out in front of you to achieve this?
What if you no longer look left and right, feeling inadequate or doubting if this is the right path for you?
What if you are being shown a crystal-clear picture of who you are and who you can become, and how to get there?
How it is delivered
  • Password-protected private classroom

This course is presented in a password-protected private classroom on a custom-designed website.

You can access the entire course site immediately as soon as you register. 

You are invited to the exclusive Wealth Alchemy closed Facebook Group during this 7-week journey. This is an intimate space where we come together to release, expand and attune to your own unique frequency of Wealth.

You get to access my bespoke guidance on your personal Destiny Chart.

  • Purposely designed formats and modalities for best learning experience

The modules and lessons will be mostly taught through videos, downloadable audios and written slide decks, as well as PDF notes and journal prompts.

Just like the 7 stages of the Alchemical process, Wealth Alchemy contains 7 powerful modules, 30+ lessons, providing you with a clear energetic path that you can follow to transform in a contained and supportive environment. ⁠
The passionate teaching and lovingly designed pathway lights up those twists and turns of your life path so you can navigate it with ease and fulfil your destiny.
In this course, you’ll learn how to intuitively bring forth your own cosmic blueprint before your very eyes. It reveals truthfully what you were put on earth to do – guided by your soul through the secret language of your chart rather than your ego.
You will be shown clearly with the aid of a structured framework, techniques and strategies on how to draw insights and wisdom to support your evolutionary transformation.
This course is an invitation to fully honour who you are as an energetic being, it calls you to claim your wealth and abundance in a deeply loving, authentic way.
Here is how we will
journey together
The Five Elements Essence Journey (The Burn)
In this first module, you will be taken on a magical Five Elements Essence Journey. Not only will you get to know each element’s physical manifestations, you will learn how to embody your own vibrational frequencies so you can start to view yourself and life through a different lens.
This is where we gently peel back the layers, break down the ego and unnecessary attachments, so you can resume back to who you truly are.
Three Simple Steps to Get to Know Your Destiny Chart (Dissolution)
Let go of everything you previously knew about yourself and let your Destiny chart whisper to you and reveal all the secrets. This is the stage where you will allow yourself to plunge into the waters of the unconscious to unearth the truth about you.
You will learn how to see and decipher deeper meanings, hidden codes and implications of your Destiny chart in three simple steps. No complicated jargon is involved. This is where you’ll get your first glimpse of your innate Wealth Creation Strategy.
Getting to Know Your Wealth Element (Discovery)
In this module, you will learn everything about your specific Wealth element:
  • Your unique Wealth Code for this life time
  • Dive deep into your Desire and Wealth Consciousness
  • Type and Size of the organisation that most suitable for you
  • Identify the industry which fits your design, where you’d be most influential
Ten Wealth Creation Archetypes & Profiles (Conjunction)
You will be introduced to Ten Wealth Creation Archetypes and be shown step-by-step how to determine yours.
You will be clearly guided to your specific
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Universal Lessons & Challenges
  • Soul Purpose
  • Shadow Traits
  • High Value Gifts & Talents
  • Career Choices
A set of Light Codes specifically channelled
for Wealth Alchemy will be given to you to activate
your new superpowers
Resource Element and Investment Choices Based on Your Destiny Chart (Initiation)

You will learn an important concept during your Wealth Creation journey – becoming resourceful. You will learn:

  • How to step into your NEW Identity
  • Getting to know your unique blueprint – 5 types of Resources
  • How you can activate them to support you for higher levels of Wealth & Abundance
  • How to grow rich through the right investment choices based on your cosmic blueprint
Calling On Heavenly Support (Distillation)

In this module, I will teach you how to call upon the Heavenly support to accelerate your journey, including:

