Extraordinary = Extra-ordinary

Who wouldn’t want to be extraordinary?⁣
Aren’t we all under the spell of ‘wanting to be extraordinary’? ⁣

We strive beyond our physical limit. We work harder and harder to the point that jeopardises our health, ignores the closest and dearest in our life because we want to ‘make it’, we want to be ‘special’, we want to be ‘the one’ who is extraordinary. ⁣

We can’t stand being ordinary. If someone says to you ‘you are the most ordinary people I know’, you would take that as an insult. ⁣

Yet, in the last couple of weeks, the repeated guidance I have been receiving is ‘TO BE ORDINARY’. That’s what Extraordinary truly means = to be ‘extra ordinary’. It contains so much grace in it, in fact, it is the state we should learn to be in. ⁣
Caroline Myss said, “It is our contempt to be ordinary has made us to live outside the laws, to live outside the boundaries of our own nature, and that is what destroyed us and our planet.”⁣

The suffering you are having, the torment you have to endure are not necessary. ⁣

When you appreciate ‘being ordinary’, being a small particle (of trillions) on this magnificent earth we are living on, you start to appreciate what you have right this moment, who you are and the concept ‘we are all one’. We are here to simply experience life as it is, to walk beside each other, not to be above one and another. ⁣

You will save your health ⁣
You will save your relationship⁣
You will save your sanity⁣
You will ease and stop that torment from inside immediately⁣
You will start to see those wounds are self inflicted ⁣
and they are so NOT necessary.⁣

So dear ones, ⁣
Be ordinary⁣
Be extra-ordinary⁣
It does not prevent you from living your truth
Showing your gift
In fact, it will enhance it.
See beyond those illusions
And simply experience life as unboundedness as it is. ⁣

Sending so much love

Grace Xo

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