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For those of us who have travelled the self-healing journey for a while, we will often be asked to define, recognize and create a healthy boundary and cultivate our power to say ‘No’.

Boundary is the line we draw between the SELF & others. It is where we define where our own energy ends and others’ starts. Where most of us now know how to politely decline a party invitation or keep ourselves a safe distance from a draining relationship, some lines are more subtle and ambiguous where it falls into the gaps between a hell ‘yes’ or a firm ‘no’. This is especially so when we are expanding into the new identity, creating more wealth, stepping into higher realms.

When we lack the ‘Subtle Boundaries’, it is generally because we are not clear of what is intrinsically ours.

Our own innate talents & gifts are not yet being fully realized and accepted like the blood running in our veins. We are not be able to tell intuitively what is life-giving or life-depleting. We are still on a journey to explore our own ‘inner landscape’. And that is ok.

In the overwhelming social media space, when you are not fully rooted in the fabric of your own being, you can easily lose connection to your true essence in the presence of others, especially those who you respect, who you learn from or who hold stronger energy.

When we are in awe of their beauty, we tend to forget our own.
We feel mesmerized in others illumination and unconsciously dim our own inner light.

How easily we were influenced / coached by other’s style, vision, path, marketing strategies, income goals, we are falling off-track from our own?

How many times do we feel ashamed that we are not good enough by blindly following others’ timeline without recognizing our own creative season?

As this ‘subtle boundary’ becomes blurred, we start to doubt our mission, our true desires, our gifts and original beauty, our business, our true Essence at Birth, and eventually ourselves.

Gently holding these ‘subtle boundaries’ requires our daily devotion and it starts with firstly observing our ‘inner landscape’ with loving gaze.

Who am I?
How do I express myself?

If you are Metal, using your Voice may be crucial to your success.
While the Wood may prefer to write their life stories.

How does your energy move if you are a Water?
Do you know how to shape-shift in accordance with your surrounding? Ice, rain or steam?

Do you know how to re-direct or restore your energy flow if you are a Fire?

Just like my Yin Earth client, who naturally feels and senses so much of other people’s emotions, the gate of her ‘inner sanctuary’ can be wide open, where everyone is free to walk into this sacred space if there is no gate-keeper.

When we know who we are and it is easier to know when and how to hold these ‘subtle boundaries’.
To say ‘yes’ to the vital life force.
We reclaim the space and presence that are truly ours.
We declare that we take up space and at the same time, respect others.
When we honour these ‘subtle boundaries’,
We remember the way home to ourselves.

My signature program ‘Wealth Alchemy’ will be opening up soon in August with renewed energy to help you understand your ‘inner landscape’ so you can hold strong boundaries as you grow.

I’m in awe that each time I am in touch with this program’s magic, I’m being expanded to a new divine height. More to come on this.

Stay tuned.

With light and illumination,
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