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[eosb_row][eosb_column][eosb_column_text]Besides the classical Feng Shui principles and theories I use, the way I practice Feng Shui is very different from most of the Feng Shui practitioners I know. It is only most recently, it dawned on me that I have been unconsciously combining the Shamanic healing with my Feng Shui practice.

If you have been following me for a while, you’d know below are what I truly believe and do. And they happen to be the essential perspectives of the Shamanic Healing as well:

– Everything is made of energy
– Everything has Spirit and Awareness
– All that is Seen is connected to the Unseen
– To achieve healing and balanced living, you need to discover the harmonious connection between you, nature and the unseen energy.

The Shamanic understanding of health and illness focuses on addressing the root cause that comes from within – the non-physical realm: the spirit and the energy as well as personal power. Power consists of balance, health and self-knowledge. Dis-ease and sickness results when a person’s spiritual power is weakened in some way. Illness caused by patterns of energy that are harmful for the individual.

Shamanic Healing focuses on finding and changing these patterns. So is Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui I practice not only addresses the physical misalignments, I also reveal the Spirit of the Site as well as the spiritual lessons that the occupants are expected to learn whilst living in that home. It is my experience that the more willing the occupants are open to changes (physical changes within the home, behavioural as well as emotional, spiritual and thought patterns changes etc.), the quicker they can achieve the healing.

This is because just like Shamanic Healing, true healing can not be done on a physical level alone. Healing means to return to wholeness, and returning to wholeness is purely an inside job.


Shamanic healing Feng shui serenity

All healing is self-healing. My ability of knowing how to move and manipulate the energy and downloads from the spirit realm is only half the story. True healing must take place inside the spirit of the individual. A person must be willing and ready to take full responsibility for his or her own healing.

So if you are thinking of a Feng Shui consultation, please do not expect advice such as ‘hang a crystal’ from me.
Please do not ask me to ‘activate your wealth’ when you are not willing to work hard for it.
Please do not expect me to give your all the answers when you are not ready to hear the truth
and please do not give all your power to me.

But what I will promise is, to provide you with insights, to retrieve information and locate blockages, to give you unreserved support & compassion and be your biggest personal cheerleader.

And if you are truly ready to activate that connection & power, I am here to help you move mountains.


Sending so much love

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With light and illumination,
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