How NOT To Lose Yourself To Comparison

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As we are stepping into 2nd half of the year, many of us are honouring this time by reviewing what we have achieved, where we are standing and where we desire to be in the next 6 months …

Last night, I was reading a respected Feng Shui consultant friend’s post on Facebook, detailing how many numbers of consultancy jobs she aims to achieve in the next 6 months. I am grateful that she shared how setting her goals have been imperative to her success, I will be cheering her on whole-heartedly because that is her truth and she is living her purpose.

At the same time, I also acutely aware that they are not mine. 

When we see other people’s goals, ambitions and desires, we often immediately compare them to ourselves’, especially in the entrepreneur world. A few years ago, I would have felt pressured, burdened and my back would have instantly tensed up. I would have questioned why I haven’t reached such a number and I would have crawled into my ‘comparison and judgemental cave of myself’ for days and decided that I’m not cut out for this.

If you are currently riding the ‘comparison waves’ or already backed into your cave, this is what I want you know:

1. Your Essence at Birth imprints that you are too unique to be compared with others fairly. 

Because we were all born with a unique cosmic blueprint, your energy makes-up is entirely different from anybody else. 

There is one and only YOU in this universe, so the moment you even attempt to be someone else, or to use someone else’s goal to measure your own success, you have failed already.

Your gifts, talents and purpose are unique in this world. There is nobody else can fulfil them but YOU.

2. Your Essence at Birth determines what your gifts, talents and purposes are, and how you express them. They are your authentic power. 

You need to intimately aware of your own authentic power. What lights your fire in your belly? What beats your drum not others? What beams you up like no other?  There is no right or wrong answers as far as you are grounded enough to be yourself.

For example, my Feng Shui friend’s Essence at Birth is Yang Water and the key energy theme within her Destiny chart is also water. This determines what her talents are and how she is motivated and propelled for success. The Yang Water energy is powerful with great strength and force. The Yang Water people pursues their dreams with great conviction and purpose, they are also the hardest-working people on the planet. They are always on the move and have enormous amount of energy because their life purpose is to move forward, just like the ocean. They pursue their wealth by flowing with great purpose wherever they can reach, including pioneering and creating new path.

While my Essence at Birth is entirely different. My Essence at Birth is Yin Metal. The Yin Metal energy is the most concentrated and contracted element of the Five Elements. Its purpose is to collect, to focus, and then to discern what is the pure treasure to keep. The strength of the Yin Metal people is their ability to distill. They are the alchemists. 

This is why I become alive and energised at my Destiny Profiling  sessions or Business Alchemy sessions with my clients. We start with ‘knowing thy self’, we go inward to distill what they should focus on and what to let go so they can unblock the energy flow to evolve and re-birth.

For me, the key to create wealth and abundance is to be able to go beyond the surface and create the transformation within, not volume.

3. Other people’s success is a great reminder that yours is imminent. Let it unfold in its own time.

When you know these about yourself and your essence, the unique coded energy of yours is free to radiate, you know deeply that your unique vibration is enough. It is a complete, whole and integral system that is built for success and abundance.

In this state, your heart is likely to overflow with someone else’ success with joy rather than jealousy. Because their success also mirror your own, in the divine timing just for you.

We draw inspiration from others’ achievement, but we turn inward and devote our energy to our own business.

We focus on our journey, that is unfolding for us. This is the journey it is. 

Always remember…

With light and illumination,
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