The Concept of Freedom

Lately, I have been thinking of the concept of FREEDOM and how we can achieve Freedom despite our physical world being restricted.

When I think of Freedom, I think of the element WATER

If you try to destroy Water, it changes its form but retains its essence. Pour it into a glass, it becomes the glass and displays its clarity. Drink it, it becomes you and revitalises you. Even when it loses its purity, it remains open to being purified. When water is heated, it elevates itself to become the sky.

Can you, my dear friends, learn to be like Water?
Can you, during the current restrictive external conditions, embrace the inner freedom that is within you?

Freedom is not a destination that you arrive at permanently. It requires a constant devotion, and often we take it for granted. No possession, status or accolades can grant you freedom. Only you can grant yourself freedom. Only your kindness in each breath can gift yourself freedom.

Freedom is within our natural essence. If you currently do not feel free, it is because life’s illusion is burying it. Let go of that story. Allow the old binding to be undone.

To be free is to activate and populate that light within your soul.

What is the freest thing you know?
Make that your teacher.

Freedom is the air you breathe in.
Your tears of gratitude.
A birth of the butterfly.

Freedom is the ability to celebrate even the smallest triumphs, and be less consumed by your worries and fears.

It is a leaf floating on still water.
Your prayers, forgiveness and joy.
Freedom is how you love yourself each moment and every day.