Feng Shui Your Kitchen

In Feng Shui, the kitchen holds a special place within a home as it represents the wealth, health and the well-being of a family. The way you treat your kitchen is a symbol of how you respect your resources, such as food supplies & money.

Follow below tips to maintain a healthy flow within your kitchen:

1. Respect your food.  Only buy what you need without being wasteful or skimpy. Respect food means respect your valuable resources, in return, it will bring your health and more prosperity. 

2. Stock up your pantry and fridge. A well-stocked pantry represents abundance, but also remember to clean out anything that has passed expiry dates on a regularly basis. This keeps energy renewed and wealth flowing.

3. Make sure all burners of your stove are working effectively. The stove, in particular, is the source of the fire, the ability to transform our food to nourishment and delicious meals. Also try to utilize all your stove's burners. This symbolises that your income can be generated from various sources rather than relying on just one. 

4. Keep your stove clean. This is vital. If your stove and oven are dirty and grimy, they impart negative chi to your food and that brings down your personal energy, prosperity and the chi of your food. 

If you are renovating or designing your kitchen, take below factors into consideration in terms of the placement of the kitchen:

  • Kitchen should not be placed in the centre of the house. This location is likely to affect the occupants’ health, especially the possibility around heart or eye illnesses. 
  • The worst location of the kitchen is the Northwest of the house. This location severely affects the ‘bread-earner’ of the house, creating obstacles or difficulties in generating wealth, the worst, loss of income or bankruptcy. 
  • The placement of a kitchen should be placed towards the back of the house.
  • Kitchen should NOT be the first thing you see when enter the house, specially the stove.
  • Kitchen should NOT be seen from the toilet. 
  • Avoid paint the kitchen or the splashback red. Given kitchen also contains ‘fire’ energy, red can make this fire energy too strong for the occupant. 
  • Stove should NOT be sharing a same wall with the toilet.
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