Feng Shui of Staircase Location and Design

In Feng Shui, the location of the Staircase is important within a home. A properly designed staircase can help the energy to flow up and down freely and effectively. On the contrary, if the staircase is located in the wrong spot or has a poor design, it not only can inhibit the proper flow of energy throughout the home, it can create problems or issues to harm the occupants.

How do your stairs stack up? Here are a few Feng Shui tips for staircase location and design.


A staircase should not be directly facing the front entrance. 

The front entrance is considered the 'mouth of the Qi' in Feng Shui, this is where it invites the auspicious energy into a home.  

When a staircase is facing the main entrance or the front door directly, the energy tends to rush up quickly and disperses to either the lower, or the higher floor before it can settle, thus leaving the main entry, as well as the entire home without good energy nourishment. This  can cause loss of opportunities and difficulties for the occupants in life. 

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Staircases should not be located in the Center of the house. 

In Feng Shui, Centre is considered the heart of a home. Therefore, it is best to leave it open and allow the energy free flow so it can transmute the auspicious life force to other parts of the house.  

Location of the staircase on the side of the home is a much better than choice.

When a staircase is placed at the Centre of a home, there can be a loss of wealth or lack of harmony within the family.  It can also cause  health issues for the occupants, such as heart problems or eye related issues. 



As for the best design of a staircase, it is always recommended to have a staircase that expresses, visually and energetically, a sense of stability. The more grounded and stable energy your staircase design expresses, the least negative feng shui impact it has.

Stairs should be completed with no open risers. 

Stairs with open risers (like below example) tend to lose the flow of energy and Qi. This design does not help the energy to gather therefore nourish the residents of the second floor. As a result, they feel less supported and energized. 

Feng Shui Serenity tip - staircase

 The shape of the staircase matters.

The Spiral-shaped staircases are the most challenging shape of all, as it resembling corkscrews boring into a house. They become even worse if they are placed in the Centre of the house or by the front door.  This type of staircases tend to create various health issues for the residents depending on what sector it falls into. 

A much better choice is the gentle curved shape staircase. It helps to promote the energy rising up to the higher level of the house. 

Feng Shui Curved staircase Feng Shui Serenity

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