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I want to help you see yourself with greater clarity and support you on your journey to create your most cherished dreams.


My Destiny Profiling, Personalized Feng Shui, and Mentoring Program services are specifically designed to improve the 3 types of luck that accompany us throughout our lifetime. In Chinese metaphysics, it is believed that our destiny is determined by three types of luck, they are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. It is also called The Cosmic Trinity. You can read about them in more detail HERE.

Destiny Profiling

Destiny Profiling is specially designed to decode your heaven luck by knowing who you truly are. This is the gift that the Heavens, or the Higher Force, gives us.

Heaven Luck contains all the secrets that lead us to our life purpose. It is the map that leads to our ‘treasure’, and ‘personal legend’. It is also known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny” of Chinese Astrology.


You are missing out big time if you are not using it to your advantage to enhance your life quality.


The wealth of information generated from these charts is also able to bring you clarity specially when you are standing at the cross road not knowing which way to forge ahead.

Personalized Feng Shui

Personalized Feng Shui is the quickest way to connect and make sure that Earth Luck is the wind in your sails and not the force working against you.


We are all energetic beings, vibrating at different frequencies. The energy that exists in our environment can affect us very differently. Their impact can be positive or negative towards all aspects of our life, including our relationships, our health, our careers and our wealth.


When you know how to align with the positive and prosperous forces already existing in nature and all around us, , “the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”. And this increases your ability to thrive (rather than struggle) by many folds.


If you feel you are stuck or have had ‘bad luck’ for a while, this service will give you a kick-start to reboot your engine.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program is a holistic approach designed to give your destiny a boost. It is a package of support services that combines your Destiny Profile with your Personalized Feng Shui to help you achieve a quantum leap in life during the period of 4-week.


Mentoring program is where I help you take your destiny into your own hands. I not only assess your Destiny profile to know where you stand, I also look closely at your environment using Feng Shui to gain insights. Then we work specifically on the challenging aspects in your Man Luck so we can reclaim the power you feel you need most. My job here is not to tell you, but to assist you to manifest your best destiny. To allow you to become powerful, true to yourself and to follow your calling. To align with the authentic you.

You deserve to live a magnificent life
You deserve to be happy
You are here to be unique

  • I’d had some exposure to Feng Shui living in Hong Kong but it was always cloaked in mystery. I initially contacted Grace when we were having huge problems selling our house – we were at our wits end! She came in, reviewed the place, suggested some changes which definitely helped with the dynamic of the energy. Because our house was sold within a month of implementing those changes. So it was a no-brainer for us to get her involved when we moved into our new house.

    The great thing about working with Grace is that she makes it all clear and simple, allowing you to understand why you’re changing small areas of your house each year. I’ve already recommended her to several close friends.

    Linda McGregor | Owner, All About Eve
  • Grace took a great deal of care and time in ensuring all the measurements were correct when she applied classical feng shui techniques to my home. The amount of work that went into it was astonishing, and it showed in the results, which were noticeable and precise. Her suggestions on what can be done to change or improve certain areas of my home and in turn my life were helpful and effective, I felt a definite improvement to my life overall since.

    Grace turned my life around. She is well educated, thorough and articulate. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

    Kaye Rubis | Sydney, Australia
  • I wasn't aware of how vast and detailed Feng Shui encompass until I met Grace, who explained what the Four Pillars of Destiny were and how I could utilise my unique reading to better understand myself and what areas I needed to focus on in my life. The Four Pillars of Destiny does not involve instruction on where to best place furniture (as what I originally thought Feng Shui was all about) but a personal chart reading that is used to forecast your personality, strengths, and best times to action on your intentions and goals.

    Grace has an amazing ability and was able to accurately read both my personal traits in line with the charts and clearly mapped action points I needed to take and when to do them. I loved this reading, not only because it was so accurate but because I was provided the most optimal times to make future decisions with the calm and professional guidance of Grace.

    Stephanie Saunders | Account Executive at MEC Global

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