Change Your Energy, Change Your Destiny (2)

“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you are eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want.”

According to Chinese metaphysics, our Destiny is determined based on 3 types of luck. They are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. They will accompany us throughout our lifetime and have almost equal bearing on our destiny.

I have talked a lot about how to enhance our Heaven Luck through the understanding of the Four Pillars of Destiny and how to use Feng Shui practice to optimise our Earth Luck. However, it is when we whole-heartedly invest in our Man Luck that we really shake things up and make profound changes to our destiny.

Man Luck is all about our thoughts and belief systems, our virtues, moral codes, talents and creative expression. It is what we achieve through education and personal development. Ultimately, it is created by the decisions and choices we make.

This luck is so powerful because it is all about YOU. And the good news is, unlike Heaven Luck and Earth Luck, we have absolute control over it. This is where we can take destiny into our own hands. There are no limitations except the ones we set for ourselves.

The key to changing your Destiny is to begin at the source, by accessing the power within You.

Today, I want to share a powerful spiritual practice that is close to my heart. It has transformed my life.

The second half of 2015 was a big turning point for me. After an agonising 12 months’ struggle between my ego and my soul, I finally took the leap and quit my corporate job to follow my calling – setting up Feng Shui Serenity and start to live a life on my own terms.

To everyone else, it probably looked like a single leap. But in reality, it was hundreds of baby steps.  Throughout this journey, I was uplifted and carried by many that I believed were destined to appear on my path.

One that shines so brightly is my chakra-whispering, white light-channelling and truth-telling mentor:  Belinda Davidson. She has taught me to do something so potent that it changed the trajectory of my life.

299c2861-e1452550873781Photo: Courtesy of Fi Mims Photography


Belinda’s teaching showed me the grounded and practical side of spirituality. From her I have learned everything about the energy field, the chakras, intuition and self-healing. But most importantly, she has opened my eyes to see how powerful I am. The power I was searching for high and low was right under my nose. An infinite source of wisdom and creativity lies within me. Clarity, purpose, peace, confidence & passion lie within me. Belinda’s teachings have given me the gift of thinking like this:

“I am no longer afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or what the future holds. I have stopped worrying. I embrace the unknown wholeheartedly, knowing that life gives me an abundance of everything that I could ever wish for, and more.

To date, this is THE one practice I devote myself to in a non-negotiable way. I show up every day, because I know I get results. I have shifted my mindset and dissolved my fears under her guidance. I have reclaimed my magical power.

Below are some of Belinda’s teachings I’d like to share with you:

“Your energy field fuels and sustains aspects of your life and your body. It does this by receiving energy from the universe and then transporting this energy into a certain area of your life and body. Within you is a marvellous inbuilt system, which creates for you a joyful, creative, abundant, fulfilling and beautiful life.

Whatever is going on within you energetically is creating your Universe. Your energy field is primary, and your life situation secondary. This means, the state of your energy field determines your life.

For any real change to occur it needs to happen on an energetic level. This understanding is the key to a magical life.”  – Belinda Davidson

If you are willing to take your destiny into your own hands and turn the tide, if you want to transform whatever is holding you back from your possibilities, you need to give your energy field an overhaul. This is where we can create miracles from crisis. This is how we can manifest what we truly desire and create a heaven on earth.

You can watch Belinda Davidson’s FREE Modern Mystic videos HERE.

YOU are your most valuable asset, after all. Invest in it. You owe yourself this.

With light and illumination,
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