What clients
say about working with me

  • I really enjoyed my Destiny Profiling session with Grace and it has been such a catalyst for me to re-look at my life differently. I found it so interesting to discover the aspects of my personality at birth. It gives me the means to find out what works for me best and what I should avoid – even to the point of which furniture I should have in the house! I think it’s something everyone should try and do – it not only allows you to work out your future, but how to best handle your present (and why certain things happened to us in the past!).
    Aleen Apanian
    Founder @ The Dark Horse Jewellery
  • It was a greater experience. I got input that helped me ground myself, confirm why I am the way I am 🙂 I also feel prepared for the years to come and am encouraged about certain actions. Grace is such a nice person and it was a great pleasure getting to meet her. Highly recommend!
    Alina Angielczyk
    Gdynia, Poland
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    I enjoyed the destiny profiling session with Grace. She is very insightful and share helpful information that answers questions that I have on my what I should do and realising my purpose. I would strongly recommend Grace for her professional and wonderful advice.
    Angie Poo
    Sydney Australia
  • I have had the pleasure of receiving a Destiny Profiling with Grace. It was prepared with accuracy and delivered with empathy and ease. Grace explained the chart in depth and many of the areas resonated with me immediately. Most importantly Grace’s consultation is able to provide the clarity and insights for my journey. It is more than the astrology prediction you read in the magazines and websites that speaks to all. The consultation gave me confidence and direction to act on many of the areas suggested. I highly recommend a consultation with Grace for both an individual or a group session. In fact, Im currently planning a Destiny Profiling group party and I think many of my friends would also benefits from Grace’s wisdom.
    Belinda McNulty
    Media Director at Adslot, Australia
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for interpreting my Four Pillars of Destiny chart. Unbelievably, if I had to pick which self element I related to or felt was a best fit for me, it would have been Yang Wood, which is what you also discovered. Although I have been through some hard times in my life, it is exciting to see that the path I have chosen and the journey I am on now are all working towards an amazing future for my children and I. It is also interesting that you mention listening to my ‘intuition and inner self.’ This is something I have always done through my life and doing so has saved me from tremendous amounts of grief. Thank you once again for the insight you have provided me as to what the future holds for my family and I. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. You have no idea how much I needed this right now. Am so appreciative!
    Belinda Sanchez-Vallejo
    Teacher, Gold Coast, Australia
  • We had the pleasure of being mentored by Grace Griffin from Feng Shui Serenity the past few months on our rebranding project for Carbon Lily! Grace is a wonderful character full of life and energy, and continuously gave all her heart towards building a strong foundational path for us. Learning about our brand archetypes, hero’s journey and applying that to our storytelling. We have been eagerly getting excited about the future of our story, thanks to Grace! Thank you so much Grace for taking us through this experience, we simply couldn’t of done it without you! We highly recommend the Business Coaching session to all the businesses (startup or large) with a heart and passion in their gifts!
    Carbon Lily
    Sydney's Video Creatives
  • Hi Grace: Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the comprehensive feng shui report. We believe the changes you suggested have made a real positive difference and even the kitty cat is happier! Absolutely worth doing and has brought lovely energy to our home space. Kind regards, The Dunn family
    Carol Dunn
    Hahei, New Zealand
  • Our house had been on the market for many months and after consulting with Grace we had two offers within the week, one of which we accepted and signed off on. Very happy!
    Charlotte Young
    Melbourne Australia
  • Grace is amazing at what she does. Together we went through my chart and found she was spot on with what’s been happening in the last 5 years in my life and was able to shed light on why that was. A huge transformational time! Together we were able to navigate the next 5-10 years and the best times to action certain things in my life. I’m feeling so clear and confident about this next phase of my life – excited too! Thanks Grace xx
    Clare Mason
    Founder At Soulful Mama
  • I have had ​mentors before and none with an approach like Feng Shui Serenity. I’ve started with the Destiny Profiling, couldn’t believe how precise it was! And moving onto the Business Alchemy Mentoring, this system not only allow you to dig deep but also breaks it down into parts that are logical, digestable and actionable. To me, it is important to discover core of the brand and with Grace’s expertise you will find its essence and then will bring it to life in a palpable way. Grace’s system and knowledge​ will guide you and help you uncover your brand’s potential aligned with your core values and will create a road map to always refer too, so you can effortless know what to do and attract the right tribe for your business. I highly recommend Feng Shui Serenity’s services, it is an ancient knowledge adapted to the modern world, available for any business.
