Feng Shui Alignment


Caroline Myss once said “we are all being called to be the mystics out of our monasteries”. We are living at a special time when the energy is rapidly rising; it is more crucial than ever that our home be our immediate monastery, that sacred space where we can feel nurtured, calm and connected with our inner self on a daily basis, so we can fully live our truth in the world.


Your home is an extension of you, an outer reflection who you are.
What story is your home telling about your journey?
What is your relationship with your home? Loving, harmonious, vibrant? Or messy, chaotic and exhausting?
Your home can either bring you abundance or leak your precious life force.

Feng Shui is the quickest way to help you connect with the infinite Earth energy flow, so you can feel grounded and anchored within your immediate environment. It can also rapidly raise your home’s vibration to create harmony, serenity and abundance.

Aligning the Earth’s Energy

Benefits of integrating Feng Shui into your life:

Create Alignment


The space you live in should be in alignment with who you are and nourish your dreams. It should be your haven, your sanctuary. I help you to match your Personal Feng Shui Energy map with your home.

Raise the Vibration


Using Feng Shui alignment can enhance harmony, health and prosperity as well as minimise any negative impact in order to raise the overall vibration of your environment.

Decision-making with Confidence


Whether it’s buying a home or selecting a commercial space or office, when it comes to key decision-making, you’ll benefit from integrating your own personal destiny chart with the Feng Shui map of the property.

Re-boost Your Life with Right Timing


Feng Shui helps deliver clarity and understanding on the cyclical changes in life so you can confidently take on life’s twists and turns especially when you feel stuck. Be at the right place at the right time.

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Residential Feng Shui Consultation

Residential Feng Shui Consultation

The Residential Feng Shui consultation provides a detailed reading on your property based on the Compass school, Form school and Flying Star school principles. It includes an overall summary as well as a more detailed “Room by Room Analysis” outlining the unseen quality of the energy for each area. It identifies where the prosperous and negative energies are and makes recommendations on how to harness the energy flows including where to activate auspicious energy (e.g. placing a water feature) as well as the placement of remedies within the property.

This consultation also provides advice on furniture placement and identifies the electro-magnetic fields and materials that could potentially cause health concerns, especially for children.

This consultation traditionally is delivered in a written report form. Another option is the delivery of the same assessment information in a 60-minute live session at a reduced cost. Both options can be done remotely for overseas requests.

Business Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui for Businesses is more than just assessing the commanding position of your desk and clearing clutter. It is also about understanding and using the abstract energies of the space.

A comprehensive Business Feng Shui assessment examines the timing of these influences, the people occupying the space (and understanding how they will respond to those influences), as well as the energy chart of the office space. The goal of a Business Feng Shui consultation is to support you and your business by:

  • Making the workplace more comfortable
  • Increasing the effectiveness and productivity of employees
  • Bringing a well-balanced working environment to promote people harmony
  • Maximizing the potential for success and profitability
  • Making for a more enjoyable place for your clients and customers to visit.

During the consultation, I will assess your workspace by touring the physical site, evaluating the strengths and challenges of your property, and identifying where and how to improve the optimal flow of positive energy using the traditional practices of the Form and Compass schools of Feng Shui.

This consultation traditionally is delivered in a written report form. Another option is the delivery of the same assessment information in a 60-minute live session at a reduced cost. Both options can be done remotely for overseas requests.

Business Feng Shui Consultation
You should consider getting a Feng Shui consultation done if:
  • You are purchasing or selling property
  • You are building or designing a brand new property
  • You are moving into a new space, e.g. a new home, rental or office
  • You are having problems maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship (e.g. marriage, family or social)
  • You are experiencing chronic health issues and are having difficulties pinpointing an exact medical cause, e.g. infertility, depression, chronic fatigue or just a general lack of vigour and vitality
  • You want to change the pattern of ‘lack’ and effortlessly bring abundance into your life
  • You feel ‘stuck’ or can’t find motivation in life
  • You want to ‘take a leap’ and make a significant change in your life but are hampered by fear or are unsure if the timing is right.
Feng Shui Consultation


Create Your Own Sanctuary
Connect with the bountiful Earth Energy Flow
So you can tap into the real abundance
between you, your environment and the source of creation
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