Activate Your Abundance via Wealth Element (PART II.)


In Part I of the “Activate Your Abundance” series, I have explained how to find your Wealth Element. If you have missed this, catch up on it HERE.

In the world of Chinese metaphysics, one of the most profound theories is that of Yin & Yang. Most people are familiar with it. The key concept is this:

Yang contains the seed of Yin and Yin contains the seed of Yang. Yin and Yang are considered interdependent, complementary and exist in a state of dynamic tension.

It is often represented by the picture of a Tai Chi diagram where black is Yin and white is Yang. If you would like to know more, head HERE.

Wealth energy is associated with the Yang energy in nature. However, when the Yin energy, which is feminine energy in nature, is honoured and nurtured, wealth luck is being generated. This is because Yang is born in Yin.

When we are calm, grounded and happy in every moment in our life – feminine energy, we provide a solid foundation for the Yang energy (carrying wealth) to be generated. This theory proves that you don’t need to fight in order to receive abundance. If you look after your feminine side and stay authentic, true to yourself and your creativity, wealth and money will find you.

Joy, happiness and feeling in your element are type of energy that is calm and gentle,  it is not pushy or aggressive, and is expansive in its own understated divine.

When people pursue their passion with dedication, they feel fulfilment in life and in most cases money falls into their lap without any specific effort of chasing it. Wealth is simply a by-product.

Understanding this on an energetic level can profoundly affect your attitude and thinking pattern towards wealth.

Feng shui Serenity Activate your abundance and wealth

Spot your Wealth Element in your LUCK PILLAR seals the golden opportunity to create abundance.  

Timing, in our destiny, holds a special place. Creating abundance involves an ability to be at the place at the right time.

When your personal Wealth Element appears in your 10-year or 5-year luck pillar, it signals that changes or opportunities are emerging. Knowing exact the meaning behind it is crucial so you don’t miss any golden opportunities to make money, at the same time, it can also save you from hasty investment disaster.

Below is the luck pillar for a person whose Self Element is Yin Wood.  Her Wealth Element therefore is Earth. We can see that during the 32-41 10-year luck pillar, she is being influenced by the Yang Earth element. This energy in particular relates to her Direct Wealth. Direct wealth represents salary, regular income or any wealth that is predicable or through an conventional source. This indicates that , during this period,  her career will be in focus. Depends on the other elements in her chart, the interpretation can be different whether it is positive or challenging.

Feng Shui serenity Four Pillar of Destiny Chart luck cycles

As she enters her5-year luck pillar 42-46, the influencing energy will be shifting to an Yin Earth energy. This energy relates to her Indirect Wealth. Indirect Wealth represents wealth that is unexpected or out of her control, such as bonuses, dividend, investment gain or stocks profits etc. It can also indicates windfall through unconventional source, such as lotto or inheritance.

This is the most obvious way to identify your Wealth Element in your luck pillar.

In Part III, I will be talking about the importance of reading your Destiny chart in Totality rather than ‘counting the number of the element’ or simply reading from the surface level.   Your Wealth Element in your Destiny birth chart can be hidden but is a driving force for your wealth creation.

Stay tuned!

With light and illumination,
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