Feng Shui Energetic Themes of Age 8 – The Age of Monumental Crisis

Feng Shui essentially is an art of “time and space”. Each 20-year is considered a different age or period. Each age or period is also being governed by a prominent theme that ultimately influence us on an energetic level. 

Currently we are towards the very end of Age 8 (2004 – 2024), the age I call the ‘monumental crisis’. As of February 2024, we will be officially stepping into the Age 9 (2024 – 2044) – the Age of Clarity, Illumination and Transformation.

 Age 8- An age of monumental crisis 

The trigram of the Age 8 is considered an Earth trigram, it symbolises that we are stopped by the appearance of a mountain. If you feel your normal path is being blocked temporarily, or is having the crisis of your life, you are in the right place.

The trigram reminds us that the external orientation need to be reverse inward in order to find way out.

It represents stillness, inner poise, inner perception and introspection.It represents the highest peak of spiritual attainment and an obstinate refusal to move.

It really challenges our mind and the traditional sense of ‘moving forward, progress and achievement’. In this stone age where everything is moving super fast,it can feel extremely difficult and this natural energy being carried on a collective conscious level can create some real turbulence in our lives.

Understanding the deeper meaning and what you are called to do will help you to move with this energy harmoniously…have a read of some of the key themes herald within the last 5-year of the Age 8 before we are elevated toward the Age 9.

Many people found things in their life are collapsing….the best way is to allow it to collapse so the right pieces can fall into place. And stop wasting your energy trying to glue everything together. What needs to end is meant to end.

The suffering you think you have to endure is to help you to confront. To confront the deepest and darkest shadows, fears and demons. The purpose is for clarity and illumination.

Many of you are most likely to be on a journey of Quest. A quest of ‘who am I?’, ‘what is my place in the world?’This is because the Age of 8 is also an age of cataclysm, an age of where can feel overwhelmingly upheaval marked by certain momentous and violent event.

This armageddon of consciousness is arriving….regardless whether you are willing or not. If you do not intend to initiate this yourself, you will be forced to do so. There is simply no other choice.

This arrival of consciousness can feel like a hard and difficult task and require a lot of you, but it is necessary in order to re-orient you so you can face what you need to face.

The ultimate goal of the Age 8 is to help you become an internal authority of yourself, an autonomous human being.


Next week, I will be writing the key themes of what the upcoming Age 9 is all about. Stay tuned.


Sending so much love

Grace Xo

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