Episode #21. Master 2023 3-Day Challenge. Day 2. – Remember Your Power

Copy of 2023 8 Dates To Avoid (Instagram Post (Square))

To celebrate 2023 Year of the Rabbit, I am hosting a FREE 3-day Challenge to support you mastering 2023 from the start.

Across these 3-day live events on Facebook, this potent, powerful and transformational portal will initiate you into the new year, where you begin to crystalize your vision for 2023 based on your true essence and your inherent Destiny chart.

Day 2. Remember Your Power

Each year is an opportunity to ‘turn on’ your power and remember your unique gift & talent. 2020 Year of the Rabbit is all about beauty, attention and intentional design.

Day 2 of the challenge will help you to deepen the understanding on how you can ‘show up and gain attraction’ based on your Essence at Birth.
And there is an art to it.

In the end, I shared 3 crucial strategies that you can cultivate for your business and career direction and advancement. It is so valuable that they will not just apply to 2023 but for the next 20-years (Feng Shui Age 9).


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