The Era of Searching and Rising Above (2019 ~ 2023)

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The next 5 years on the Energetic calendar contains ultra prominent WATER energy and it is what I call The Era of Searching and Rising Above.

Searching, meaning searching deeper meanings in life.
Rising Above, meaning rising above your personal, ancestral fears and become an emotional leader.

Below are a quick overview of the key themes I have downloaded as well as the key implications for each of the 5 element – WOODFIREEARTHMETAL and WATER

Key Energetic Themes for “The Era of Searching and Rising Above (2019 – 2023)”:

  • Water energy will bring strong sense of UNKNOWN and you need to start training your ability to live with this energy and thrive in it.
  • Best time to focus on releasing any deep wounded FEARS from either your limiting beliefs, conscious mind or derived from ancestral lineage so you can move forward. Your willingness to move through these fears is an act of generosity towards self and the world
  • This is an era to create Deeper Relationship with yourself. If you have managed not to do so until now, you will find your life is getting increasingly difficult.
  • Economy will slow down, together with lower consumer confidence. Housing market will be flat. Anything to do with ‘get rich theme’ will no longer work any more.
  • More and more people will start to search deeper meanings in life and asking questions such as “Who am I? Why is this happening to me and what does it mean?
  • Creativity & Flow are the key to experience this new level of life force and will be your turbo charge to rise above.
  • Feel the EASE rather than struggle is the key barometer during this new climate to know if you are on a right path. Allow things to happen naturally as the right people, the right timing and the right location come together with great ease is the key to success.

We are moving into a future where you will (or be forced to) see that your greatest strength will come from aligning within and allying with those who are able to amplify your talent, craft and light in order to grow your human self. Expansion become a must instead of a choice.


What does this means to your specifically? This means if Water is your favourable element based on your Four Pillars of Destiny chart, then you are in for a treat. Please note, this has nothing to do with whether your Essence at Birth is Water or not. To find out how does Water energy affects you, you can book a Destiny Profiling session or report HERE.

Read below key implications based on your Essence at Birth by element during this era.

If your Essence at Birth is WOOD. 
You will have a few big lessons to learn and staying put is not an option. One of them is to learn how to seek help and be teachable. It is time for an upgrade on your skill set for expansion. Your agility determines your survival.

If your Essence at Birth is FIRE
You will need to be disciplined in order for growth. Your ability to transform a ‘so called challenges’ will determine your position in the market place. Leverage this well and the next 5-year will see you become the leader of the pack.

If your Essence at Birth is EARTH
Earth people will have tremendous opportunities ahead. In the period of ‘Unknown’, people tend to gravitate to people or things that they can trust, and that is you. Whatever the industry you are in, don’t forget YOU (or your essence) are your own brand. When this is aligned within, it will manifest as a huge growth and financial reward.

If your Essence at Birth is METAL
Water will act as a polishing agent to the Metal people, so this is the time for you to shine. For those who are naturally an introvert or a bit shy, you need to learn how to step up into the leadership role to show the world your craft. Staying small is in fact robbing other people’s opportunity to learn from your wisdom. Find the best way to be expressive, because you will become the ‘influencer’ of this new era.

If your Essence at Birth is WATER.
Water related industry will become increasingly in demand. Water people should learn how to collaborate with each other instead of seeing others as competitors. Waves are much stronger when they are in sync.  You will be able to create a swiping change on a much bigger scale if you act as ‘we are all one’.

Below are my two latest offerings to provide you with some sign posts during this changing times. So click on the picture to check it out.

With light and illumination,
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