Hello, Beautiful Soul
Welcome! I believe you are being guided here for a reason…
Let me guess…
You feel life could be more than what it is now…
There is a restlessness within you.
You feel a bit stuck
You sense there is something within you that
needs to be birthed or unleashed but you don’t know how
You want to ignite creative energy
yet you feel intimidated as well as excited
If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.
Only a few years back, I was standing where you are right now,
feeling a consistent discontentment with life.
Thankfully, the right guidance came through at the right time.
I listened and then took action
And now I want to help you do the same.
These days, life simply is blissful. It feels easy
and effortless. Wellbeing and joy are
consistent. Moments are richer and
enlivened. I live with certainty and assurance
and no longer waste my precious life-force
doubting, fearing, worrying or comparing.
Because I know that when I am connected
with the higher force, my foundation is
steady, and the gates fly open for whatever I
desire in life.
I work with people around the world helping them connect with the infinite
source of the Heaven and Earth energy flows, so they can feel empowered
to find magic within and create their own destiny.
The tools I use include Feng Shui Alignment, Destiny Profiling
 and Intuitive Coaching as well as my innate talent
to help them retrieve their soul fragments, so the memories and visions of
guidance can be activated and returned in order to fulfil their soul
purpose on Earth for this lifetime.
My Story – What Led Me Here?


For a big chunk of my life, I lived as a perfectionist for others.
I strived for academic excellence and to be a perfect daughter for my parents.
I was a high achiever at work. I lived for my clients’ success and my boss’s satisfaction.
I took pride in seeming to know what others felt and wanted even before they knew it themselves.
I thought I could help others by feeling their pain. And sometimes, I thought if I could just try a bit harder, I could finally make the narcissists appreciate who I truly am.
I thought if I can make everyone else happy, I would finally be happy…
I didn’t know that I was an ‘old soul’ empath who had been born on Earth many times.
I didn’t know I could sense other people’s vibrations or how to create healthy boundaries around me  I didn’t know that I could not heal others’ pain until they were ready to heal themselves.
I didn’t know that the day I was finally ready get to know myself and what I desired was the start of my powerful self-healing journey…


It was back in June 2015 when I finally had the courage to quit my 15-year corporate job as a media strategist. The ‘consistent discontentment’ towards the end of that career was so strong, I simply could not bring myself to yet another function that was seemingly glamorous yet full of energy-sapping small talks. I ran to the top of the hill as far away from the glitter and pretentiousness as I could and jumped… I had never felt more exhilarated! No bigger titles or salary could lure me back any more. I felt never more at peace.

I took the very first step of becoming my own boss, in life… finally.

And the net appeared quicker than I had thought.


When I look back at the life I have lived so far, I view it as two parts: a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. The milestone in between is when I learnt about my Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

Instead of floating aimlessly in this vast universe, lacking certainty, the Four Pillars of Destiny chart became my golden compass.
My Destiny chart revealed that when I stepped into my brand new 10-year luck cycle, the dominating theme would be very different from the past decade as to how I create wealth.

As the journey of creating Feng Shui Serenity unfolded, I embraced my fears and journeyed through my healing process, to arrive at the truth of who I am. Knowing my life pattern as revealed from my Destiny chart has provided a beacon of light, guiding me through the challenging parts of the journey.

I feel grounded and assured, knowing that I’m in alignment with what I have been put here on Earth to do.


In September 2015, 3 months after the ending of my corporate career, I joined Belinda Davidson’s School of Modern Mystics. It turned out to be a pivotal point in my journey and I forever hold a grateful heart to call Belinda my spiritual teacher and mentor.

Her teaching cemented my understanding and beliefs that for any real change to occur it needs to happen on an energetic level. This understanding is the key to a magical life.

Since then, chakra cleansing meditation, ‘white light’ channelling and mindfulness have become my non-negotiable daily practices to this day.


As I grew into a softer, gentler and wiser version of myself, the need for external validation fell away as my intuition and inner wisdom came to the fore.

I no longer look left and right to decide where I’m heading in life. Instead, I have a strong sense of my own authority of how to be, who to connect with and how to run my business.

