Want To Tap into  Period 9 Energy to Change Your Destiny?

transition into this new era with more power, prosperity, health and abundance for the next 20 years
Date: Tuesday 14th December 2021
Time: 10.00am-12.30pm (AEDT)
For Only $129USD
The Feng Shui Period 9 will begin on 4th February 2024 and is governed by the element of Fire. In Chinese astrology, the Fire energy represents the Heart & Spirit. It is also considered the ‘seat of consciousness’. We are about to enter the Age of Illumination, enlightenment and transformation.
In case you haven’t felt it already, this revolution has already begun since 2020.
This monumental change of energy will have a huge impact on how we live, work and perceive the world around us. It will be a time of great intellectual leaps, accomplishments, technological change, and a future filled with bright prosperity if you know how to capitalise on it.
This Masterclass will reveal all you need to know in order to prepare for this incredible and auspicious time, so you can move with the energy with confidence and ease.

If you have found things in your life are collapsing or you feel the last few years have been extremely challenging

If life has not turned out the way you’ve wanted and you would love to be given a second chance by tapping into this new energy

If you are on a journey, on a quest of asking ‘who am I?’ and ‘what is my place in the world?’

If you are interested in aligning your home in accordance with the new energy without moving

This Masterclass is for you!

Want to transition into Feng Shui Period 9 with confidence and ease?
Here is what you will learn in this Masterclass:

Period 9 Energetic Key Themes & Trends

  • How knowing this can transform your destiny
  • What industries will thrive during Period 9 and how you can take advantage of this
  • How to tap into this powerful force for careers advancement, business growth & wealth creation

5 Spiritual Lessons You Must Know to Flourish During Period 9

How to Have Your Home ‘Period 9 Compliant’ Without Changing Your Residence

  • Where is the Wealth Star located in your home during Period 9?
  • What is the most important sector in your home you need to protect during Period 9?
  • What are the two most important things you need to pay attention to when buying or designing a prosperous home for Feng Shui Period 9?

The Period 9 energy is a source of the shining light of inspiration and great creativity, providing you with a quantum leap in insight and clarity.

We are entering an age of energy. You will hear words like ‘energy medicine’, ‘symbolic sights’ and ‘mystic’ more than ever. 

When you speak the language of energy, you see beyond the physical. 

 You will see what others don’t.

Transition into Feng Shui Period 9 with Clarity and Vision
For Only $129USD
Who’s teaching this masterclass?

Grace Niu is an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, a gifted Intuitive Destiny Mentor, teacher and business mentor.

She created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose.

Grace has helped many aspiring soul-centred women and men to live truthfully and confidently by discovering their authentic innermost power.

Applying Destiny Mentoring and Feng Shui Alignment, Grace works with people around the world, helping them connect with the infinite source of Heaven and Earth energy flows, so they can live in harmony with nature and shine their own unique light.

Grace is a professional Feng Shui Consultant in Australia, accredited by the Association of Feng Shui Consultants International (AFSC).

She is of Chinese heritage and is passionate about practising authentic Feng Shui. Adding to her expertise, she is one of a handful of professionals in Australia practising San Yuan Yuan Gua Feng Shui, which traces its lineage back to the Tang Dynasty.

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