May Energy Forecast 2019

May the Force Be With You


Strategic Thinking
Restored Order

As of the 6th May, we have come to one of the most significant months of the year – the Yin Earth Snake month. This is considered a clash month due to its monthly energy clashing with the Yearly energy Pig. 

This energy is also magnified and extra sensitive due to the ‘double whammy’ Feng Shui aspect within your home, which I will explain later. So this is the month to be on high alert especially if you have either a Snake or a Pig anywhere in your Destiny chart (not just in the Year pillar, but the Month, Day and Hour pillar). 

If you don’t know your Destiny chart, you can request HERE. 

The usually nurturing soft garden soil of Yin Earth 己 becomes dry and brittle due to the fiery Snake 巳 sitting underneath. This Snake carries a potent Yang Fire energy in its belly, like a blazing Sun, making this month’s energy very intense and less forgiving. What usually can be easily negotiated suddenly becomes a big issue. 

The hidden energy within the Snake also do not fear confrontation, and are not shy to go up against the people of power. Meanwhile, this snake is also cunning, being a smart thinker, a strategist, and can be aggressive if needs be. This propels its ability further to voice out the truth. Therefore, May will see clashes manifest on many levels, personal, business, community, government as well as global.

If you are in a senior position, be open for suggestions or questions from your team. If you work for a public authority, be prepared to be challenged or flooded with more-than-normal enquires. 

Good luck with the Federal Elections in Australia on 18th May.  Whoever chose the date certainly hasn’t looked at Chinese calendar LOL. 

Due to the lack of Water element this month, things can feel a big harsh and the changes can feel unexpected. 

Although this is the month that is full of changes, it can also create magical events, flourish projects, accelerates things if you have been in a ‘holding modes’. This is because usually ‘clash or change’ can set things in motion especially when you stuck in a rut. 

Snake is also an animal that is with fresh thinking and very strategic, so take the advantage of this month’s strong creative force and restore the order, this can bring positive results and purpose. 

If you are resolute in reaching goals, this month will provide you the best energy to get things into fruition.

Be extra careful if you have travel plans this month, choose a ‘Nobleman Date’ or carry a ‘Monkey’ talisman if you have Pig in your chart, or a ‘Tiger’ talisman if you have Snake in your chart. 

Dates to be extra cautious are: 14th & 26th May. 

Time of Day to be extra cautious are: 9-11am & 9-11pm. 

Four Pillars of Destiny Chart Prediction


Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness and ride the wave, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to managing any challenging issues. Take advice from the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to prevent any major collision.

This is a clash month for people whose Destiny chart contains a Pig 亥 (it can be anywhere in your chart). Take particular care on 14th & 26th April or between 9-11am or 9-11pm. If you have travel plans, be prepared for delays or plan B. Carry a Monkey pendant or simply print out an image of a Monkey to carry in your purse will help to harmonise this energy.

The forecasts below are based on your Essence at Birth or Self-element. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE. This prediction effectively only counts as 1/8 of your monthly luck (given it is only based on your Day Master). Book a Destiny Profiling session HERE for a full reading.


The money theme will continue in May for people whose Essence At Birth is Wood. In some way, money-making feel a lot easier than what you have experienced in April. Or maybe you have done some hard-yards last month and the rewards finally came in May to make everything worthwhile. Enjoy this flow of abundance!

You might also feel a bit vocal in the Snake month, smart and quick-witted. Your communication skill becomes so sharp and people around you enjoy your openness and the perspectives you provide. If the Fire element is not so favourable for you, take pre-caution before you speak. 


May is the month you are encouraged to speak your truth in a diplomatic way. If there are something burning in your belly, it is better to allow it flow in a gentle manner rather than hold in, accumulate and then burst into damaging flames. 

You might be dealing some rivals or challengers showing up in your business or personal life or events simply press your buttons. Don’t jump to the conclusions straightaway especially if you have a Pig sign in your chart. Walk away in the heat of a moment. Things might be presenting you a very different perspective later on.


May is the month to focus on where you spend most of your time is – your home. It is likely for many Earth essence people to move house, conducting Feng Shui consultations or simply nestling. You will find you could spend a lot of time looking for that perfect cushion, or flicking through magazines for that dream design of your future house. 

During the month of May, you will be like a sponge soaking up so much new knowledge where your interest and intuition takes you. You will open up a new realm of opportunities while you equip yourself with enriching new resources. 

It is also a supportive and nurturing time for Earth people learn how to create boundary. The Snake will give you the courage and the fire to stand up for yourself, finally. 


The strong Fire energy with the month of May will melt, mould the Metal people and provides disciplines and real learning experiences in order to move up a rank. 

If you are being challenged, don’t take it personal. Consider it an opportunity for expansion. 

The Snake is considered a ‘strategist’, together with the polished analytical skills that Metal people renewed for, May can produce some lasting wisdoms and unexpected learnings for the Metal people on their journey of pursue excellence. 


The strong Fire energy represents ‘Money & Wealth’ for the Water people. So May contains lots of opportunities for wealth-creation. 

Snake is also considered Nobleman for the Water people, so whatever the situation you are in, May will bring needed relieve, the helpful people will lend a hand. You are safe and protected. 

You might encounter some challenges when dealing with authorities. Chang your thinking and the perceptions is the key. See beyond the skin deep.

You can also order a Destiny Profiling Report HERE to gain your unique blueprint of your destiny.
Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast**


**Everything in the universe is an ever-changing affair, including the qualities of the energy surrounding the space we live in. Flying Star Feng Shui is the only school that takes into consideration the influence of time. Therefore it is one of the most complex, accurate and powerful forms of Feng Shui. Flying stars are so called because they fly with the movement of the days, months and years. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the movement of the energy.

To simplify an otherwise very complicated practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, in each monthly prediction I will point out where the benevolent energy is located and where there is negative energy that needs to be managed. It is essential to first know the inherent natal chart of your home, as this determines the nature of the annual flying stars as well as the monthly stars. Your homes natal chart can only be provided by a qualified Feng Shui consultant. Blindly applying any enhancements or remedies suggested in this post could well have an adverse effect.



When I say the Feng Shui in May is considered ‘double whammy’, it means the monthly star is exactly the same as the yearly energy. This means the auspicious sectors will be doubly fortunate, the bad sectors will be lethal.

The most auspicious sectors in May are Centre of every home as well as the NW and West sector in your home. If your home’s Natal energy is balanced then you can activate these sectors with a Water fountains to further energise the auspicious Qi.

NW sector contains flying star 9, which indicates promotion and success. 

WEST sector contains flying star 1, which indicates intelligence and wisdom, as well as helpful people. 

Centre contains flying star 8, which indicates steady increase of fame and wealth. 



This month, the most inauspicious sector is the Southwest sector as the worst feared star 5 resides in this part of the home. Females or the youngest daughter in the family need to be extra careful. Do not walk in the dark. 5-element pagoda or anything that made of metal will effectively suppress this energy. 

Another sector you need to minimize your time is the NORTHEAST sector as the sickness star 2 will reside in this sector. You need to hang a 6-metal coins or place a calabash in this sector.

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