Creating a Sacred Space

Cheryl Dee

Creating a sacred space is a simple yet powerful practice to evoke self-love, to consciously create the time and space to be with yourself. This is where we experience the healing power of silence.

The biggest challenge for most of us today is not to keep busy, but to slow down. This month, I invite you to create a sacred space just for YOU, no matter how small or simple it is… It can be your favourite chair in your living room, a bunch of fresh flowers or your deck of oracle cards. Whatever it might be, they should evoke LOVE. So as soon as you step into this space, your body relaxes, your heart feels open and warm, and every cell of your being feels loved. You are coming home. You are safe, nurtured and cherished in this space.


In Feng Shui, it is not the things you do that matter but the intention and the energy associate with it. What does “sacred” mean to you? To me, sacred means calming, peaceful and spiritual. For some people, it may mean uplifting and joy. No matter what it is, you need to resonate with that energy.



Energise your 5 senses. For me, it’s the smell of the Mantra Masala incense accompanied with the melody of Alana Fairchild’s meditation ‘Ocean of Love’ can immediately bring me into a blissful state of  serene. My heart is filled with peace and calm, and troubles just fade away. For others, it might start with a delicious cup of tea with fresh lemon.


This is your happy place that should be completely devoted to you.
This is where you draw your creative expressions, where you reveal the authentic you.
This is where those secret messages buried in your destiny can be revealed. So, fill it with everything that imprints your energy and what is reflecting your soul.

Adding your knowledge about The Five Elements will give you a deeper sense of what to introduce into your sacred space. What is your Self-element? What is lacking in your chart? The missing element is most likely to rejuvenate you and make your soul dance. For example: a weak Water person is more likely to find her sacred space in a bathtub or swimming in the sea – because water rejuvenates and replenish her nature, of being a Water element.

You can also create a ritual that fits in with your lifestyle. For me, I like to set aside 15 minutes in the morning when I make a nice cup of tea. While the tea is cooling, I draw a ‘Morning Check-in’ oracle card, which sets the tone of the day.


I’d love to hear from you. What is your sacred space at home? Are you inspired by this post? I’d love to see what you have created!


With light and illumination,
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