  • How to identify your ‘Golden Era’ to create Wealth so you won’t miss out
  • How to be at the right place at the right time
  • Divine Timing & Ten-Year Luck Pillar
  • Strategic Alliances – Specific techniques on how to identify the people that are compatible with your birth chart, and people who are not.
Your Golden Transformation (Union)
This is where you will meet the abundant golden YOU that has been hidden within you all along. Yin & Yang, shadow & light, matter & spirit, inner & outer – the union of dualities, where everything comes together.
You will arrive at a place of self-actualisation and self-empowerment. You know who you are, what your superpowers are and know exactly how to embark on your Wealth Creation journey. You fully embrace your abundant Self. Your golden transformation is complete!
8am (AEDT) Sunday 18th February 2024 
8am (AEDT) Sunday 3rd March 2024 
8am (AEDT) Friday 15th March 2024 
Your Are Your Own Best medicine
This course not only helps you to become a magnet of wealth, it helps you to claim all parts of you and remember how magnificent you truly are.
During this 7-week transformational journey,
I will be your guide, speaking the secret tongue of your inherent birth chart.
I will be your channel, guiding and holding the space for you
beyond the course portal.
I have been following Grace for quite some time on Instagram. I just love her work! It is the perfect combination of spirituality and logic, which highly resonates with me. When she opened the enrolments for her latest course, Wealth Alchemy, I just knew I wanted to be part of it. It was an investment in myself and I am so happy I did it because I completely transformed the way I see myself in the world.
Have no doubt that it is a powerful course! Grace will provide you with the tools to understand yourself through your birth chart. You will learn what are your hidden talents and what are the best ways to bring wealth to your life. It is definitely life changing! If you’re ready to take the next step, I definitely recommend you to take this course.
When Yin & Yang come together, Wealth is born.

Through soulful awareness, you will be led on a journey to gently dismantle and break down all the attachments that are holding you back.

It softens you into creating, receiving, allowing and deepening more with ease. It opens you to more wealth with higher visions.

You will be guided to move through your innate energy frequency to ascend your wealth, stability and flow with money on a new level with joy.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of Chinese Astrology to decode your Destiny chart. Everything is clearly mapped out for you, step by step, so you can follow to receive its full magic & transmission.
It gives you the most condensed and potent form of Chinese Astrology without the confusing technical jargons.
Every lesson, technique taught is specifically Wealth-creation related and tailored for your unique energy make-up. This wisdom is distilled from years of my learning, research and personal experience, after having done more than a thousand charts.
You cannot find this online by googling!
This is not a one-size-fits-all program, it is designed uniquely for your destiny.
At the start of the course, your chart will be specially done by me.
Every soul has had a completely individual journey through time and space, which means your experience of this course will be unique to you.
Are you ready to tap into the full being of who you are and receive the abundance that is your birth right?
When you say ‘YES’ to your soul’s evolution, everything around you turns into gold.
Imagine in 2 month’s time, this is you:
  • Confidently declaring your ‘true desires’ and ‘higher vision’ with a full body YES
  • Scaling your business in a more intentionally, consistent and devoted way
  • Receiving more money and wealth all in a more relaxed and aligned way
  • Dancing with your ‘shadows’ & ‘money blocks’ without judgement
  • The floodgate of creativity swings open. You feel inspired, magnetic and your soul is bursting with joy while serving others
  • You are answering those callings finally while you are being safely upheld energetically and financially
  • You have complete clarity of what your next 5 or 10 years look like, to keep you confident and fully grounded.
  • You are ready for your “Golden Era” to create long-lasting and impactful wealth
  • You know exactly who to turn to for support, collaboration, and how to tap into Heavenly support through people, events, and divine timing
  • You are fully anchored in your own game, because you know who you are, what your superpower and gifts are. You move with purpose, act with precision.
What’s included in the
Wealth Alchemy Program?
Seven powerful modules, providing you with a clear energetic path that you can follow to transform, in a contained and supportive environment
30+ lessons, videos, audios, slide decks and pdf notes released over 8 weeks. 
Spiritual Toolbox with meditation, affirmation and Money Attunement Energy Session.
Step-by-step chart-reading demonstration where you are no longer in the dark when it comes to knowing your own Destiny chart
Three intimate Live Coaching Sessions where I guide you deeper into your energetics to answer all your questions and provide all the guidance and support you need while you undertake the journey
A set of Light Codes specially channelled for Wealth Alchemy students to activate your new High-Value Gifts & Talents.

