Three Key Aspects To Rebirth in 2021


As we are about to move into the second quarter of 2021, the energy is reinforcing the key theme or purpose for the year 2021:

“This is a transitioning time, to digest and assimilate what has happened in 2020 personally and collectively. And we need to recalibrate ourselves in order to adapt to the new frequency – as elevated human beings.”

The speed of next year, 2022, will accelerate significantly with great momentum in order to propel all of humanity forward. If you are not geared up, you will be left behind. 

Right now, we are in the final stage of the birth canal… It can feel painful and contracted but the great illumination will not be too faraway. 2022 will see many new beliefs, new structures and new social orders emerge. 

Nevertheless, benevolence is not simply bestowed upon us; there is certain work we need to do in order to initiate this rebirth.

I have decoded 2021’s elemental vibration. Here are the 3 key aspects we are being guided to do:


If you have been noticing some old patterns and deep wounds that you thought you’d already processed resurfacing lately, maybe there is another layer which needs to be integrated, witnessed and released.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. What is the old wound being triggered? Which area continues to show up?
2. What is the old dialogue and story? How can I reframe this for a breakthrough?

3. What is not elevated in my life, which needs to be balanced, healed or transformed?

Year of the Ox brings a strong focus on our physical wellbeing. For any spiritual leap or ascension to happen, it needs to be through the body and then beyond the body.

2021 is a great time to seek out physical therapies that suit your energetic composition in order for your physical body to process any past trauma and achieve healing. Looking after the core of your body (e.g. solar plexus), your digestive system, such as stomach and spleen, toning your muscle strength and physical stamina is key. You need a strong and robust container in order to support this elevation.

This strong container can also be indicated by the sense of comfort around your home, your immediate living environment. Observe if it is supportive and aligned with your own energy. 


2021’s dominant element is Yin Metal. This element represents beauty, justice, truth and letting go. It can bring acute focus to one specific area in your life, so you can fully transform it. Meanwhile, this is also the element that honours meaningful rituals.

Ask yourself these questions:
– What is essential and sacred towards my wellbeing and joy?
– Are there any meaningful rituals I can bring into my life immediately to support the new future I envision?
– Are there any meaningful rituals that can help me to bring in the new structure so I can ascend?
– Are there any meaningful rituals that can help me to let go of more ego and stay more in the present?

When the Metal element is strong, it helps us to craft discerning life choices and forces us to make radical changes. It gives us a sense of authority, but can deliver it in a magical and beautiful way. 

Your life is an initiation. Time has come to consciously reclaim your power so you can rise in 2022. 2021 provides the perfect environment to create radical shifts and changes in your life, as you are fully supported by the heaven energy.

There is a certain part of us that can’t be broken or depleted, and this year you are being asked to fully connected with that part. Please eat well, rest soundly and most of all, honour and celebrate you!

With light and illumination,
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