Heal Your Money Blocks


Do you feel there are some invisible blockages that are stopping you from achieving your highest potential?
Do you feel no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to break the ‘glass ceiling’ and earn more?
Are you sick of struggling to make ends meet and utterly ready to break this pattern in 2019?
Are you ready to elevate your current financial situation like never before?
Are you fully ready to let go of all reasons why you should not receive the abundance that is truly yours?
Then this workshop is for you!

About this Workshop


This workshop will go beyond the normal Vision Boards, affirmations and manifesting tools and reveal the key secret to creating a profound shift in your life circumstances — to alter the state of your energetic frequency.
I will teach you practical tools you can use to clear your current negative responses towards money and raise the frequency of your energy field quickly, in order to transform your reality and experience a profound shift.
On this journey, we will go through a series of powerful exercises that will help you achieve inner transformation and healing. You will also be guided to identify and clear your own Money Blocks – the very origin of the imprint. Once you do, you will be right on the path to create the wealthy life you deserve.

During this 3.5-hour workshop, you will be guided to:

  • understand why money is just energy and how you can release all judgments and emotions around it
  • gain clarity on why changing your energy field is the key to shifting out of your old stories with money
  • learning about the vibrational frequency scales and how they imprint on our consciousness
  • have a guided experience to discover and recognise your own ‘money blocks’
  • understand why many ‘money blocks’ you subconsciously harbour can trace back to your childhood
  • a healing session on how you can clear the negative energy charge once and for all
  • how you can connect with the ‘Heaven’ & ‘Earth’ energy to raise the frequency of your energy field in order to transmute the money blocks into a new paradigm.

I will be using my gifts and experience to guide you through working at a subconscious level to shift out of your current energetic default state and heal the money blocks you have been unconsciously experiencing throughout your life. I will guide you to let go of the reasons why you hold back from receiving what is yours.

During this workshop, you will be able to pinpoint the first experiences, events and people that gave rise to your most dominant emotion towards money and wealth so you can heal those damaging money blocks that may be costing you millions of dollars over your lifetime.

You will not only feel lightness and fulfilment by the end of the workshop, you will have a technique that can also be used anywhere at any time once you learn it: you will be able to quickly attract more money and abundance in your life.

I have used this technique for many of my one-on-one clients and effectively shifted their beliefs and life-long patterns around money. If you hold any of the below beliefs around money, then a clearing and healing is needed.

You need to come to this Workshop if you hold any of these beliefs or have had such experiences:

  • Working to the ground is the only way to be successful and earn money
  • When I spend money I cringe a little inside
  • Rich people lack morals
  • To be spiritual, I must be poor
  • Going through a pattern of earning money but soon losing it
  • Money is hard to come by: being thrifty is the only way to build wealth
  • You have to compete or fight for the money you earn.

During this workshop, I will teach you that affluence, boundlessness and abundance is our natural state — we just need to restore the memory of that. I will show you the secret of our collective abundance code and how to access it with ease.

What happens when you eliminate
your money blocks

Once you clear and transmute those money blocks, your newly shifted consciousness will allow you to become a magnet to attract money and wealth effortlessly. The experiences below are likely to happen quite quickly if you are committed to practising the tools you will learn during the workshop:

  • Experience a new found lightness and calm about money and wealth
  • Feel a rush of new inspiration, ideas and solutions for creating your wealth
  • Dream job opportunities being presented to you without you chasing them
  • Things manifest into physical form as soon as you start to think about it
  • People, events and circumstances continue to be brought forth to help you realise your dreams
  • You no longer work yourself into the ground, you simply receive with ease
  • Serendipities, synchronicities and beneficial coincidences start to happen, not only in your work life but permeating into your personal relationships.

If you are feeling a tinge of nervousness or perhaps a sense of resistance in your stomach while reading this, know that that is normal. You are dealing with the ‘future you’, which might just scare you a little.  Ask yourself: “Is there a small part of me feeling comfortable about where I am now?” “Am I denying myself the opportunity of feeling abundant, and even rich, from this point onward?” Please know that you are not the only one thinking this way; I have been there too.

This is a workshop that not only delves into your past attitude towards money, identify the origins of your most limiting emotional blocks, it is also a powerful Healing and Activation Session. It is a unique group experience where I use my gifts to help you raise the frequency of the vibration of your energy field, to enhance your attracting of abundance for the New Year. It is magical when this energy is amplified by a group of like-minded people!

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