July Energy Forecast

Welcome to July – the most anticipated month of the year. Not only because it signifies the mid-point of 2021, July also holds the strongest and most powerful Earth element: the Goat 未. It clashes directly with the Yearly energy of the Ox 丑. 

The month of July starts on 7th July and runs through to 6th August, bringing more earth-related imbalances. When two strong Earth energies collide, it can indicate major changes, movements, further revelation of the truth and reckoning on both the collective and individual scales. So hold on tight for this month!

Apart from the big clash, the configuration of the energy within July is also considered an ‘Earth Penalty’, indicating that major events can suddenly erupt on a global scale. This may manifest in natural disasters as well as new developments on the pandemic front. 

If you have ordered my 2021 Energy Update at the start of the year, this may not come as a surprise to you. I have now made these 23 energy predictions public so you can be fully prepared for the upcoming 6 months.

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Due to the unstable energy configuration in July, avoid moving, buying a property, getting married or making any major decisions. Avoid long-distance travel if you can, especially for people whose birth chart contains the animal signs of Dog, Sheep and Ox; you are mostly likely to be caught up in the ‘clash’ or ‘penalty’ of this month as a result. 

On the other hand, July can be an excellent time for innovative creative expression and ideas. Our linear mind can only carry us so far – this is the month to flow with the energy and see where it can take you… You may be pleasantly surprised. 

It is also an ideal time to break through old habits and mindsets and create positive changes.

If you feel you have been stuck in a rut with a certain creation or project, July can unlock strong planetary creative energy (a clash can trigger new openings), enabling you to find a perfect ‘cut-in’ point to unravel a problem or birth a new product or development. 

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Energy Impulse:

  • Overall, July is an inauspicious month, due to the ‘Heaven & Earth clash’ and the ‘Earth Penalty’ configuration. So try to minimise your movement in general. 
  • Earth-related natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, sinkholes, or the collapse of a major structure, e.g. a building, mine, dam or bridge are more likely in July, especially in areas where humans are exploiting mother earth for an unethical cause.
  • We will continue to experience severe weather patterns across different continents. 
  • Avoid travelling to mountains or dense forest areas and minimise any risky sports. The NE and SW are the directions and areas to watch, where unexpected events could erupt.  
  • Higher risk of accidents in tunnels, so drive carefully.
  • Potential destructive behaviour or substance abuse can happen for people who are in clash.
  • Scandals involving prominent public figures may leak out to the public.
  • Instability around the world with conflicts and disharmony can escalate in July. 
  • July will continue to reveal certain illusions and truth in a slow and steady way, which can be triggering for some. Stay centred after an initial shock.
  • Inflation and economic crises will be brewing.
  • The pandemic is going through a very unstable phase in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres – this is not the time to relax and become complacent. Any careless moves can trigger severe consequences. 

Health Indications:

  • Take extra care of your abdominal, stomach and spleen health. Actively connect with nature through exercise and movement, and maintaining a healthy diet will be key.
  • People who have had a history of liver or gallbladder trouble need to take extra care in July.
  • Due to the presence Yin Wood, July will see increased issues in the associated areas of the body: the neck, spine and back. 
  • The lungs and upper respiratory system can be weakened this month, indicating an upturn in Covid cases.
  • The Sickness star flies to the West sector of your home, region or country, so in your home be sure add a Metal Calabash to suppress this negative energy. And the North sector can be equally challenging. 

Essence at Birth / Star Signs:

  • If you were born in Year of the Sheep or Ox, or have these two signs anywhere in your chart or luck pillar, July is considered your clash month. US president Joe Biden’s birth chart is in clash this month. 
  • If you were born in Year of the Dog or have the Dog sign anywhere in your Destiny chart, you are in Earth Penalty this month. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s chart is in Earth Penalty, indicating July can be a difficult month for him on various front. 
  • July is a good month for people whose chart contains Horse, Pig and Rabbit, making it a much more harmonious month comparing to others. 

Take a needed ‘Pause’ in July and dis-engage with the external dialog and triggers can allow some precious space into your life. Breath and go with the creative energy will smooth the ride during this month.

For those of you who deeply believe you come here to create, what a month to cherish! But don’t forget you are here to co-create with the Universe and remember…

“Ideas do not come from you but come through you”


Stay safe and happy dear ones!


With light and illumination


Grace Xo