Why External Environment Is the No.1 Priority In Feng Shui Audit

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Since I was back from Singapore and Taiwan at the start of November, most of my time was occupied by helping clients searching for new properties. Sydney’s property market has been heating up, yet again.

I want to share this Feng Shui case study in this article in the aim to broaden your horizons and peek into the work I do so you can gain an essential understanding on how the Feng Shui Alignment  works.



When I evaluate a property for my clients, the first thing I do is not to look at its floor plan or inspect the interior of the property but to check its external surroundings and land forms.

I’d be spending considerable amount of time inspecting the entire area up to 10 km radius of the subject property and physically walk the street that leads up to a property.

This is because, the marco environment outside is where your property is drawing the vital life force from, this is where a large pool of Qi that is available for your specific property to tap into. Like breathing, if the air quality in the larger environment is poor, it is guaranteed that the air quality inside will be immediately affected.

During this stage of the Feng Shui audit, I assess the land, mountain, water, road and open spaces etc. Please note, the words ‘Mountain” and ‘Water‘ are Feng Shui terms, they describe how Qi disputers and flows in relation to your property. It can be real mountain and water but can also be represented in other forms, such as a road and traffic.

As more and more people are choosing apartment living nowadays, the layout and design of the apartment complex is another layer I include in the External Environment Assessment. It is only when the external environment is conducive to harmonious and auspicious Qi, I will proceed to the next stage of the Pre-purchase Assessment.

Below is an example where I don’t even need to step into the property to draw conclusion for my client whether this is the property for him or not.  Please note, for privacy purpose, the image is for illustration only.


This is a house that has a feature everyone in Sydney would dream of – a 180 degree water view. Well, not all water views are considered auspicious. The configuration, shape and the direction of the water flow determines the types of water whether it is auspicious or not. It also depends on the source of the water and whether it is dirty or clean.

Looking out of the window of this mansion, I could not see the ground. The whole house is like floating on water, with no foundation. I feel dizzy, unstable and a wave of hopelessness and dread engulfed me straight away.

This is the typical configuration that we would avoid in Feng Shui called – “Water Cutting Your Feet” – the shape of the water is like a blade cutting the foundation of the house. People who live in this house would likely to feel insecure, worrisome and tend to have a very turbulent and unstable life.

As I inspected the location of the property, my heart sank further. The property sits right in front of the splits of a road, as the scissors’ blades are cutting through the house. This is another formation we’d avoid called “Scissor Sha“.


This property broke two important rules and its external environment create a detrimental Sha Qi (inauspicious) Qi towards the property 24/7. It is a straight NO for the buyer before I even look at the interior of this property.

In situation like this, it doesn’t matter what you do within the property, the external challenging Qi will constantly creating harsh energy posing onto the property. Even your property is a warrior, sooner or later, it will be defeated. Properties like this are like a ticking bomb, waiting for disasters to happen.

You may be thinking, well, are there any cures? I must address this very important misconception that is prevalent amongst the public about Feng Shui cures.

It is this: Not everything has a cure. And even there is a cure, not every cure works as beautifully as it is naturally auspicious. In fact, in Feng Shui, we prefer not have to constantly implement cures in a property. Why not start with something that is not broken in the first place?

And when it comes to the external environment, such as the landform features, or the configuration of the road, it is extremely hard for us to rectify because most of them are out of our control.

This is why the No. 1. golden rule when buying a property is “Check the Marco Environment before you even consider the interior of the property”.

If you ever need a professional Feng Shui Alignment before you make the commitment of your life, remember I’m only a phone call away. Reach out to book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Session to find out more.

I wish your next purchase is an auspicious one.

With light and illumination,
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