Joy of Eating


Recently, I shared 3 key aspects we are being guided to do during 2021 in order to initiate our re-birth. If you have missed it, you can catch up HERE.

One of them is to focus on our physical body and wellbeing so it can be a strong ‘container for ascension‘. Because for any spiritual leap to happen, it needs to be through the body and beyond the body.

Many of you reached out wanting to know more about the relationship between the food you eat and your Essence at Birth. What a juicy topic!

So, today I want to first share my view about the ‘Joy of Eating’ – why this simple act is in fact a spiritual process and what foods you should be eating during this upcoming season in order to nourish you physically, emotionally and mentally.

The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of another life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life. This is the greatest pleasure that a human being knows; in some way, something that is not him is willing to become part of him. This is what you call ‘love’. This is what people call ‘devotion’. This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual process.

– Sadhguru

If only we were to perceive ‘eating’ as such a process – ‘life giving away its own life to sustain your own’, we would eat with an enormous amount of gratitude each time we consume food.

If we eat with this kind of gratitude, we will naturally eat only to the extent that it is necessary.

At the same time, the food will behave in a completely different way in your system when you treat it with this level of consciousness. Let’s say two people are eating exactly the same food and their health and absorption levels are the same. One who eats with ‘joy and gratitude’ will need much less food and will get better nourishment than the one who simply treats food as a necessity.

This simple yet conscious act in fact is a beautiful demonstration of the constant Oneness in progress, the joy of Union.

In the yogic tradition, the way food is perceived goes beyond biology and chemistry. Food is alive, with quality and life energy of its own. When consumed, the quality of food influences the qualities of our body, mind and energetic frequency.

How many of us are simply going through the motion or eating mindlessly?

If we pay sufficient attention and become aware of the subtle connection shared between food and the body, we will instantly know from within what need to eat and how much. With this awareness, what is merely a daily intake of food can be transformed into a beautiful process of nourishment and union.

As we step into June, we will be welcoming a new season – Summer in the Northern hemisphere and Winter in the Southern hemisphere.

I have put together some information to support you to tune into the vibrational frequency of the season you are in and use food to heal and nourish your body.


Based on the Five Elements theory, Winter is represented by the element of Water and the related organ in our body is the kidney. This is a great time to eat food that nourishes the kidney Qi and builds up your courage, willpower and confidence.

If your Essence at Birth is Water, you will know what ‘Live to eat’ means. Comfort food doesn’t even begin to describe your enthusiasm for food or capacity to indulge and enjoy. Well, this winter, we should all adopt Water person’s philosophy – indulge in good food and have the luxury to be alone with our thoughts. As the Water element brings us ‘inwards’. Follow its energetic impulse and see where it takes you…

You will also notice below a lot of kidney-nourishing food are black – which is the colour of the Water element.

Kidney Functions in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine):

  • Govern birth, growth, reproduction and development
  • Receive Qi from Lung
  • Generate willpower
  • Connect to bones, hair and ear

Your Kidneys love these foods (ideally organic)

  • Black sesame seeds
  • Apples & Blackberries
  • Wild rice
  • Seaweeds
  • Black beans
  • Black Chia seeds

When kidney Qi is imbalanced, your body will diligently signal you via certain symptoms or emotional patterns. Don’t ignore them. Refer to below table to heal it through consuming the right food. Click on below picture to download it.


If you live in the Northern hemisphere, you will be entering the season of Summer soon. This is represented by the element of Fire based on Five Elements and the related organ in our body is the Heart & Small Intestines.

According to Chinese medicine, Summer is the time to wake up early and embrace the sunshine and flourish as nature intended. So don’t sleep in!

Use bright and colourful food for your summer cooking and avoid too much salt. Do not overindulge in cold food such as ice creams or icy drinks.  Be creative. It is all about joy, happiness and fun. I once had a ‘purple party’ and we have to come up with all the foods that are purple in colour.  

Heart Functions in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine):

  • Controls blood circulation
  • Controls blood vessels, pulse strength & face
  • Opens into the tongue & affects speech
  • In charge of happiness & joy
  • House the mind, mental activity, memory and sleep

Your heart loves these herbs:

  • Green tea
  • Oregano
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric

If your Essence at Birth is Fire or your chart contains strong Fire energy, you may need cooling foods in order to balance yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

Some of the main cooling foods are milk, ghee, butter, avocados, cilantro, mint, unrefined olive oil and coconut oil. Foods that have a heating effect should be avoided, such as cayenne, chillies, curries, and alcohol, which can tax the digestive system and affect the heart rate.

Again, refer to the below table for more healing food to balance your Heart. When your heart energy is balanced, you see ‘joy and happiness’ everywhere. ☀️

What affects one thing,⁠ affects, in some way, ⁠all things:
All is interwoven into the continuous fabric of being.
Its warp and weft are energy, ⁠which is the essence of magic.

Cherish this body of yours and eat consciously, feel the heart of the season merging with yours and beating as one.

With light and illumination,
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