Feng shui for buyers and renters
An Essential Tool When Selecting a Property

When it comes to choosing a property, regardless of whether you are buying, investing or renting, it is a huge decision that can affect your life enormously.

And you’ll want to get it right from the start.

There’s no use going hunting for a property and hoping you can “fix it” or “cure it” after you’ve moved in. That will only result in heartache and a dent in your bank balance.

Further, there is not much you can do if it is located on a busy street or a T-intersection. What if the neighbouring property poses a serious affliction that impacts on your health and wellbeing?

For smaller properties such as apartments, the scope for change or major renovation is limited. And when renting, your opportunities to make big changes are minimal.

This is why the best time to invest in a Feng Shui assessment is BEFORE you choose a property, not after.