Feng Shui for Buyers and Renters
How To Find Your Ideal Home That Brings Prosperity & Wealth Not Chaos
This Online Course


Have you checked the External Environment? This factor alone can ‘make’ or ‘break’ a property!

Is the ‘Heart’ of this property being protected?

Where is the location of the kitchen, stairs and toilet?

When it comes to choosing a property, regardless of whether you are buying, investing or renting, it is a huge decision that can affect your life enormously.

And you’ll want to get it right from the start.

There’s no use going hunting for a property and hoping you can “fix it” or “cure it” after you’ve moved in. That will only result in heartache and a dent in your bank balance.

Further, there is not much you can do if it is located on a busy street or a T-intersection. What if the neighbouring property poses a serious affliction that impacts on your health and wellbeing?

This is why the best time to invest in a Feng Shui assessment is BEFORE you choose a property, not after.

In this inspiring online course,
I will teach you:
how to screen, filter and spot the most auspicious property efficiently
avoid properties with costly issues and fundamental problems that are hard to change
When moving into a new home,
it should signify a brand new beginning,
a realm of new opportunities,
an expansion or elevation of your life.
Yet, I have seen too many careless choices that resulted in heartache,
Where life suddenly took a turn for the worse after moving into a new property —
a relationship breakdown, financial loss, and worst of all, major health issues.
These are mistakes that can easily be avoided
yet can cause long-lasting consequences.
This course is specially designed for you
so you don’t have to go through such unnecessary hardships.
This course will teach you
the most crucial Feng Shui guidelines to spot a ‘diamond’ instead of a ‘lemon’.
Confidence & peace of mind
I have been looking for our perfect property for the last five years and was starting to lose hope. Living in our old home I was experiencing ill health and was on the search for a new property that would support my health, wealth and opportunities for the future.
Feng Shui For Buyers and Renters course taught me what I needed to be looking for to provide a more positive experience regarding all areas of life moving forward. I took my time with each module and after finishing the course our perfect home appeared.
I am writing this review from the comfort of my new beautiful home, that I would not have found if it wasn’t for this course. After moving into this property my health started to get better, I was finally feeling calm and settled with more energy.
Katy Britton, Sydney
I have designed

this course to save you valuable time, energy and money.

Save time: No blind google searching, no flicking through random Feng Shui books, no guess-work — I’ve done the groundwork for you. The guidance is straight to the point, precise and potent.

Save energy: Do you know that you can save your precious weekend time by filtering most of the properties remotely, so you need only go to those ‘open for inspection’ options which tick the Feng Shui boxes? The Cheat-sheets and the Checklists within the course will help you to do that.

Save money: When you get things right in the first place by choosing an auspicious property, there are no unexpected surprises, no break fees, no money drain. Let me help you save money.

The best part is ….

This course does not require you to have any prior knowledge of Feng Shui. I have studied Feng Shui to a high level for more than a decade, having consulted and solved hundreds of real life cases, and I’m ready to share those ‘trusted and proven’ principles and guidelines so you can get the right property in the quickest possible time.

It is practical, easy-to-follow and transformative

This course is not here to teach you how to solve Feng Shui problems.
Rather, I will guide you to NOT having a problem in the first place.

This course is based on authentic Classical Feng Shui


The methods and techniques I bring to you in this course are based on the principles of Classical Feng Shui. In designing the course I have distilled these practices based on years of professional learning in combination with hands-on practice. My course teaches you the preliminary assessment essentials that most classically trained Feng Shui practitioners would advocate.

My teaching within this course is authentic and timeless, and can be applied at all times.

I will not only teach you the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ in a concise, condensed manner. The skills you will learn in this course give you the ability to see, observe and sense the energy — to your enormous benefit!

it is delivered

This course is presented in a password-protected private classroom on a custom-designed website.

It is self-paced and allows you to monitor your progress when completing each lesson.

The modules and lessons will be taught through written posts, downloadable videos, audio & visuals, checklists and cheat-sheets.

It is designed to be concise and more visual than text-heavy.
It includes many real-life case studies that I have personally worked on, so you won’t have to live the mistakes and heartache.
You can visit this classroom instantly at any time and receive lifetime access to all lessons.
sensational teaching
Wow, sensational teachings from Grace – I learned so much in Feng Shui for Renters and Buyers online course. This is a must-do if you thinking of renovating or moving house which we will be doing at the end of 2021.
Everything is explained in the course and really opens your eyes and awareness about your current surroundings and what to look out for before settling in a new abode. I find myself revisiting the lessons to strengthen my learnings and has me wanting to learn and discover more.
feng shui buyers and renters online coures
Mark Gray, Brisbane
What’s Inside the Course

Three inspiring Modules that provide you with straight-to-the-point guidance to assist you during the property-hunting journey, saving you time, money and energy.

