How To Quantum Leap Into The 5th Dimension?

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In response to the recent social realm where an overwhelmingly amount of information being shared that are causing friction, division, anger and fear, I did a 20-min audio to guide you how to quantum leap into the 5th Dimension.

And many of you have asked: “How can I navigate this?”

So in this 20-min audio, I shared some simple yet super effective techniques I think you would love. Find a peaceful surroundings or even better, take a walk in nature and listen to it.

Here are the key things I covered:

– the 4 4 4 portal we have just crossed
– how to distinguish the ‘truth’ vs ‘lies’ using the energy language
– how to move through ‘a fearful thought’ with a technique I learned and tested
– the best way to navigate the current social realm (with many conflicting and confusing information, most of them generating fear)
– the importance of maintaining the “Equanimity of the Mind”
– a simple tool /experiment to ‘be truely live in the moment’

I hope you enjoy it.


Please remember, you are not here to save the world.
In addition to the audio, I want to send out this very gentle reminder that – it is not your job to save or change anyone, the only mission you are here is to save yourself. ⁠
Nothing is more intrusive than someone who is pushing their personal agenda, opinion, belief or choices without invitation. ⁠
Instead, let our action be the message. Let the way how we carry our own life inspire others, so they can do the same. ⁠
Let our devotion be felt, love be shared with the liberation of choices made by their own. ⁠
Let us breath with ease, rather than squashed by fear. ⁠
Let our vibration do the talking, and please remember you are not here to save the world. ⁠
With light and illumination,
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