The more I tune within, the clearer my vision is. Feng Shui Serenity has grown into a business that has a unique footprint in the world within a short span of time. And it is during this time, my ascension started to unfold…

In June 2018, I was called to take a road trip along the North Coast of New South Wales without knowing why. What unfolded included a day I will never forget! I was reunited with the highest and purest frequency of all energy: it was my higher self, from the divine family of light. As the big, gentle yet powerful white orb embraced me warmly, I felt physically, for the first time, what ‘unconditional love’ feels like. It filled every cell of my body and I have never felt so loved and held. This experience was so overwhelming, I couldn’t stop crying for days afterwards.

Since my energy upgrade, meditation has become like oxygen for me. To ‘be in the zone’ simply is addictive. To maintain and continue to land myself in the frequency of the divine becomes my greatest joy and my continuous desire regardless of what is going on around me.

For I know that this simple act is the most direct way to change the world. By doing this, by emanating that light into the world, I help others do the same. I contribute to raising the energetic vibration of the planet.

My work since has become more effortless and intuitive, and my ability to conjure and direct the light for others has reached another level.

If you are still reading, then I have no doubt you are guided here to do the same, to bring the light for others.

We are walking in a very different time on Earth right now, a time I call “consciousness evolution”. The Earth is awakening and vibrating at a more intense frequency. It is speaking to us in tandem with the universal energy. This is the time for you to find missing pieces of the puzzle, owning your core and finding your place.
My work here simply is to help you alchemise your light so you can embrace your creational energy and essence.
Because you are here to be a vessel of change.
In order to reclaim your power,
you first need to reclaim your own trust
your own will,
own desires,
own impulses,
and you own sense of mission.


I offer support, insights and guidance as you follow your healing and self-discovery journey, reconnecting to your body, intuition, soul essence and your inner wisdom.

I help you peel back those layers that you no longer need to carry so you can drop deeper into your heart and confidently step into your new identity.

Nobody on this planet, will ever understand your passion or your mission like you do.
For it is the sacred contract between you and your soul.
It is your relationship to your mission, where that you are held safely in your spiritual centre.
I look forward to go in deeper with that mission of yours.

With love & peace
Grace xo

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  • Feng Shui has always been in my life even since I was little; it just manifests in different forms as I go through life. Growing up in China, mum would say to us that we shouldn’t eat from a chipped bowl, because it contained ill energy. Destiny has changed the trajectory of my path and brought Feng Shui back into my life 10 years ago. Looking back, those difficult life challenges at the time were actually blessings in disguise.
  • I was born in China and came to Australia to pursue a Masters degree in 1996, and ended up never leaving. And now I know it is part of my destiny. I was meant to meet my soulmate here who is now my loving husband. The place where you are right now is one that God circled on a map for you.
  • My Essence at Birth is Yin Metal. The energy associated with this element is the ability to see beyond the skin-deep and connect with the higher realms. I feel privileged that I get to use this gift to help others to gain insight on their life path so they discover their soul purpose too.
  • I am a very private and introverted person and I love nothing more than quiet time for tuning in in my sacred space. Yet, when I meet a like-minded soul, I can talk all day and be quite loud.
  • I love writing, journaling, speaking at events or day-dreaming in cafes, watching people come and go. It warms my heart. It makes me feel connected, knowing that we are all ONE and I am part of a much bigger thing.
  • I believe this life journey on Earth is not about becoming anything or anyone, it is about unbecoming everything that really isn’t you. The becoming is really just a freeing of your true essence.

Professional Bio and Qualifications

Grace is one of the 9 Accredited Feng Shui Consultants in Australia by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants International (AFSC). She is a gifted Intuitive mentor, teacher, speaker and business coach, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose. 

She practices Classical Feng Shui using traditional Compass School, Form School and Flying Star School.

In addition, she also practices San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui, which has its lineage traced back to Tang Dynasty. Currently only a handful people were taught and passed on this formula by a Feng Shui Master in Australia. 

She is passionate about practicing authentic Feng Shui and only seek learnings from renowned Feng Shui Masters who respects its ancient heritage. She has been formally trained by the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES), Master Raymond Lo, Master Vincent Koh, Master Howard Choy, Dr Jin Peh and Master Edgar Lok Ting. 

She regularly holds workshops in Sydney. She is a seeker for truth and believes that to change the world, you must change yourself.

She holds a Master of Business degree in International Marketing, a Bachelor of Arts, and a Certificate IV in Design. She is fluent in Mandarin and English.

The door
of your heart can open as wide for you as you allow yourself to let it be.