Episode #20. Master 2023 3-Day Challenge. Day 1. – Crystalize Your Vision

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What would you do if you know it is written in your Destiny
that what you’ve got is enough.

Instead of following someone else and trying hard to be her,
you just be you,
with ease, confidence and calmness in your heart.

How would you move through 2023
if you can envision what it is like already?
So there is no anxiety, fear but to
move with precision, conviction, desire and joy.

Who would you allow yourself to become
if you have nothing to prove
you simply follow your true Essence
and be guided by your own creative season?

To celebrate 2023 Year of the Rabbit, I am hosting a FREE 3-day Challenge to support you mastering 2023 from the start.

Across these 3-day live events on Facebook, this potent, powerful and transformational portal will initiate you into the new year, where you begin to crystalize your vision for 2023 based on your true essence and your inherent Destiny chart.

Day 1. Crystalize Your 2023 Vision

How does the annual energy herald with 2023 Year of the Rabbit resonate with your birth chart? There is guidance hidden within. I teach you to decode this with 3 simple steps.

On Day 1 of the challenge, we create the Grand Vision for the upcoming year, so you are inspired, focused and stay creative to expand your opportunities. Using your Destiny chart, we deduce the key themes and focus in 2023 for you, so you can close off those energy leaks.


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