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Feng Shui


Where science & magic reunite.

Feng Shui Alignment reveals the energetic map of your home and connects you with the Unseen.

It reprograms the resonance between you and your home energetically and teaches you a new way to imprint consciously.

It restores its coherent energetic blueprint, and calms your nervous system so it can become the source of your creative centre.

New to Feng Shui? Check out the 10-day Foundation Course!
Feng Shui by Design

Feng Shui By Design

This is an online course for Feng Shui Beginners. It contains 10 modules, 20+ lessons with audios, videos, pdf downloads and so much more. 

You will learn essential concepts, practices, principles and tools to deepen your understanding in Feng Shui. It is so much more than rearranging your furniture.

Discover how you can create your own sanctuary by connecting with the bountiful Earth Energy Flow.

May your home be the portal of endless wealth & abundance.

Let it be your temple so you can be the conduit.

Let it be your protector so you can stand up for others.

Let it be your armor so you can be the warrior.

Let it be your muse so you can be the creator.

Let it be your paradise so you can be the channel.

“I’ve always been interested in the art of Feng Shui and when I came across Grace’s work I was able to deepen my understanding and appreciation of it. I attended an amazing workshop earlier this year where she introduced the basic principles of decorating with Feng Shui. When I applied them to my home, I noticed straight away how much nicer the environment felt and others have been commenting on how inviting and serene my home feels. Since then, I’ve used Grace’s advice for rental assessments which has been very useful to help us identify our new “home sweet home”. She’s a serious professional with a great depth of knowledge and a very balanced approach to her craft. I highly recommend her services.”

Elise Clement
Essence At Birth – Yang Water, Sydney

3 key areas I serve you:

Countless ways to work with Feng Shui
Existing Properties

If you feel something is not right, most likely, you are onto something. Don’t ignore it.

Everything happens for a reason.

The place you live in should nourish you rather than deplete you.

Reach out to receive full detailed information outlining my process, what the service includes and an estimated quote. This service can be done onsite & remotely.

Before You Sign That Contract or Lease!
Pre-Purchase Assessment

Do you know that the best time to invest in Feng Shui is BEFORE you choose a property, not after?

If you want to manifest your ideal property that can bring prosperity, health and wealth, not chaos, I’ve got you covered.

Online Course: Feng Shui for Buyers & Renters

Enquire about Pre-Purchase Assessment & Monthly Support Package.

Reach out to receive full detailed information outlining my process, what the service includes and an estimated quote.

New Home + Architectural Design
Pre-Built & Design Assessmemt

Building a new home and thinking of Feng Shui? You are already ahead of the curve. Getting the architecture plan checked and Feng Shui proofed can save you so much money, time & heartache before everything is set in stone.

I can’t wait to assist bring your dream home into reality.

Enquire about Pre-Build & Design Monthly Support Package.

Reach out to receive full detailed information outlining my process, what the service includes and an estimated quote. This service can be done onsite & remotely.

“I want to express how grateful I am for the Feng Shui Alignment Grace did back in December 2020. This place offers great synergy and I cannot seem to part from home for long despite being in Melbourne’s prolonged lockdowns. Further to the feel and relaxing vibe, this place seems to attract animals and wildlife; neighbour’s pets and nature.

To date, my expenditure is at the bare minimum, and I am able to save and not worry about cash flow. Luck seems to be on my side as I have been on the receiving end of prizes from different competitions since updating my address!

I’m truly grateful for all your help, and there is no doubt that you will hear from me in the near distant future seeking your services again. THANK YOU.”

Diana h.
Essence At Birth – Yang Water, Melbourne

“I had a Feng Shui consultation with Grace and I am so happy I made that decision. I have read many articles on Feng Shui, however Grace’s vast knowledge coupled with her naturally intuitive guidance and genuine desire to help has made a positive effect on my life. Grace focuses on balancing all the elements and to especially focus on the energy within to feel empowered.”

Essence At Birth – Yin Metal, Sydney

“Grace has the most amazing energy – she has such a calming presence, and speaks to you in a way that makes the very essence of Feng Shui accessible for beginners. I had a home consult session with her – it transformed my space and the way I felt while working in my space. I absolutely recommend her service for anyone who is looking to experience a positive shift in the energy of their home.”

Essence At Birth – Yin Wood, Sydney

“Feng Shui Serenity is an incredible addition to up-level the energy in your home-sanctuary. Grace amazes me. She is intelligent, gentle, and a powerful resource of knowledge and expertise. Her joy, warmth, and love for helping people create sacred spaces uplifts every single one of her clients and her clients’ dwellings. I adore her and appreciate her immensely. She is truly talented. An essential treasure.”

Essence At Birth – Yang Earth, USA

May your home be the place where you surrender to your soul.

May your home be the place where you initiate your Highest Self.

May your home be the place where your unfolding dances its own rhythm.
IFSA Australia

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