Continue this Self-discovery journey with soul sisters in a private and safe Community Platform that is away from social media so we can focus on our own individual path whilst lifting each other higher.

You will also have an opportunity to access my ongoing support and coaching within the Wealth Alchemy Alumni Group that is hosted on this unique and intimate platform.

I have just completed the ‘Wealth Alchemy’ course. What can I say, absolutely worth it. The course was so enlightening. I learnt so much about myself as a person in life, and in my career choices.
I highly recommend this course for anyone looking at a career change, or just feeling stuck. The information you find out about yourself is mind blowing. This course is also a lot of fun, with such a nurturing teacher like Grace you feel held and supported throughout the whole journey. Thank you so much for providing this amazing course. Five stars from me!
Bonus #1:
Spiritual Tool Box containing:
  • Recorded Energy session – “Money Attunement”
  • Healing meditation – “Healing Your Money Past”
  • Recorded activation – “Calling Back Your Power”.
Bonus #2:
Two Simple Steps To Ascertain Your Wealth Creation Path
The location of your Wealth Element in your Destiny Chart matters! Discover the right way you can generate your wealth based on your personal Wealth Element.
Bonus #3:
Activate Your Soul Essence Meditation
Feel the stress, worry, fear and overwhelm quickly dissolve in the presence of your soul. Reawaken the intense aliveness that lies in your true essence.
Bonus #4:
Personalised Destiny Chart –
you will receive a personalised chart at the beginning of the course directly from Grace, with the hidden elements which are not normally seen – this is where you will find your hidden elements and talents
Lifetime access while the course is offered
in Full
 Price $1,288 USD
3 Easy Payment
Price $488 USD

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and embody the ‘more abundant YOU’
  • You are ready to show up and take aligned action to change your destiny
  • You are ready to discover your true essence, High-Value gifts & talents
  • You are done with ‘playing small’ and ready to live a wildly wealthy life
  • You already love Chinese Astrology and are ready to draw more wisdom from it and step up to a new level of abundance.

This is not for you if…

  • You expect overnight results
  • You want a quick fix and put in minimal work
  • You want to do a reading or fortune telling
  • You are not willing to shift your beliefs and mindset around money and yourself.

Not at all. This course is designed for people who don’t have any prior knowledge of Chinese Astrology or Destiny Charts. Each lesson will clearly showcase how you read and decipher your Personal Destiny chart, so you can gain insight. There’s no complicated jargon or formulas; the groundwork has been done for you, so you can easily understand and apply the principles.

In fact, it is quite fun – like finding a hidden treasure using a map.

You will need to set aside at least one hour to two hours for each module and this can vary for each module.

I recommend once you’ve gone through the course material, try to allocate some ‘still’ time each week to reflect on what you’ve learned and follow the homework and journal prompts after each module, so you can get the most out of the content.

But if life gets busy, you can alway go back to the module and review the content as you need, since you will have lifetime access to the program.

This is what the three Live Coaching sessions are designed for, where you can ask all the questions you may have.

This is a program designed for both business owners and entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to create wealth and abundance from the source to save time, money and energy.

It is especially powerful for business owners and entrepreneurs to broaden their vision, tune in to their ‘zone of genius’ and spot market gaps by using smart timing, and foresee all potential wealth opportunities.

Yes, you will get my insight and expertise in the Live Coaching sessions, where there will also be time for personal case studies.

But what if you’re a little nervous?
What if I don’t have any Wealth element or High-Value Gifts & Talents? (By the way, there is no such thing: everyone has them, including you!! It is only you who can activate them!)
I know that a great leap can be scary, but isn’t it better than standing at the sideline?
Come with me on this journey where you are fully upheld to allow your transformation to gently unfold, so you can open up a new level of Wealth & Abundance that you were born to create.
It’s time to unlock the wealth & power encoded within your cosmic blueprint, so you can claim more of your true self.
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