  • “Grace was so personable and knowledgeable. She’s a very calming and gentle influence as well. Highly recommend. She’s given me great tips and direction for the future. 10 out of 10.”
    Deborah Menderin
    Psychic, Medium
  • Inner Feng Shui Feng Shui Serenity
    Grace was absolutely amazing. I loved how she explained everything about the elements and helping me understand more about the elements and how they affect my life. I honestly found Grace to be very calm and very knowledgable about what she does. I would recommend anyone to get a reading from her 🙂
    Sydney Australia
  • I thoroughly enjoyed working with Grace on my new home. Grace visited the house and provided a very detailed document for me to follow to make the most of the house. Grace is very knowledgeable and willing to help and share in any way she can. Would highly recommend her services.
    Emma Blomfield
    Interior Stylist
  • I highly recommend Grace’s work, her destiny profile report offered me such depth and insight about my life, giving me many light bulb moments and deeper understanding for what had been occurring for me. Her work reassured me, helped me to stay focused and to feel joyous looking toward the future ~ Thankyou Grace, your a real earth angel, many blessings Hayley Mawson Roberts
    Hayley Mawson Roberts
    Visionary Artist, Psychic, Perth Australia
  • Grace assisted us buying our first home when relocating to Australia from UK. Her support and advise during this process was priceless. After the consultation, we settled into our new home effortlessly. I can only recall the happy times during the last 2 years staying in this Feng Shui proofed home: arrival of our first baby, now pregnant with my 2nd, promotion and new career opportunity for my husband, family reunions and many other milestones. Everything you hoped for in your first home happened to us. Grace even picked the perfect painting for my daughter’s room in order to balance her Bazi chart (she has 5 metals in her birth chart so blue and water balance her). Thank you Grace for bringing your insights and knowledge into our home and you made everything seem easy. If you need a professional Feng Shui Consultant who has a heart of gold and can support you through the changes in life, Grace is the person to go to. Her calmness and wisdom in life will make this time seem like a breeze.
    Izabela Trocha
    Sydney, Australia
  • Grace has a wonderful talent in this philosophical practice. She has not only helped me rethink how I interact with surrounding environments but also educated me on how I can use my surrounding environment to create an enhanced standard of life. 10 out 5 stars for Grace, I couldn’t recommend her enough!
    Jenna May Coulston
    Sydney, Australia
  • I am so grateful for all the help and advice Grace has provided me and my family. She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field but also extremely practical in her approach. She will always endeavour to find the most effective solutions to any concerns I may have. I would highly recommend the services of this genuine, beautiful lady.
    Josie Lancione
    WA Australia
  • My session with Grace from Feng Shui Serenity was one of the best things I have ever done. It allowed me to connect with my true essence, view my struggles and times of uncertainty as gifts and know there are many things that I can do on a practical and emotional level to support myself on my journey. Thank you so much Grace.
    Karina Meacham
    Psychotherapist, Melbourne Australia
  • Grace took a great deal of care and time in ensuring all the measurements were correct when she applied classical feng shui techniques to my home. The amount of work that went into it was astonishing, and it showed in the results, which were noticeable and precise. Her suggestions on what can be done to change or improve certain areas of my home and in turn my life were helpful and effective, I felt a definite improvement to my life overall since. Grace turned my life around. She is well educated, thorough and articulate. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
    Kaye Rubis
    Sydney, Australia
  • After purchasing our house I enlisted the Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation from Feng Shui Serenity to gain some insights on our new home. Grace was patient, professional and fantastic to work with. She not only explained how Feng Shui works in general, she also provided an ongoing support and a detailed solutions to achieve our goals throughout the journey. She pinpointed the specific areas where contain positive energy and remedies for areas that need support. She has also helped us during the renovation process with practical solutions such as auspicious timings, how to best utilise each area, where to place our bed, which room we should place our bed against, which room we should make out master bedroom and where we could install water features to improve our health, wealth and well being. I would highly recommend contacting Grace to get some clarity before you start on any renovation or redecorating to get it right from the start.
