Three lucks: The Cosmic Trinity

According to Chinese metaphysics, Destiny is determined based on 3 types of luck, also known as The Cosmic Trinity. The three types of Luck are Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. These luck will accompany us throughout our lifetime and have almost equal bearing on our fate.

Heaven Luck

This is the luck that we are born with, pre-determined before birth and influenced by karma. Heaven Luck is created before we have the ability to make conscious choices. We have little control over this type of Luck, however having said that, our ultimate Destiny is still a choice.

Heaven Luck is the blueprint that Heaven has gifted us with and contains the secrets that will lead us to our life’s purpose, or our soul’s purpose. It is the map that leads us to our ‘treasure’, our ‘personal legend’. It is also known as “The Four Pillars of Destiny” or Chinese Astrology.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a tool that can be used to tap into your Heaven Luck to reveal the hand you have been dealt in this lifetime. Learn more about Four Pillars of Destiny / Bazi.

Destiny Profiling allows us to decode vital information about you to gain clarity towards the world and about your life to date. It provides you with the wisdom to empower so you can uncover your potential and move through life confidently.

Earth Luck

Earth Luck is the type of luck specifically associated with Feng Shui. Earth Luck is determined by the relationship between man and the earth and points to the influences of our location and where we lead our lives everyday including our relationship to the environment, the orientation of objects and items as well as topographical forms.

We are all energetic beings that vibrate at different frequencies. These energies, or Qi, exist within our environment can affect us very differently. Their impact can be positive or negative towards all aspects of our life, including our relationships, our health, our careers and our wealth.

Classical Feng Shui is based on The Five Element Theory and helps reduce the negative energy around us while harnessing the benevolent energy in our surroundings to bring us prosperity, harmony and joy. When you are aligned with the positive and prosperous forces that already exist within nature and the environment that you live in, you are sending signals to the universe that “you are capable of receiving”.


When you are open to receiving, “all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – (The Alchemist).
And this increases your ability to thrive (rather than struggle) by many folds.


I have witnessed this time and time again throughout my experience helping many clients; as soon as a client schedules their first Feng Shui Consultation, even before any assessment or remedies have been put in place, they notice a significant shift in the forces of the universe.

Simply by taking that first step, you are saying “YES” to receiving the divine guidance and support from higher forces.

Find out more about How a Feng Shui Consultation can help you improve on grounded and practical issues that you may experience in life.

Man Luck

This is the luck we create for ourselves – and the one luck we have complete control over. It is created from our very own thoughts, virtues, actions and ideas. It is what we achieve through our education, our talents, our behaviour and the work we do to reach our goals.

Man Luck includes our cultural and religious beliefs as well as the moral codes that we stand by, the charities we get involved in and our willingness to help others and the environment around us.

This luck can be incredibly powerful and there are no limitations except for the ones we set ourselves. It is not only about our ‘awareness’ of what is right and what needs to be done, but our actions and the abilities we take to bring them to fruition.


This is the area where you can truly determine your own destiny!
Your Man Luck is dependent on the decisions you make and actions you take.


When we understand this aspect deeply and believe in the endless potential we possess within ourselves, we can really take our destiny into our own hands and turn the tide; we can transform something negative into possibilities. We can create miracles from crisis. We can literally manifest what we truly desire and create heaven on earth.

Mentoring Program with Feng Shui Serenity offers you the opportunity to discover your potential, the talent within yourself and will assist you to uncover an ‘awareness’ that will allow you to become a Master of the Self. This awareness taps into your Matrix within empowers you to make your life more prosperous and to live the life of your dreams.

The crucial aspect of Feng Shui is to achieve the absolute alignment of yourself, your awareness and your virtue. This way, your energy is aligned with the higher source. You already have the power within yourself.  Mentoring Program helps you to reclaim this magical power to activate your Man Luck so you can improve your destiny as a whole.

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