13 lessons that are snappy, fun and fascinating, with multiple modalities to best assist you to absorb the information quickly. It contains downloadable videos, audio and written articles, with loads of floor plans, photos and real-life scenarios.

Easy-to-follow learning tools that keep you on track to quickly become a smart and knowledgable property selector.

Comprehensive checklists and a cheat-sheet at the end of each module, which you can’t live without while searching for your perfect home or investment property.

let’s get you that dream home!
This inspiring and practical course will teach you every aspect of finding your dream home
through 3 modules, over 12 lessons:
Module 1.
External Environment Assessment


  • The Art of Observing Qi
  • Choosing the Land
  • Road & Location Assessment
  • Feng Shui Water
Module 2.


  • Property Appearance, Shape & Design
  • Building Evaluation for Apartment Buyers
  • Observing the Surroundings
  • Evaluate the Floor Plan and ‘Heart’ of a Home
Module 3.
Internal Form & Layout Assessment


  • All You Need To Know About Missing Sectors
  • Main Door / Entrance Assessment
  • Kitchen Location – 4 Rules You Have To Follow
  • Bedroom Layout & Design – 4-Step Process
  • How To Manifest Your Ideal Property
Simple & Articulate
I have learned so much from the Pre Purchase consultation with Grace as well as her recent online course Feng Shui For Buyers and Renters. I have no prior Feng Shui knowledge but Grace is very articulate and explains things in a simple way.
Grace has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout my property search. She’s very knowledgeable and talking to her gives me new perspectives to think about and I have more confidence in choosing the right place. I have and will be recommending her to all my friends.
Arielle Lee, Sydney
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The online course is presented in a custom-built private online classroom which allows you to complete each lesson at your own pace and track your progress.

When you join the course you get access via your own login information and you can start working on all modules as soon as the course site goes live on 18th November 2020.

You will receive a welcome email once payment is processed. Thereafter you’ll receive a guidance email when the course site launches.

This course is specially designed for people who are currently planning to buy or rent a property. The principles and guidelines taught within this course apply equally to both residential and business premises.

If you are in the process to build your new home, this course is a MUST prior to submitting your architectural plan for approval.

This course can get you up to speed very quickly, giving you the ability to design a quality property from a Feng Shui perspective.

Not at all. This course is designed for people who don’t have any prior knowledge of Feng Shui. You will absorb the fundamentals quickly so you can apply them at your next property inspection. There is no complicated jargon or formulas; that groundwork has been done for you, so you can easily understand and apply the principles.

The curriculum is designed intentionally so you can work through it comfortably while you are focusing on property-hunting. It aims to equip you with the knowledge you need most efficiently, without technical fluff.

You can complete one module in one sitting within 1- 1.5 hours. Yet you can also jump to the Recap section for the Master Checklist at the end of each module if you are in a rush to see a property and need immediate top-line guidance.

Each lesson within a module is also broken down into a few bite-size audio or video presentations so the content is easy to digest and can easily be revisited when you want to review your learning.

No, problem-solving using Feng Shui remedies is not the focus of this course. This course guides you so as not to have a problem in the first place. It teaches you precisely what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a property.

Yes, this course teaches you important fundamentals. However, its focus is helping you self-assess potential properties. It can certainly give you a solid head start by learning essential Feng Shui principles and techniques; however it is not designed for teaching you to become a Feng Shui consultant.

This course is not designed to be a substitute for a professional Feng Shui Alignment and Pre-purchase Feng Shui Assessment. It will however reduce the need for multiple consultations.

With the help of this course, you will be able to filter firstly on your own and narrow your choices down to a couple of properties before you seek the assistance of a Feng Shui consultant to help you choose the best option by applying a more complex expert analysis.

If you are not inclined to get a bespoke Feng Shui consultation, or that’s just not an option financially, this course will help you to avoid properties with detrimental faults and glaring Feng Shui defects — it will help you to select a property with positive Feng Shui features.

Absolutely. The teaching shared in this course applies to all properties regardless of their location in the world.

This course will help you choose properties that have the best potential for wellbeing and wealth from Feng Shui perspective to ensure you make a sound investment. However, this is not a Property Investment course.

Grace Niu

Grace is an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant based in Australia. She is of Chinese heritage and is passionate about practising authentic Feng Shui from the source. 

Since establishing her successful business Feng Shui Serenity five years ago, Grace has been practising full time and has consulted on hundreds of homes and businesses, often producing astounding results.

She helps her clients achieve their dreams by tapping into the Heaven & Earth energy, bringing harmony to their lives and maximising their prosperity.

She is respected and trusted by her clients in Australia and around the world. Grace takes a balanced approach between practical implementation and the spiritual dynamic.

For more information, check out her Professional Bio and the unique community she has built.

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