    Kristin Hunt
    Senior Manager at MEC Global, Australia
  • We used Grace as part of our Mid-Autumn Festival High Tea event in Sydney. Her role within the event was to offer guests Destiny Reading / Profiling as well as any personalised feng shui advice. I could not recommend Grace highly enough. She was intuitive and extremely professional to work with, and the clients loved her. I am hoping to use Feng Shui Serenity again as part of our events program. Laduree is a luxury brand and we only use the best of everything.
    Kylie Ritter
    Sales & Marketing Manager for Ladurée Australia
  • I’d had some exposure to Feng Shui living in Hong Kong but it was always cloaked in mystery. I initially contacted Grace when we were having huge problems selling our house – we were at our wits end! She came in, reviewed the place, suggested some changes which definitely helped with the dynamic of the energy. Because our house was sold within a month of implementing those changes. So it was a no-brainer for us to get her involved when we moved into our new house. The great thing about working with Grace is that she makes it all clear and simple, allowing you to understand why you’re changing small areas of your house each year. I’ve already recommended her to several close friends.
    Linda McGregor
    Sydney, Australia
  • Grace has the perfect balance of Feng shui science and Spiritual Intuition I feel very lucky to have meet her and experienced a one on one consultation – looking forward to many more .
    Louise Doan
    Toronto, Canada
  • Grace shed so much light and direction during our destiny profiling session. It was such a great insight to gain deeper understanding about my purpose here in this lifetime and the potential it holds. Knowing that the”gut feeling” had led me to the right path was a huge assurance to always trust my intuition. Thank you so much Grace for your love and I hope we will cross paths again.
    Maggie Yong
    Sydney Australia
  • I knew the energy at home was not the best and it was starting to effect me, so I got intouch with Grace. After recieving my mini feng shui report from Grace I started to implement the recomendations and remedies. Room by room I noticed the difference in how the energy changed, even having my family and friends over they would comment on how the energy felt so much more relaxing. Would definitely recomend Grace!
    Marija Perisa
    Sydney, Australia
  • I came to Grace after feeling a shift in my life taking place, she helped me tremendously with understanding why and how to positively manage it. As a result I learnt a lot more about myself that I feel I couldn’t have learnt any other way, and I regularly refer to the information she gave me. I highly recommended Grace and Feng Shui Serentity.
    Nikki Moffat
    Account Executive @ The Store WPP Global
  • Grace has the most amazing energy – she has such a calming presence, and speaks to you in a way that makes the very essence of Feng Shui accessible for beginners. I had a home consult session with her – it transformed my space and the way I felt while working in my space. I absolutely recommend her service for anyone who is looking to experience a positive shift in the energy of their home.
    Rachel Lawler
  • I connected with Grace in 2016 when I was dealing with a loss.   Grace helped me to look forward & feel positive about the future.   With her help my house now has more positive energy and having the Destiny Profiling done allows me to see when is the best time to make important decisions.  Grace is supportive and intuitive  & I would highly recommend her to anyone
    Rae Dee
    Sydney, Australia
  • We had a Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation with Grace in November 2016 shortly after moving into our new home, and the suggestions Grace made have had a profound effect on our lives. One of the biggest changes she suggestions was to switch our son’s bedroom with our office. We moved the rooms around that afternoon, and almost instantly we saw changes – both in our son (getting him to sleep was easier, he began playing with his toys more), and in our businesses. Money and business deals that we’d been waiting on for months started to progress and then eventuate within days! We now have a deeper understanding of our home and the role that certain objects, colours and positioning effect both our destiny, emotions, health and energy. There is a noticeable positive shift of energy in the house since we have implemented the recommendations of Grace, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
    Robyn Jones
    Owner @ Mamamaya Organics
  • Grace have a beautiful voice to comfort you and provided me with a valuable assistance. I am very pleased with her assistance and will continue to use her support furthermore to have positive environment
    Rupali Mahajan
    Sydney, Australia
  • I really enjoyed the insights and guidance I received in the phone session and written emailed report for my home. The changes I’ve made as suggested by Grace are already proving in a matter of weeks to have things flowing in all areas! I highly recommend a session with Grace x
    Sally Williams
    NSW, Australia
  • I connected with Grace via Instagram and from our initial interaction I knew I was in the Presence of a Light Being. I proceeded to book a Destiny Chart Reading and was thoroughly pleased with the information and clarity that the chart and Grace’s insights provided me. Both the chart and Grace’s interpretations of my current challenges and future aspirations/trajectory were accurate, inspirational and empowering. But the best part of my experiemce was my engagement with Grace herself…the humility, compassion, graciousness and positive regard places this Being among those who are treasured on this planet as we go through these auspicious times. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Being such an inspiration and Beacon of Light during these dark times SiStar Grace!
