2021 Mid Year Energy Update


At the start of 2021, I wrote below ENERGY FORECAST with 23 major predictions for my clients and would like to share these with you as we are approaching the midpoint of the year. ⁠

Like the light of a full moon dancing on the surface of a rippling river, the first half of 2021 will appear to be radiant, harmonious and stable, yet we will soon realise that this is an illusion that lacks substance, a form lacking foundation. ⁠

The first half of 2021 is more peaceful as we focus on the post-Covid recovery. As we move deeper into the 2021 energy, particularly around the month of July/August, things can take a sudden turn with a major event announcing itself. ⁠

The fate of each country, organisation or individual during the second half of 2021 will largely depend on their decisions and actions (even contingency plans) within the first 6 months of the year.

Before we dive into the key themes and predictions for 2021, let’s look at the qualities and attributes of each element individually. 


Yin Metal is usually described as a diamond, a precious stone or a piece of valuable jewellery — delicate and stunning yet it can be cold at the same time. 

Due to the potent strength of the Yin Metal energy, 2021 will see the view and sentiment of the general public being vocalised loud and clear and is demanded to be heard. Hidden facts and information being revealed can be shocking and damaging.

Health-wise, Yin Metal is related to the lungs, nose, respiratory system, hips, teeth and bones. This indicates that vaccines will help to manage COVID (a lung-related virus) to a degree in 2021, though complete eradication may not be possible at this stage.


The Ox belongs to the Earth element. It is considered the ‘wet earth’: mud, water-logged soil, dams or bridges over water, tombs, and goldmines.

The absence of the Fire element within this Earth indicates that 2021, although less dramatic than 2020, is still in the recovery phase, as the foundation is not built on completely solid ground. It is unstable, shaky and can be easily challenged or collapsed. This can be reflected in the economic outlook, employment rate as well as consumer confidence etc.


23 Major Predictions in 2021


  1. The Ox sign represents the liver meridian — relevant body parts are the abdomen, stomach and spleen. Pay attention to these parts of your body and maintain your health and wellbeing. There is a potential outbreak of liver-related disease in 2021.
  2. Industries involving ‘small metal’ will also prosper during the year of 2021, such as acupuncture, jewellery, locksmiths, dental and surgery, etc.
  3. Vaccines for COVID will show up in different shapes and forms however they will not be the ultimate solution for this virus. The appearance of new strains can make this battle more complicated than we expected. Northern and southeastern areas of countries will likely take the worst hit. We may need to adopt an attitude of co-existing with the virus.
  4. Many countries may face economic downturns and domestic instability after the pandemic. Conflicts and trade wars may appear to subside but they will only be more hidden and fierce. As a result, many international trade rules, regulations, or treaties will be broken and rewritten. 2021 will see a weakening of certain global organisations.
  5. Metal is the element of justice. Therefore, 2021 will see widespread of civil rights movements worldwide as most of us come out of isolation or ‘lock-down’.
  6. In 2021, plague may manifest in livestock diseases, e.g. cattle, sheep, horses, pigs or chickens. This may result in the mass slaughter of animals and affect human consumption. Timing-wise this is likely to be around mid-year.
  7. 2021 is an image of a ‘Metal disc sitting on top of the Earth’. This indicates that major discoveries or milestones can be achieved in the arena of satellites or space-related exploration. More government and private budgets will be spent on physics and other space-related sciences.
  8. Gold, silver and other metal-related mines will be discovered during the Year of the Ox. There will also be a higher risk of collapse of mines and underground caves due to the ‘weak Earth’ aspect of the year.
  9. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, cyclones and other extreme weather events will be more frequent around the world. Southeast Asia (ie. Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia) will be affected more severely, as will northeastern parts of continents generally. Be cautious if you intend to travel to these areas.
  10. Due to the weak foundation of the ‘wet earth’ underneath, 2021 will also see water- and earth-related natural disasters such as earthquakes and flooding, as well as road accidents and collapses of structures such as buildings, dams or roads. 
  11. The imbalanced Earth can also trigger metal-related traffic accidents, ie. automobiles, trains or aeroplanes are in the high-risk category.  
  12. Taiwan will be in the news. Watch this space.
  13. 2021 will see rising health issues in relation to the stomach and the spleen. The weak Fire can cause digestive issues and diabetes.
  14. Water-related organs are weaker, so issues with the kidneys, reproductive organs and urinary system are more likely.
  15. Mental health issues will be on the rise and these will need to be monitored and treated with care. Many people may continue to feel the ‘isolation’ initiated by Covid into 2021, ie. depression and suicide rates could rise.
  16. 2021 will bring privacy issues across all communication platforms (especially social media) to the forefront. What is being revealed during 2021 may shock the world and change the perception of the public. New regulations will need to be established.
  17. Yin Metal represents a small dagger, knife or bullets and its energy can be hidden. This manifests as conspiracies and events in relation to guns and weapons, e.g. assassination of a prominent public figure, military coups and terrorism.
  18. The absence of Fire energy indicates that 2021 is still not a good year for the airline and travel industries. Travel won’t resume to pre-covid levels until the end of 2021 or early 2022.
  19. Banking systems and financial institutions will be in focus and potential reform will occur due to certain issues coming to light.
  20. The strong Metal element in 2021 indicates that the Wood element is being suppressed. 2021 sees environmental destruction continue with diminishing forests and depleted natural landscapes. Climate change will be felt significantly in the next five years.
  21. Innovation and development within the electronics and technology industries will be faster than ever, with changes occurring in the blink of an eye. Hi-tech industries such as artificial intelligence, driverless cars and domestic robots will increasingly emerge.
  22. Software advancement, especially in relation to information storage, internet and communications will be a highlight in 2021. At the same time, risks of large-scale hacking and viruses can bring major issues across many countries, impacting on security.
  23. The world economy may experience a major fluctuation, especially during the second half of 2021. Investors need to take extreme caution when making major decisions.

In general, 2021 will bring a complete revolution in our thinking patterns, beliefs and ideals. Any ideas that foster separation or boundaries, blocking renewal or union, need to be mulled over and refined through experience until the illusion is transformed into clarity.

Often, we feel that life is unfair.

However, if we look at the natural world there is nothing resembling justice. Nature merely evens out its extremes or removes blockages to achieve balance in its unique way of releasing the energy. In the natural world, justice is how the high is brought low so that the low can be lifted up.

The truth of ‘we are part of nature’ will eventually come to light for humans to understand in 2021.

If you have attached yourself to illusions of right and wrong that block your forward progress, 2021 will dispel those illusions. Unless growth is in the equation, life tends to reorganise itself by breaking things down.

And 2021 will provide a foundation of impartiality that allows balance to be restored.

We will be respecting pioneers and thought leaders more than ever across wide-ranged industries. Old frameworks and beliefs not only will be challenged but will be banished and replaced.

2021 signifies that we have entered a special time of heightened awakening and the evolution of consciousness.

With light and illumination,
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