Feng Shui Energetic Themes of Age 9 – The Age of Illumination and Transformation

If you have missed the “Age 8 (2004 – 2024) An Age of Monumental Crisis”, you can catch up HERE. 

Just to recap, the key purpose of the last 4 years of the Age of 8 are:

  • challenge the traditional sense of ‘moving forward, progress and achievement’
  • Staying ‘still and anchored in your own rhythm’ can feel extremely difficult
  • It calls for stillness, inner poise, inner perception and introspection
  • It reminds us that the external orientation need to be reversed inward in order to seek way out

The ultimate goal of the Age 8 is to help you become an internal authority of yourself, an autonomous human being, in order to transform into the new era of Age 9 – an Age of Illumination & Transformation. 

The Age 9 is being represented by the Fire energy, and it will be the ending of 180-year cycle. In Chinese astrology, the Fire energy represents the Heart & Spirit. It is also considered the ‘seat of consciousness’. 

By nature, the Fire energy can be extremely volatile, dynamic, intense and disruptive, which currently we are experiencing already. The most recent bush fires in Australia and the burning of the most sacred Amazon forrest are prime examples. 

On an individual scale, we see this Fire manifested in certain out-of-control behaviour for many people which are stemmed from spiritual turmoil and imbalance of the Heart & Spirit – again, the Fire energy. 

We are living in a time of heightened awakening and radical reformation. For many of you, especially those sensitive souls are deep in trenches of attuning and shifting your own frequencies in this era of tumult and great changes. 

Knowing below upcoming key themes for the Age of 9 will not only help you understand deeply about some of the challenges but also open up the pathway of inviting more universal life force energy into your system, so this process can be easier.


  • Becoming heart-centric. Achieving a peaceful heart is going to be our continuous task as we step into the Age of 9 and learn how to separate from attachments, judgements, old patterns as well as outmoded situations and circumstances, in order to have the courage to move into the unknown territory.
  • We will continue be asked to become, and live our lives from an internal place of authority.  Our heart is also referred to as the ‘Emperor of the body’. It is from this place, and only from this place, we can truly move into deeper landscape of our psyche and a place of deeper connection, understanding, wisdom and self realisation.
  • Crisis not only is a reflection that something is out of balance but also provides opportunities to heal. Age 9 will continue to bring up many crisis for us to heal, but it has to be deep. This is because the Fire also governs the nervous system and its task is to organise or re-organise our body, spirit and mind to achieve coherence and transformation
  • Impulse of ‘alignment’, enlightenment & synchronicity. Out of the Five-element, Fire is the only element that is non-tangle and non-physical. Its impulse is to connected with the higher realm for illumination. During the Age 9, this may be experienced by many as enhancements, enlightenment, elevations, divine intervention as well as inspiration and connections. It is to be received not achieved.
  • Shadow of current Technology is addition and over stimulation of senses. The ever-changing technology landscape is a double-edged sword. Nervous system and brain is under siege. Knowing how to seal your energy and reverse the energy drain is the key to move this phase.  
  • 2020 – Year of the Rat, is the beginning of this new pathway for psychological and spiritual deepening. Sign up for newsletter for my upcoming 2020 Energy Forecast for more details. 


With light and illumination

Grace Xo

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