Hello, Beautiful Soul

I believe you are being guided here for a reason…

Let me guess…
You feel life could be more than what it is now…
There is a restlessness within you…
You feel a bit stuck.

You sense there is something within you that needs to be birthed or unleashed but you don’t know how.

You want to ignite creative energy yet you feel intimidated as well as excited.

You want to discover your High-Value Gifts + Talents.

You want to access that Wealth Code
to unlock your fullest potential.

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

Only a few years back, I was standing exactly where you are right now, feeling a consistent discontentment with life.

Thankfully, the right guidance came through at the right time.
I listened to that faint voice and took action.
And now I want to help you do the same.

These days, life simply feels blissful.
It feels easy and effortless.
Well-being and joy are consistent.
Moments are richer and enlivened.

I live with certainty and purpose and
learn to dance with the unknown.
I feel powerful, wealthy and abundant.

I work with people around the world to calibrate their energy to the highest version of themselves.

I guide them to reinvent themselves, to realize their innate power within.

I do this through the magical toolkits of Feng Shui Alignment, Wealth Code Activation, 1:1 Private Mentorship + my signature Online Courses and Masterclasses.

My Story –

What led me here?

For a big chunk of my life, I lived as a perfectionist for others.

I was a perfect daughter, strived for academic excellence, a high achiever at work. I lived for my clients’ success and my boss’ satisfaction. I took pride in seemingly knowing how others felt and wanted even before they knew it themselves.

I didn’t know that I was an ‘old soul’ empath who had been born many times. I didn’t know I am clairsentient and how to create healthy boundaries around me. I didn’t know that I could never take away others’ pain until they were ready to heal themselves.

The day I was finally ready to get to know myself and what I truly desire in life was the start of my self-healing journey…

The Leap

On 25th March 2015, after an agonizing 18-months of ‘consistent discontentment’, I finally plucked up the courage to hand in my resignation, quitting my 15-year corporate career at a prestige media agency. I thought I would be feeling so lost, yet I had never felt more exhilarated and more at peace.

As I made the first move, the Universe responded, in a lightning speed.

The Golden Compass

When I look at my life, I view it as two parts: a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. The milestone in between is when I learnt about my Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

Instead of floating aimlessly in this vast universe, lacking certainty, the Four Pillars of Destiny chart became my golden compass, my beacon of light, my anchor.

It connects me with the Unseen.
It reveals my light as well as my shadows.
It expands me constantly into a new realm of impact, wealth and purpose.

The Awakening

As I grew into a softer, gentler and wiser version of myself, the need for external validation fell away and I started to unapologetically reclaim the psychic-knowing, intuition and inner wisdom within me already.

I no longer look left and right to decide where I’m heading in life. Instead, I have a strong sense of my own authority of how to be, who to connect with and how to run my business. I get to decide what kind of energy I desire to embody.

The more I tune inward, the clearer my vision is. Feng Shui Serenity has grown into a business that has a unique footprint in the world within a short span of time. And it is during this time, my ascension started to unfold…

In June 2018, I was called to take a road trip along the North Coast of New South Wales without knowing why. What unfolded included a day I will never forget! I was reunited with the highest and purest frequency of all energy: it was my Higher Self, from the divine family of light. As the big, gentle yet powerful white orb embraced me warmly, I felt it physically, for the first time, what ‘unconditional love’ feels like. It filled every cell of my body and I have never felt so loved and held. This experience was so overwhelming, I couldn’t stop crying for days afterwards.

Ever since, to maintain and continue to land myself in the frequency of the divine becomes my greatest joy and my continuous desire regardless of what is going on around me.

Embody the higher self

and live the frequency of love

As I continue to lead myself, I continue to embody the higher version of myself, I lead others to do the same.

For I know that this simple act is the most direct way to change the world. By doing this, by emanating that light into the world, I contribute to raising the energetic vibration of the planet -the frequency of love.