    Sanya Charles-Herrera
    Toronto, Canada
  • There are a lot of benefits after talking to Grace, made me more focus on my strength, and understand where my weakness come from. Highly recommend!
  • Grace is a great Feng Shui specialist. After her visit to my home and a few recommendations around the house, I gradually got better from some chronic gynaecological problems. A few months after moving in the bedroom she suggested, I fell pregnant with my 2nd son! 

If you feel something is just not right in your home, like you always feel a bit down, a chronic disease or discomfort of your body never got cured, go to Grace for some clarity about the Fengshui of your place. You may find an answer there. She definitely helped me in my case!
    Sisi Chen
    Digital Programmatic Trading Manager at iCumulus
  • I wasn’t aware of how vast and detailed Feng Shui encompass until I met Grace, who explained what the Four Pillars of Destiny were and how I could utilise my unique reading to better understand myself and what areas I needed to focus on in my life. The Four Pillars of Destiny does not involve instruction on where to best place furniture (as what I originally thought Feng Shui was all about) but a personal chart reading that is used to forecast your personality, strengths, and best times to action on your intentions and goals. Grace has an amazing ability and was able to accurately read both my personal traits in line with the charts and clearly mapped action points I needed to take and when to do them. I loved this reading, not only because it was so accurate but because I was provided the most optimal times to make future decisions with the calm and professional guidance of Grace.
    Stephanie Saunders
    Sydney, Australia
  • I loved working with Grace on our Business Alchemy Sessions. She helped me to gain a new vision on my business, what I am truely bringing into the world and why. Through our sessions, all the dots began to join, one cohesive structure start to emerge. The energy start to flow. I enjoyed both the visionary aspect and practical details that Grace has contributed to developing my business’ brand strategy. Best of all, it did not feel like a coaching session at all, rather than just a chat between two friends over coffee in a quaint cafe. It all felt very natural and easy. Grace is very open-minded and kindhearted, which makes it easy to open up and talk about not only your business but about your personal dreams and goals. I would recommend anyone who are passionate to start up a new business to talk to Grace because it is very encouraging to have someone who has been in the field for a while to help guide you in the direction of your dreams.
    Tatiana Strelnik
    Founder @ i am home
  • Grace has an amazing gift, my session on the Destiny Profile (I invested in a complete report with an hour consulting call) was only 8 days ago today. The collective conscious of individuals in this world are seeking a true north, a GPS of knowledge leading them to their true purpose, their true core; I have searched for four decades and invested in any service that can assist me in defining and revealing my mission so I can stay on my path; My destiny profile was frankly, a miracle to my soul’s journey, it was invaluable and Grace is a gift of white light on this planet, I’m so impressed that in only 8 days I can feel stronger and clearer in my path that I wanted to write a review and share my perspective with others seeking spiritual truth.
    Taylor Small
    Philadelphia USA
  • My Destiny Profile with Grace explained so much about what has been happening and why! Grace shares her knowledge and wisdom with such love and kindness. Thank you so much Grace for the clarity.
    Tracey Bowden
    Scotts Head, Australia
  • Knowledgeable, talented, with an amazing energy, Grace entered our family and helped my husband and I gain a deeper understanding on how we can connect with our surroundings in order to create deeper harmony and balance. After purchasing our new home in 2015, we immediately consulted Grace to not only ensure our growing family is protected but that we were energetically maximising the opportunities our space has to offer. I would have no hesitation in recommending Grace. Thank you so much.
    Zunilka Whitnall
    RED Strategic Integration, Seven West Media