Using Artworks To Raise the Vibration Of Your Home

Do you know that you can raise the vibration of your home effortlessly by incorporating your beloved artworks or paintings? Depending on the colour and the energy an artwork emanates, it not only can transform a space on an aesthetic level, it can also amplify and enhance the quality of the Qi within that sector of your home. 

I have spent years experimenting on this in my own home. (Did I tell you that my favourite pastime is to move my artworks, paintings and furniture around? My husband is very much used to coming home and finding things in different places; bless him for taking it all in his stride LOL). Below are three key considerations I highly recommend when investing in artworks.

Once you understand the theory from an energetic perspective, you can really be creative and choose the artworks that suit your taste and your home’s style.


My absolute favourite colour is blue, of all shades. There is another reason why I love blue so much: because it represents the energy of Water. The energy of Water symbolises wisdom, a state of flow and truth-seeking.

Artworks or paintings emanating Water energy are best to introduced to the NORTH sector of your home, with the exception of bedrooms. (Too much of the Water element in a bedroom can create issues in relation to the kidneys or fertility.)

The NORTH sector of your home represents a major aspect in your life: your Career and Income. It belongs to the Water element. Therefore, when you place an artwork or painting that contains the Water energy, this aspect of your life is supported and enhanced.

Artworks that emanate strong Water energy can be anything having a predominant colour of blue or black. The Water energy can also be expressed through the presence of real water, such as oceans, rivers, fountains, waterfalls or ponds. Paintings with swimming fish can also be considered as having Water energy.

Feng Shui Artwork

Water is also an ancient symbol of abundance. Skilfully expressing the Water element will enhance the ability to attract more abundance, specifically in the career sector.

In 2018, the annual energy that is located in the North sector of every home is considered challenging. If you haven’t placed a Feng Shui remedy, to introduce an artwork with strong Water energy is your second best solution.



It is always nice to have some forms of the Wood element in your home, as that symbolises Growth, Vitality and Vision in life. Living plants and flowers of course are the best representations of the Wood element.

The best placement for any artworks or paintings that contain WOOD energy is the SOUTHEAST sector of your home. This sector represents your Wealth & Abundance, and it belongs to the Wood elements.

Feng Shui Art Green

The SE sector is most associated with the accumulated wealth such as long term investment, real estate or shares rather than earning through a job or salary. So it is important to keep this area attractive, beautiful and desirable in order to attract the nourishing Qi flow. This is the spot you should place anything that speaks to you about wealth and abundance. 

Paintings that contains strong Wood energy can be anything with a predominant colours in green or dark brown. Anything that contains living plants, trees, forest, flowers or other vegetation are considered Wood energy as well.

I just love this stunning ‘Tree of Life’ artwork with the blue background. My heart feels so abundant just by looking at it.

Tree of Life Feng Shui Serenity



The Earth energy is restful, harmonising and grounding. Just like the mother earth, its unique quality usually gives us a feeling of stability, nourishment and protection. With the hectic pace of modern day life, a strong earthy energy in your living space can anchor you and nurture you as well as provide stable support and protection for all of your endeavours.

Artworks containing the Earth element are most suitable placed in the SW or the West sector of your home. This not only promotes one’s inner balance and peace, it can also support marriage/relationships and bring out your creative expression.

When selecting an Earth element artwork, the most powerful one is an image of a mountain. Be careful to choose a shape that is supportive, nurturing rather than jagged and fierce looking. If the artwork or painting is abstract, it should contain mainly the Earth colours such as Beige, yellow, light brown, sandy, taupe or orange.

Using Feng Shui artworks to decorate your home is a powerful way to bring the auspicious and vibrant energy into the space you live in, as a result, raise the vibration of your home.

Once you understand the deeper reason of why certain element is suitable for certain sector, you can really use some of your own creativity to bring the element into the space you live in seamlessly. Your home is your sanctuary, when you give thoughts and invest in things that is high-vibrational, it will in turn support you in life.

Grace Xo

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