Feng Shui Your Home Office

Feng Shui Your Home Office

The home office is an ultra-important space especially if you are a small business owner and run your business mostly from your home. Your home office should not only be aesthetically beautiful and represents who you or your business are, but also support you on an energetic level to ensure you are motivated, have depth of vision, productive and are an magnet for prosperity .

Below 5 Feng Shui tips will help you to start 2018 on an auspicious start and create auspicious Qi flow and abundance into your home office.

1. Make sure your desk is placed in a “Commanding Position”. This position will instantly empower you and raise the harmony level in your office spaces.

In Feng Shui, the commanding position means that your desk is positioned so that you can see the office’s entrance and your back is positioned against the far wall. Ideally, this placement is also the furthest from the door. This is the most powerful position which will allow you the widest scope of the room possible.

The “Commanding Position” of a room ensure you in the best place to deal with whatever comes into your life. The essence of this Feng Shui position is about being the commander of your own energy so that you do your best in any situation. It isn’t about commanding others.

Once you understand how it feels to be in a commanding position, you will automatically look for it even outside your office environment. You will choose better spots in a meeting to keep your energy strong, or in any other place where you spend time.

Feng Shui Serenity commanding position

2. You should always place your seat against a solid wall. This symbolises strong support. 

Most of the ‘design or styling of a desk’ is like what you see in this picture. However, this position is not ideal from the Feng Shui perspective.

The owner of this seat shown in the picture most likely suffers unexpected upheavals or become a victim of backstabbing or office politics, especially if the seat is directly in line with the door.

Further more, the wall (which you look at 24/7) symbolise stuck and blocked vision in your business.

A good backing in Feng Shui plays a super important role. When you place your seat against a solid wall, you feel protected and supported and you are likely to achieve your desires and goals in life.

This desk position also provides you with a broader vision, rather than a wall in front of you. Make sure the view from you desk is open and beautiful. What you see from your desk represents the future of your business, so align your vision. Make it feel attractive, expansive and joyful.

3. Check if there are any ‘Poison arrows” around your desk area.

Energy wise, Feng Shui poison arrows, are exactly what they sound like – arrows of strong, harsh energy attacking your personal energy field. It weakens your vitality and sometimes can cause physical pains and issues to your body.

In this picture,  the shelves behind the seat are likely to cause grief for the occupant who spends 8-hour a day at this desk. He/She is likely to have a sore back, neck or headaches. This is because the sharp corners of the shelfs radiate harsh energy towards the back of the occupant. A closed bookcase with doors is a much better choice.

Feng Shui Serenity - Office feng shui

Scan your office to spot any sharp corners, radiation of any kind or anything that emanates electromagnetic field. Make sure those equipments are placed furthest from your desk to protect your wellbeing.

4. Declutter the SE corner of your office to invite abundant Qi

The SE corner of your home office represents your finance, in particular, your accumulated wealth and your profitability. Therefore this space should be free from clutter to ensure the Qi flow is inviting for abundance.

Clutter is a stagnant energy piling up around you that can make you feel powerless. A cluttered office can also create confusion for the business owners and they tend to lack of vision and clarity in their business.

Check if there are any out-of-date files, receipts or documents that you no longer need, archive them or clear them out. The space you have created also helps to bring in new business. Make sure you don’t place shredder, junk or rubbish bins in this area.

5. To face your lucky Feng Shui Directions adds wind to your sails

Each one of us have 4 lucky directions that represents Success, Health, Love and Personal Growth. Ideally, your desk placement will allow you to face one of your lucky directions such as Success and Personal growth for home office.   

I have created an easy-to read cheat sheet so you can easily find out what your Feng Shui Lucky Directions. Sign up HERE for an instant download.

Feng Shui Serenity Lucky Directions

I hope you enjoy taking these small but important steps to cultivate the harmonious energy within your home office that can ultimately affect the abundance of your business.

With light and illumination,
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