Destiny Profiling


Before you were born, your destiny left you a message.
This message is the key that leads to your “personal treasure”,
it is the secret for you to live your life effortlessly.
Destiny Profiling is designed to gain insights on your cosmic blueprint
and help you decode the secret message and lessons so you can live your soul’s truth.
Destiny Profiling peels back many layers of your Destiny chart
to grasp your true essence at core and answer questions such as:
>> What am I here to do in the world?
>> What are my unique light and innate talents?
>> How can I feel more alive and get unstuck in life?
>> How to navigate life’s twists and turns with ease?
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How to order:

  • Choose from the below 3 options
  • Fill in your full date of birth & birth time. Please type the name of the month in full to avoid confusion.
  • If you are over 46 years of age, birth time is a must for the accuracy of the Destiny Profiling result.
Destiny Profiling
Reading via Skype
60 minutes US $130
Destiny Profile
Written Report
US $220
Destiny Profile
Reading + Report
US $330
Destiny Profiling


Feel connected with the higher force,
Step into your new identity
Live a heart-centred life of your dreams
What do you get from Destiny Profiling?
  • Your true essence at birth
  • Your cosmic blue print or energy make-up
  • The quality and composition of your chart
  • The key energy flow of your birth chart
  • How does each of the five element mean to you?
  • How to introduce the right elements into your life in order to get the cosmic support
  • Analysis on key aspects of life such as Relationship, Family, Health, Wealth creation, Career
  • Your rise and fall through the journey of life
  • Key timings for major decisions, events
  • Charts are also tailor-made to give clarity on any issues or areas you feel stuck in life so we can unblock the stagnant energy to gain flow
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Destiny Profiling Session is for you if:
  • You are changing your 10-year luck pillar. You feel an energy shift but are at lost how to navigate it
  • You are at the threshold of a luck-pillar change, the energy can be felt 12-18 months leading up to when it actually happens
  • You are 5-year into the current 10-year luck pillar where the 2 elements within this decade are transiting
  • You want to gain a deeper sense of who you are and what you are put on earth to do
  • You are at the crossroad of making a life-changing decision, be it about your career, relationships, health, relocating, or whatever might be
  • You want to assess the compatibility with another person energetically, be it romantically or a business association
  • You want to identify the most beneficial energy so you can navigate your life path consciously
If you are feeling the call for a radical change but weighted down with fears,
if you are feeling tangled, limited by your own shadow and judgement,
Destiny Profiling will guide you and greatly assist you to dismantle anything that do not
serve you any more and bring you into alignment with the best version of yourself.
Through the Destiny Profiling session I offer,
I bring light and clarity to you.
I help you embody your core essence so you can truly be present
and focus on your own journey unfolding.
I remind you are more than your current circumstances and the external world can define.
I anchor you to the illuminated expansive light-filled being you already are.
I show you why it is your birthright to have all that you desire and be free.
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