8 Ways To Add Magic To The New Year


If you are feeling behind or even guilty of not yet setting any New Year’s Resolutions, then don’t be! I’ve never been a fan of those resolutions, because somehow they feel a bit ‘pressured’, set you up for failure and they are based on a mindset of ‘lack’.

Instead, why not welcome and celebrate the new year with a mindset of ‘plenty’ – start with a list of what you have done right so far, knowing that all is as it should be right now, that you are already perfect.

Once you’ve done that, below are some suggestions to add more magic and sparkle to enhance the energetic shift heralding the Year of the Fire Rooster. Choose what best resonates with you and what makes your heart flutter.

The best news is, the lunar Chinese New Year does not arrive for another 3 weeks yet: on 28th January 2017 – so you have plenty of time to place your feet firmly on the ground with imagination, an open mind and a desire to expand. Are you ready? Just say YES.

1. Out With The Old, In With The New

The Chinese New Year is also called ‘the Spring Festival’, because it always begins with the season of spring. And this is the season for renewal and rebirth.

Honour it by letting go of the old stuff, to make room for the new. De-clutter your home, removing anything that no longer serves you… one drawer at a time. Set small goals each day. You still have 21 days to do this! I guarantee you will feel lighter at the end of the process.

2. Energy Cleanse Your Home

Once you have clear out anything physical from your home, you can start clearing on an energetic level. This includes your negative thought patterns and fears – your self-limiting beliefs.

White sage, Tibetan bells or singing bowls are great tools for this. If you don’t know how to do carry out this cleansing, check out “How to Cleanse Your Home Energetically in 3 Simple Steps” 

3. Choose a “WORD” for 2017. It is magical! 

“Choosing a word for the year is a radical act of kindness” – Susannah Conway

I could not have put it better than she does, so here it is – in her FREE 5-day course of ‘Finding your words”, she says:

You can’t “break” a word like you can break a resolution. The word (or words!) you choose is there to inspire you whenever you need it. Your word is your ally. It might infuse its wisdom through every single day of 2017. It’s also likely you’ll forget all about your word until that day in May when — BAM! — you remember exactly why you chose that word!

4. Place An Order With The Universe! 2017’s Energy Is Extra Supportive For This!

If you don’t expect to go into a restaurant and get exactly the food you want without ordering it, why would you expect that events, circumstances and your deepest desires happen the way you want without asking for them?

And please get those beautiful, grand and seemingly unattainable dreams out of your head by WRITING THEM DOWN on a piece of paper. There is something magical about writing things down… It is like you have reserved your right for it. You have declared it! It makes it more concrete. The energy of 2017 is purposefully provoking and supporting you for this. And the universe will listen! Trust me.

If you are not sure what to ‘order’, here are some of the prompts I’ve been using:

What is definitely about to happen in 2017?

What are you hoping will happen in 2017?

What dreams would you like to nurture?

What areas of your life are asking to be supported in 2017?

What qualities do you want to develop in yourself?

5. Create A Happiness Jar

This is a practice I learned from Elizabeth Gilbert. At the end of each day, take a scrap of paper and write down the happiest moment of the day… and then put it in the jar. It takes 30 seconds. This is a great way to remind yourself what a miracle you are, as your life already is. Even on the most horrible days, there is always a moment of grace or kindness, relief or humour, courage or a sympathetic friend, or even a nice cup of coffee… As Elizabeth Gilbert says, something that “momentarily pierces the gloom”.

6. Invest In Yourself & Forster Your Creative Expression

The Yin Fire Rooster combination represents the symbolic meaning of “Academic Star.” What could be a better time to invest in yourself, to learn new knowledge, to expand your imagination and broaden your horizons. Be adventurous!   

There are so many hidden gems inside of you just waiting to burst out. 2017 is a brilliant year for letting them do that. I have recently found The Darling Tree’s Inspirit workshop. It is a perfect way to ’get paint on my fingers’ and let my ‘inner goddess & artist’ out.

If you are unsure of your hidden talent or your true essence at birth, I’m currently offering a FREE Intuitive Reading when you book any types of Feng Shui Consultation. It’s a great opportunity to gain clarity and to unearth those gifts that are locked in your subconscious which you would otherwise not know about.

Crawl out of your skin’s comfort zone and live the greatness that is within you – give yourself a chance to create magic!

7. Regular Make Changes To Your Home To Invigorate Your Life

Just like Feng Shui, energy and time, your home should be ever-changing. When there are no changes in your house, energy accumulates and stagnates and becomes yin. You feel stuck, and life becomes difficult. Each year, make some small changes or updates to your home: paint a wall, re-arrange your existing furniture and try a new layout, or even swap the paintings from different rooms. The energy flow this enlivens will refresh your life.

8. Know “The Winning Sector” of Your Home in 2017

As the energy shifts from one sector to another each year, you need to understand the changes in energetic qualities within your home environment. An auspicious sector in 2016 can be an area to avoid in 2017, and vice versa. For example, in 2016 the north-east is the worst sector, as Flying Star 5 resided there; whereas in 2017 the same sector is shining auspicious beams of romance and academic success. (So much so, that I am about to relocate my desk to this sector and plan to spend more time there in the year ahead. I’m sure I will receive many moments of inspiration in my work and writing.)

Now is a great time of year to order your Yearly Feng Shui consultation, so reach out to someone you trust. Or click below to find out types of consultation Feng Shui Serenity offers. 


I’m looking forward to create new magic for and with you in 2017!


With light and illumination,
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