My work since has become more effortless and intuitive, and my ability to conjure and direct the light for others has reached another level.

If you are still reading, then I have no doubt you are guided here to do the same, to bring the light for others.

As we are stepping into the Feng Shui Age 9, the Earth’s frequency is rising rapidly. We are being called to step into our innate power and bring our most opulent gifts and creations, to claim more of ourselves.

To remember that we are here to Co-create with the Universe.

As you remember this ancient truth piece by piece,

You expand into new realms.

You become the embodiment of your true Essence.

You create your legacy in this divine human experience.

My work here simply is to help you alchemise your light so you can embrace your creational energy and essence. Because you are here to be a vessel of change.

In order to reclaim your power,
you first need to reclaim your own trust
your own will,
own desires,
own impulses,
and your own sense of mission.

I offer support, insights and guidance as you unravel your healing and self-discovery journey, reconnecting to your body, intuition, soul essence and your inner wisdom.

I help you peel back those layers that you no longer need to carry so you can drop deeper into your heart and confidently step into your new identity.
Nobody on this planet will ever understand your passion or your mission like you do.

For it is the sacred contract between you and your soul, where that you are held safely in your spiritual centre.

Start your journey here

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A few more things about me:

  1. The first time I had my birth chart read was when I was 10. Mum took me to this old ‘blind man’ and he said I will travel very far away from home. And he was right.
  2. I haven’t worn perfume for more than a decade until recently I found an organic and toxin-free brand.
  3. I don’t drink alcohol except in social settings.
  4. When I started Feng Shui Serenity 6 years ago, all I had was a name. No website, no professional photos, no idea where it is going, I simply followed that old-fashioned trust in my belly and a faint little voice that just won’t go away.
  5. When it comes to (man-made) major holidays in the calendar I am usually underwhelmed. I get more excited about the change of seasons, lightning and storms, a full moon and star-gazing.
  6. I am a classic Yin Metal. The energy associated with this element is the ability to distil and dig deeper to obtain the truth. I wake up each morning feeling deeply grateful to do what I do. It is like breathing.
  7. I am old fashioned when it comes to technology. My first reaction when told to upgrade a phone or computer is to resist. I would totally choose to live in the days of handwriting letters and riding in carriages.
  8. I am a socially confident introvert.
  9. I find life becomes easier as I grow older – mostly because these days I don’t over-think, I simply respond to what life has to offer rather than react.
  10. I am a ‘location-based vegetarian’, meaning, I don’t cook meat at home.
  11. I love the packing-and-repacking-process before a trip. My suitcase usually is out 10 days before the departure time; while my husband is the total opposite – he packs the morning we leave (while I’m rolling my eyes).
  12. 90% of the time I don’t answer my phone, which is precisely my attitude towards news or current affair.
  13. Give me rain any day.

Professional Bio and Qualifications

Grace is a Feng Shui Master accredited by IFSA (International Feng Shui Association) and AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants International). She is a gifted Intuitive guide, teacher and transformative mentor, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity and Feng Shui Serenity Podcast after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her soul purpose.

Grace is passionate about teaching and empowering others to connect with the infinite source of the Heaven and Earth energy flow, so they can feel empowered to find the magic within and create ‘Heaven on Earth’ in their own life.

Grace takes a balanced approach between strategic vision and spiritual alignment. Through Wealth Code Activation, Feng Shui Alignment, and 1:1 Private Mentorship programs as well as her online courses, she helps people around the world step into their fullest potential and embody their true essence to unlock the flow of abundance and wealth.

She believes ‘You are the creator of your destiny’.

She practices Classical Feng Shui and only seeks learnings from the renowned Feng Shui Masters that honour this ancient practice.

In addition to standard Feng Shui practice, she was also trained to practice San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui, which has its lineage traced back to Tang Dynasty. Currently only a handful people were taught and passed on this formula in Australia.

IFSA Australia
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