How To Stay Centred In a Pandemic Of Fear?

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As we greeted the first day of March, the world is swept by a pandemic of FEAR…

The headlines scream at us, the bell of Wall Street is constantly ringing in our ears telling us how gloomy the economy is, airlines are closing their routes, travel bans, what spreads faster than Coronavirus is the hysteria and panic we took on unconsciously.

The theme of FEAR has also shown up so prominently amongst my own clients this week as well, where I feel it is most necessary to write this in order to bring us to our centre, our inner core.

In a way, this current phenomenon is also not surprising.

In my 2020 Yearly Forecast, I have emphasised that the emotion of fear will surface and manifest in people’s life in different ways. This is due to the strong water energy herald within the year of 2020 and the dominant emotion of Water element is fear. In addition, this water is also being supported strongly Yang Metal contained in 2020. This fear can run like a Tsunami, if we don’t know how to property channel it.

Fear is an emotion that paralyses us and it robs us the power and ability to think clearly.

It clouds our judgement and trap us in the situation or a downward spiral. The moment you allow fear to take hold of your life, you have lowed your vibration and weakened your energy field as well as your immune system.

In David Hawkins’ Vibrational Scales, Fear vibrates at a 100, which is considered at the lower end of the scale, your physical body is in a contracted state instead of an expansion. 

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1. Recognise that you can’t change the world, but you can change yours by making discerning choices and protect yourself on all levels. Such as:
– choose what information you absorb
– choose to stay away from any negative media hype
– choose who you allow to let into your world and only allow those who can raise your vibration
– protect yourself with a healthy regime and strength your immune system is the best way to combat the coronavirus. And here is an article that I found it a good read, HERE.

2. Stay with the FACTS not emotions

When we feel overwhelmed, fearful or anxious, it is usually not because of the facts but your own emotions. Think about it.

When I say there is a ‘sickness star’ landed at your front door in 2020, you throw yourself into a panic is not due to what I have just shared with you, it is because that the fearful emotion of what might happen to you brought you down to your knees. And more likely than not, these emotions have been within your already for some time and somehow being suppressed and this fact simply served as a trigger.

Instead, knowing the fact that there is a potential risk of a ‘sickness star’ and start to review all aspect in your life and start to see the lessons that you need to learn in this year so you don’t get sick.

I always thank for whatever stars land at my front door, good, bad or ugly. Because I know it is helping me to dig deep and get rid of any real cr** I previously haven’t had courage to do.

This is how ‘energy works’. This is how Feng Shui and destiny works.

There is a Chinese saying, literally means – Seeing is Healing. 

Once you see and aware without the emotion of fear and anxiety, the healing has already begun.

3. The ability to be in charge of your emotion is a skill and is directly linked with your intuition 

Do not indulge in your emotions for too long. We all have those moments of panic or fear but as soon as you recognise it, step out of it and use it as sign post to dig deep. This is the key to stay connected with your intuition.

One thing I was fortunate to understand at the very early stage of running my business is this – ‘in order to do what I do and stay with my intuition and be a clear channel, I need to be ’emotion-less’ especially when it comes to readings or any consultations’. Regardless it is Feng Shui or Destiny Profiling readings, there is no place for my personal judgement or opinion to come in. I communicate the facts to my clients, I share the elemental insights and I reveal the symbolic sights that you can’t see.

Caroline Myss believes that ‘an accurate intuition is a lack of emotion‘. To her, a clear impression or reading has no emotional energy connected to it. Otherwise, it is considered being contaminated.

This is why I spend most of my spare time to do the ‘inner work’ to ensure everything I do is to keep those facts as pure as possible and deliver to you in its original form without contamination.

I have also noticed that the POWER element in your Four Pillars of Destiny chart contributes significantly to a person’s ability to be disciplined, controlled and the way to exercise his/her’s personal power.

If you know what your Essence at Brith is, you can check below to see if your chart contains the power element naturally in your chart or not.

If your Essence at Brith is FIRE, your Power Element is WATER
If your Essence at Brith is WOOD, your Power Element is METAL
If your Essence at Brith is WATER, your Power Element is EARTH
If your Essence at Brith is METAL, your Power Element is FIRE
If your Essence at Brith is EARTH, your Power Element is WOOD

If you couldn’t find the power element in your chart, there is no need to panic yet. You can receive this in the 10-year or 5-year luck pillar, as well as the yearly, monthly and daily incoming energy. If you want to further strengthen this element, there are many ways of taking initiative to actively adding in the power element in your life. Everyone is different, so feel free to reach out for a personalised Destiny Profiling session.


March’s energy will continue to test us so we learn how to control our mind to move through emotions such as fear and anxiety.

The theme will be focusing on the relationship front and it will be a very interesting month where the Rabbit will be digging out all the skeletons hidden in the closet. Anything that you have been trying hard NOT to see will be stirred up.

This is because the Rabbit and the Yearly animal sign the Rat forms a penalty, this particular formation often brings out the dark side of a person or the nature of the relationship if there has been some disharmony already. Open communication is the key to release this energy so it won’t escalate.

The Coronavirus and other events happened this year are simply the catalyst for some needed external structure to be changed, where March’s penalty is asking us to do the same to create those needed internal shift.

Below are what I see to be most prominent and important during the month of March:

  • Be still when you want to run. Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths if needed to slow yourself down
  • Recognise whatever happens in your life, you take 100% responsibilityrather than blaming others. This is the very first step of taking the power back into your hands. ⠀
  • Be brutally honest with yourself even it can be very painful (this is when you want to run! And take that 5 breaths)
  • Take inspired actions rather than leaking energy via negative emotions or indecision. This is where you get injured by the sword – the Yang Metal energy in 2020
  • Dare to ask for help. Do not underestimate the ability of asking for help. It shows power in its own way. What you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  • Communicate clearly with your words and what you want. Speak your truth in a peaceful but assertive way, be a peaceful warrior.

I will write more in March Energy Forecast, stay tuned.

With light and illumination,
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