2021 December Monthly Energy Forecast + Period 9 Masterclass

The path of attaching to a goal for validation of self worth won’t lead to any long lasting, fulfilling, heart centered destination. ⠀

Everything beautiful and inspiring in life is closely connected to your willingness to attune for a higher frequency.⠀

This theme will become more and more prominent during Feng Shui Period 9.

As we stand at the very last month of the year (can you believe it?), I want to deliver the 2021 December Energy Forecast in a brand new format to honour the Period 9 energy.

This is the Age about connection beyond physical form
This is the Age where the Unseen is the mover and driving force

In this 30-min long video, I have covered:

  • 2021 December Energy Key Themes
  • Energy Impulse
  • Energy Attunement
  • December Month Feng Shui

I hope you enjoy this new way connecting with you on a deeper level. 



With light and illumination


Grace Xo

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