How To Deal With Clash Energy In Life

If you are currently going through a ‘clash’ month (or year), you may find below scenario familiar….

All prepared for my Feng Shui on-site visit, I got into the car leaving plenty time for the appointment.  As I put the key to the ignition, my reliable car made an unusual screechy sound and then died. I tried a second time — it failed to start.  I realized it is a clash month for me, meaning, unexpected delays, change of plans etc. So I called the client to re-schedule the appointment. 

From past experience, I know that when a Clash happens, it is a much easier to go with the flow, without trying to push it through. It will save you a lot of energy!

The month of May carries a strong Fire energy that is being represented by the animal sign of the Snake. So if you have a Pig sign anywhere in your Four Pillars of Destiny chart: year, month, day or hour, then May is considered a clash month for you.

Because the Snake and the Pig are also considered travelling stars in Chinese astrology, this particular clash is likely to happen when you are travelling, driving or moving around. It can affect anything mechanical, like in the scenario that happened to me, or traffic and transport issues. The likelihood of having traffic chaos, delay or accidents is significantly higher during these times.

The concept of a ‘Clash’ essentially is about changes. So if you are able to move with the changes and roll with the punches, then the situation can resolve quite quickly without escalating.

What you DON’T do during a ‘Clash’ is to insist on executing your original plan without any move or change. Then things can take an ugly turn very quickly.

I could have insisted on keeping the appointment and then had a stressful trip getting there (let alone the possibility of having an accident), and being not fully grounded while auditing at the site. Instead, since my client was happy to postpone, I read my book in the sun while waiting for the service van to arrive. Once the flat battery had been replaced, I suddenly found ample time on my hands, so I took myself to the shops and had a grand afternoon of fun.



A Clash, in Bazi theory, involves an opposing or a repelling relationship between two elements. It is based on the contrasting attributes of the 12 animal signs in Chinese Astrology.

In reality, a Clash can bring about challenges, obstacles, deterrents, interruptions and difficulties. It represents opposition, change, and sometimes, either loss or removal of something or someone.

On a positive note, when dealt with properly, a Clash can also shake things up and set things in motion in a way that brings about transformation. In this way, a Clash can cause a rise in power, status and authority after obstacles and opponents are conquered. It is a sign of victory and stature. It can even create a financial windfall. I have intentionally chosen a Clash day as the auction date for certain clients, and the result has been phenomenal. So, don’t assume that a Clash is always negative.


There are 6 sets of clashes in the 12 animal signs, which are:

  1. Snake vs. Pig
  2. Tiger vs Monkey
  3. Rat vs Horse
  4. Rooster vs Rabbit
  5. Ox vs Sheep
  6. Dragon vs Dog

Based on your Four Pillars of Destiny chart, the Clash can last a month (such as the example of mine earlier), a year or a decade (if the clash sign resides in your 5 or 10 year luck pillars). In 2020, people whose chart contains a Horse are having a Clash year.

Usually the animal sign in your Year pillar carries the most significant weight and therefore creates the most impact if it is involved in a Clash. However, depending on the configuration of the chart, different clashes give clues on how they can manifest in life, so necessary measures can be taken accordingly. This is normally revealed in a Destiny Profiling sessionso you can be well prepared.

If you don’t know your Destiny chart, you can request it HERE for FREE.


There is no doubt that the occurrence of a severe Clash with no preparation can cause serious damage.

Usually the ‘Travelling Star‘ Clash can affect travel plans, mechanical issues, accidents that result in bodily injury, loss of blood or fines.

While the ‘Peach Blossom Star‘ Clash is mostly emotional in nature and is likely to create tension in relationships, affecting your moods, thoughts and perceptions and it can trigger a relationship breakdown, a family dispute or legal issues.

If you are involved in one of the ‘Earth clashes‘, a geographical movement such as moving house or relocating a business are likely to occur. If you are in transit, you need to be extremely careful to avoid harm from natural disasters such as earthquakes or landslides, especially anywhere near mountains.

So how can we avert the worst possible consequences (e.g. bodily injury, disasters or loss of blood) during a Clash so as to be one step ahead?

It is believed that you can take the initiative and fulfil the ‘Clash energy’ rather than waiting for the energy to impact your life in an unforeseen way. That is, you can take power into your own hands and choose what to change (in your favour) rather than waiting for changes to be forced upon you.

For example, if you know the ‘Clash energy’ mostly indicates injuries, you can avert injury by voluntarily doing something arduous or even punishing, such as a difficult workout, martial arts classes or donating blood. In this way, you fulfil that energy, yet those empowering choices also provide you with fringe benefits.

So here are some practical tips to help you diffuse the ‘Clash energy’.

  • Take the initiative to change your routine. I usually do my yoga and meditation in the early morning, but at present I am doing a light run instead of yoga and I meditate before lunch.
  • See the ‘silver lining’ of the Clash and roll with the punches.
  • Carry a protective amulet to dissolve the Clash. This is different for each animal sign. For example, in 2020 it is recommended to carry a ceramic Ox for people whose chart contains a Horse.
  • Be extra vigilant when driving or while walking along a road.
  • When planning travel, always have a plan B.
  • If you spot a Clash in your chart, don’t get upset or worried until you get it decoded and understand it properly.
With light and illumination,
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