Energy Forecast For The Rest of 2020

Energy Forecast Rest of 2020

Throughout world history, the Yang Metal Years are infamous for catastrophic events and unrest and they are clearly recorded as below:

1840 – Treaty of Nanking signed (1842), ending the First Opium (or First Anglo-Chinese) War. 

1900 – The Eight-Nation Alliance invaded China. The protest ultimately led to the end of the last imperial dynasty, the Qing.

Also in 1900 was an Indian Famine that killed 9 million people, and mass strikes broke out in Europe and South Africa.

1960 – The Great Chinese Famine, which lasted 3 years. 17 countries declared independence in Africa. The Vietnam war started. The Great Chilean Earthquake: the most powerful earthquake ever recorded.

2020 – Coronavirus… and let’s hope that is all.

To say the first half of 2020 has been intense, unpredictable and game-changing probably is an understatement. Many people’s lives have been changed forever. 

Right now, we are riding a big wave, like what I described in The Era of Searching & Rising Above (2019 – 2023), written last year. Each of us is doing our own part and finding our own pieces of the puzzle. 

As time cycles on and things continue to unfold for the rest of 2020, I want you to be prepared, so you can become a “strong swimmer “ in this unpredictable current.

So here it is — I have looked into the next six months’ energy, so you can have a few signposts during these highly unpredictable times. 


July (6th July – 6th August)

Throughout much of July, we are still in the most unstable part of 2020. Melbourne (due to its location) has taken the most unfortunate hit in Australia and won’t see any improvement until early to mid August. Consumer sentiment reaches a new low. Electronic goods and anything to do with technology can become haywire for an unknown reason. Make sure you protect important files and information and have a backup: be safe rather than sorry. This will last until 7th August.

Money is scarce and many businesses will feel the pinch. Innovation and creativity is the key in order to stay on top. I wrote about this at the beginning of this year: 2020 Energetic Key themes. Please check this out if you have not already read it.

August (7th August – 6th September)

From 7th August, the energy will change into the Yang Wood Monkey month. Many countries start to focus on economic recovery post-Covid-19. 

Due to the strong Water energy, we may see more water-related natural disasters such as floods and landslides happening around the world. China and South-east Asian countries are those most at risk.

There will be new alliances and agreements established: some between countries and others involving major industries. Trade wars between China and the US will ramp up again, with new conflicts likely to resurface. The airline industry will be in the headlines again with breaking news. Minimize air travel where you can.

There will be some positive-sounding illusions about the global economy, yet it is at the most vulnerable phase. Investors need to be cautious about making any significant moves.

There are two dates in 2020 we especially need to be aware of: the 19th & 30th August. Avoid carrying out any unnecessary travel and stay home and keep a low profile.

September (7th September – 7th October)

Despite the novel coronavirus still running amok in the background, many governments start to regain control over the situation and things seem more stable as we reach the September month of Yin Wood Metal. Thanks to the refined Yin Metal element, we start to receive more clarity over our current situation, either broadly or on individual level. There will be greater learning and some breakthroughs on managing the virus at large.

New findings and innovations on medicine and technological fields will emerge. Alternative communication channels will be born, or improved, from the new normal. This is a month when we are also likely to appreciate and focus more on beauty, art, music and fashion.

October (8th October – 6th November)

October is a Yang Fire Dog month, bringing more joy and optimism into our lives. The energy starts to feel lighter.  The economy starts to recover and businesses will see more money and wealth, especially industry pioneers who are not afraid to break the mould.

The strong earth element can trigger many changes, rippling through various industries and countries to create new structures. How we see the world and ourselves will change.

People who are grounded during the first half of 2020 will rise and shine, to lead the way with new multidimensional awareness and connection.

This month will end on an unpredictable note: anything can happen, leading us to another wave of turbulence. Signs of instability start to emerge.

November (7th November – 6th December)

The Yin Fire Pig month will spark a new level of consciousness and transformation in the world and in your personal life. The underlying conflict or threat that was initially showing in October will become more apparent. This can be another breakout of the virus, or tremors.

Power will be the theme for this month, hot on the heels of the US presidential election. Political power games will dominate the world stage beyond the USA.

December (7th December – 5th January 2021)

The Yang Earth Rat month of December duplicates the yearly energy, indicating ‘repeated disasters’ for 2020. This is a month to watch carefully. Major calamities can happen in the blink of an eye. Do not travel unnecessarily and try to stay home and keep safe as a priority. Catastrophes are more likely, resulting in significant death tolls.

This could see a new wave of Covid-19, but it could also bring a major natural disaster that results food shortages or even famine for numerous countries.

During this period until February, the world economy will reach its breaking point. The world will be going through a long, slow recovery period through to 2024. The three most important things that would help us to ride this wave during these revolutionary times are:

    1. Learn to live with the unknown;
    2. Grow or re-birth yourself during this changing time by making grounded changes in your life; and
    3. Learn to speak the language of the energy and move with the light.

We are moving into a future where you will (be forced to) see that your greatest strength will come from aligning within and also allying with those who are able to amplify your talent, crafts and light in order to grow your human self. Expansion will become a must instead of a choice. 


With light and illumination

Grace Xo

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