Feng Shui With Intention
Foundation Course
 Intention goes where energy flows!
In this 10-day course, 
I teach you how to see, sense and harmonize the energy.
I bring you fresh perspective on how to use Feng Shui
to improve your life on a very practical level. 


A new year requires some fresh energy, a brand new mindset and courage to shift some old patterns out and introduce a brand new framework into your life. 

“Feng Shui With Intention Foundation Course” will help you to form a new habit,  a new way of thinking as well as how you view Feng Shui.  

I have specially designed this 10-day online course to guide you step into a new year with purpose and crystal clear intentions via deeper understanding of Feng Shui techniques and principles within your home.

If you have always been interested in Feng Shui yet not sure where to start, this is the course for you!

About this Course


This course will be delivered in an email format for a 10 consecutive days. 
Starting on Saturday 9th March.
Each day, you will receive a bite-sized mini lesson so you can implement it straight away to improve your home’s energy flow. It includes:
  • 10 x emails that inspires you to get into action
  •  5 x bite-sized videos to cheer you on and show case key Feng Shui principles
  • Slide decks, prompts, play sheets, check list and more
  • Opportunities to join a Closed Facebook group community to interact with likeminded people
  • 2 x Facebook Live session where you can access me directly for your burning Feng Shui Questions (date TBC)

You don’t have to worry if you can’t join us on 2nd March as this course is completely self-paced. You can do it at your own pace and pop into the Facebook group when you feel like it. The beauty of joining on 2nd March is that you will be able to ask questions as you go and participate during the discussion.

During this 10-day journey , you will be guided to explore below topics and so much more :

  • The Power of Intention
  • How to Declutter With A Deeper Intention
  • Make Your Entrance A Magnet For Abundance
  • The Magic Of Changing Perspectives
  • Activate Your Wealth Corners (especially when the Wealth is locked in 2019, I will share some secrets and tips)
  • Rewire Your Brain to Unlock the Flow Of Abundance
  • Calling Back Your Power Ritual & Ceremonies
  • Cosmic Trinity & Your Destiny
This course is also designed
 to change your thinking patterns, behavious and mindsets as well as cultivate the deeper connection with the energy flow with your home. 

This course is practical, mindful, structured, easy to follow and lots of fun. There will be videos, play sheets, LIVE workshops as well as the Facebook Closed Group so you can meet like-minded people.

You will also have direct access of me on Facebook to answer all of your Feng Shui questions during this time. So if you have had some Feng Shui dilemmas within your home, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

What happens when you raise the vibration 
of your home

Once you clear and transmute the stagnant energy within your home and create a sacred and serene environment, your home will be able to best support you to achieve below :

  • You are able to raise your own vibrations, you simply feel lighter
  • You feel nurtured, relaxed and supported within your home space
  • Your home helps you feel more grounded
  • You gain more clarity exactly which aspect in life you should focus on first
  • People, events and circumstances continue to be brought forth to help you realise your dreams
  • You will feel you are in the flow
  • Abundance starts to show
About Your Teacher 

Grace Niu is a Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, gifted Intuitive Destiny Coach, Speaker and Business mentor, who created the heart-centred business Feng Shui Serenity after following her own intuition away from a successful 15-year career in media to explore her life purpose.

She works with people around the world helping them connect with the infinite source of the Heaven and Earth energy flows, so they can feel empowered to find magic within and create their own destiny.

The tools she uses include Feng Shui Alignment, Destiny Profiling and Intuitive Coaching  as well as her innate talent to help people retrieve their soul fragments, so the memories and visions of guidance can be activated and returned in order to fulfil their soul purpose on Earth for this lifetime.

She is a professional member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC) and is actively involved in the AFSC committee in Australia. She applies Chinese metaphysics and learns only from the world-renowned experts and masters.

She regularly holds workshops in Sydney. She is a seeker for truth and believes that to change the world, you must change yourself.

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