Destiny Mentor

When we come down to Earth
we forget we are miracles incarnate.
We forget our innate gifts and superpowers.
We forget who we are…

Your Four Pillars of Destiny Chart
helps you to remember YOU,
to reclaim your high-value gifts & talents
that exist already within you.

This unique cosmic blueprint heralds a special transmission of abundance that can only be activated and initiated by YOU.

It teaches you to move with the Unseen.
It calibrates you to the frequency of Wealth.
It reminds you of the power to co-create with the Universe.

As you remember this ancient truth, piece by piece,
you expand into new realms.
You become the embodiment of your true Essence.
You create your legacy in this divine human experience.

You remember that:
YOU are the Light
YOU are the Magic
YOU are the Timeline
YOU are your Superpower

This is a powerful healing container for spiritual souls who are ready to claim his/her desires and be guided by the Source energy.

In here, you are seen, held and celebrated with all iterations of YOU.

I meet you where your power and full potential are. We move from the heart space and energetics.

In here, we learn to dance with the duality – Yin & Yang.
We play in the field of infinite possibilities

In here, we trust the exponential wealth as a way of being.
We move with certainty and precision.

In here, we lead ourselves and become magnetic to affluence.

This is the activation you will be receiving.

Are you ready to tap into the full being of who you are
and say ‘YES’ to your soul’s evolution?

Let the magic begin.

“As I was discovering my gifts, I was finding it hard at times to fully get my head around it all. I decided to have a Destiny Mentor session with Grace. I was blown away by her accuracy and her highly intuitive gift. It is hard to explain and some of what she said took me a while to fully comprehend …. But the session helped me to truly see who I am on a deeper level and began to understand everything that has happened for me.

Now a few years later I looked back & everything she told me did happen over the last few years!!!! I am so grateful for Grace & her gifts and her wisdom to allow me to fully step up into my highest destiny path.” — Marcelle Murray

1:1 Destiny Mentor
Power Session

Destiny Mentor Power Session is a 60-min long session that is conducted via Zoom with video recording.
This session is ideal for you if you are:

The session will use your Destiny chart as a guide to formalise a strategy so you can quickly gain clarity within the 60-minute session on how to move forward and quantum leap.

After the session, you should feel:

Investment: $499 USD.

If the dates you are seeking are not available, please reach out.

“I have just completed the ‘Wealth Alchemy’ Feng Shui course with Grace. What can I say, absolutely worth it. The course was so enlightening. I learnt so much about myself as a person in life, and in my career choices. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking at a career change, or just feeling stuck. The information you find out about yourself is mind-blowing. This course is also a lot of fun, with such a nurturing teacher like Grace you feel held and supported throughout the whole journey. Thank you so much for providing this amazing course. Five stars from me!” — Kati Britton
“My session with Grace from Feng Shui Serenity was one of the best things I have ever done. It allowed me to connect with my true essence, view my struggles and times of uncertainty as gifts and know there are many things that I can do on a practical and emotional level to support myself on my journey. Thank you so much Grace.” — Karina Meachem

“I have been so excited to discover Grace and her talents. Energy flow has always been very important to me, however sometimes we can’t always convince our loved ones to keep energy flow in a shared space the way we would like it, and this can be very challenging. Grace has helped to give me a sense of peace with our home; making tweaks and some big changes along with implementing remedies, and having a deeper understanding of the birth and annual energy plan of our house, has been instrumental in enabling me to feel settled. I also value and share Grace’s deep reverence for nature and the importance of remaining in tune with the rhythm, flow and cycles of our planet.” — Natasha dawson

“I couldn’t thank Grace enough for her guidance throughout my life journey. From Feng Shui Alignment, to 1:1 Mentoring, step by step Grace guided me to pursue my dreams. As I followed her guidance and coaching, new portals, opportunities in my career, investments as well as my new business were opened up for me. I was confident of making the right decision as I knew my destiny and how to align with Feng Shui in helping me to achieve what I want.” — Joan Ting

“After doing a short weekend course with Grace, we used her to help us with two very different house plans to ensure great energy activation, love, wealth and health are created in our two homes. Grace holds a wealth of information in her field and inspires you to delve in and learn more about Feng Shui. Grace is very caring in her approach to your individual project. I also had a personal reading completed which was very enlightening.”
— Samantha Binns

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