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Feng Shui Bedroom

In Feng Shui, the two most important areas we assess are the entry and the bedrooms of a home. Within a bedroom, the first thing we look at is the your bed placement, in particular, where the bedhead is located. 

A well arranged bedroom should create the optimal environment and energy flow for your body to relax and restore itself. Some of our most important internal organs restore their energy and essence throughout the night, such as liver regenerates between 11pm-3am while your lungs restore themselves from 3am-7am.  To promote these restorative processes, the energy within the bedroom should be kept mostly a restful and Yin.   In this article, we will solely focus on the placement of the bed.

1. First of all, your bed should have a solid bedhead and it is best to have it against a solid wall, as this promotes a restful sleep as well as strong support and protection in life.  This wall ideally should not be broken up by windows, wardrobes or ensuite.

Below example looks beautiful however not ideal, as the wall is being broken up by the two windows. 

2. Check on the other side of the wall and make sure there is no power points or electronic goods connected around the areas.

3. Your bed should be in a Commanding Position in relation to the room. This means you should have a fairly good view of the entire room while resting your head on the pillow, including the entry to the bedroom. Below picture shows a good example. This usually is the position that is furthest from the bedroom door. 

4. Avoid having your bed positioned on the same wall where the door is as this can lead to unexpected surprises in your life. It can also indicate missed opportunities. It is not considered a ‘commanding position’.

5. When you are lying down, ideally your feet should not be pointing directly to the door. The reason is being the rush of Qi can be disturbing and you are likely to feel unsettled and have broken sleeps.

6. Avoid angle your bed in a corner. The sharp corner creates a negative Qi flow which in turn affect your health and other major aspects in life in long term.

7. You shouldn’t be sleeping under a beam, sloped ceiling or have a ceiling fan positioned directly over your bed such as picture shown below. You may develop ailments such as headaches body aches and pains. When there is a beam running over the centre of a marital bed, the couple will very likely have issues in their marriage or living a very seperate lives. 

5 thoughts on “Bed Placement Feng Shui

    1. Sharon

      Our bedroom is so small that I am flouting almost everything – ceiling fan above us, bed next to door and head against the wall which is directly against the toilet on the other side! 🙁

      For people like us with space constraints, is there anything that we should have in the room to make things better? No matter where we rotate the bed position, we are bound to make a “mistake”. Help?

      1. Grace Niu Post author

        I understand Sharon. Make sure the wall your bedhead against is solid. Close the door while you sleep if possible. Ceiling fans can affect people differently, if you notice any issues with stomach and abdominal or fertility issue, it is more likely caused by the ceiling fan.

        If you need further more specific help, feel free to reach out.

  1. Amanda

    Hi, Grace

    I would love some advice on how to best position my bed. My bedroom layout is very unique. The bedroom is one long rectangle, but due to some indented walls and odd window placements, there aren’t too many flat walls to lean my bed against.

    There is the one spot that is directly in front of two small windows in the center of the room that faces out (this would be the most ideal placement, but the windows are directly in the center of this section, and my bed doesn’t fit on either side of the windows due to the indented walls). Not only would this be right in front of two windows, but under the ceiling fan and my feet face right at the entrance to the bedroom door.

    The next location is where my bed is now, but that is less than ideal, because I’m tucked into a corner (blocking a portion of a window)–making it hard to really make my bed, let alone having the airflow under my bed.

    The third spot is in the opposite corner. I could position it one of two ways. The first would be having it sit away from the wall a few inches to be able to use the outlets for lighting next to my bed/alarm clock on the end tables, since they sit up high on the wall, rather than closer to the floor.

    Or, I could turn the bed and put it against a flat wall that is next to that spot, but it is on the same wall as the entrance to my room, I don’t see the whole room well, and the wall is broken up by the closet door right near my bed, a small patch of wall, then the entrance door to my room.

    (I’m not even going to suggest the other corners, because the window/wall space doesn’t allow it and the other is literally where the television cable/internet/etc has to go.)

    Any and all help would be beneficial. I’m definitely looking forward to rearranging my room, but I didn’t know where I could position my bed that messes with my energetic flow the least?

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