How Feng Shui Affects Your Emotion & Physical Body

Feng Shui & Your Body


Do you know that the map of your home is the reflection of your wellbeing and it has the ability to show clues so you can detect any dis-ease and ultimately deal with it in the light.

Here are some facts that have been again and again prove to be true amongst hundreds of Feng Shui Alignments I have done in the last 12 months:

➤  When things are not aligned (emotionally, physically or spiritually), your body will first signal you for help. This can most likely show up in certain illnesses. 

It can also manifest in your home in certain areas showing signs of Feng Shui misalignments, where is closely linked with that particular part of your body.

➤  80% physical illnesses have an underlying Spiritual issue. 

➤  70% of people will use ‘inward attack’ their body to digest their ‘unresolved emotions’

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element theory, each of your major organs represents a dominant emotion. If you have an illness in relation to the function of your liver for example, you need to track back to see if there are any unresolved Anger issues in your life. Once this is being healed, your physical health will improve, especially when conventional medical treatment and drugs do not appear to be working.

In your home, there is most likely an issue in the East area that is being afflicted in some way, which is closely linked with anger issues or liver problem.

Kidney’s dominant emotion is Fear
Liver & gallbladder – dominant emotion is Anger & Frustration
Lung – dominant emotion is Grief & Sadness
Heart & Eyes – dominant emotion is Joy
Stomach & Spleen – dominant emotion is Worry

If you have a heart issue or an eye issue, apart from normal treatment, you might also want to focus on your ‘heart energy‘ and ‘finding joy and spark in life‘. And through Feng Shui Alignment, we might need to review the South part of your home.

Do you worry a lot during this uncertain time? You are likely to have a digestive issue as well. You are likely to be confused in life and not sure who you truely are. Simply having some medicines for your stomach will not completely solve your problem. Solving the ‘identity issue of yours’ is the key to release those anxieties and worries.

Thyroid – issues with speaking your truth
Diabetes – Indecisions in life and lack of confidence
Breast cancer – unreleased anger and long term suppression
Reproductive issues – underlying marriage & relationship issues
Rheumatoid arthritis – Giving up on life (the pain is the only reminder that you are alive)

These are just some examples from many Feng Shui Alignment cases to show you that:

Your body is your body guard, it will never betray you. Just like energy, it never lies. There is more chance that your mind will betray and lie to you, but not your body, not your home.

These are simply the facts.

With light and illumination,
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