August / September Energy Forecast 2018

August Energy Forecast Feng Shui Serenity

Loosening The Grip


Letting Go

August & September signifies the midpoint of the year in Chinese calendar and marks an important milestone energetically. After months of strong and intense Earth and Fire energy, we are so ready for a change of pace, we are moving into the Yin phase of the year. Thing will start to calm down a little and it is time to let go, refine and integrate. 

For many of us, things have been continuously brought up in front of us since the start of the year, to the point that we can hardly breath!  The shock, the exhilaration, the revelation, the swift changing of the landscapes, what a wild ride so far! For some of you, you probably feel that you are being scorched by this intensity and literally can hear the sound of your own body being cracked open. Well, August and September will bring the needed relief. 

The next two months (August & September) will be dominated by the cool-and-collected Metal energy. It is time to reflect and catch up on what have been happening in your life so far and be focused to integrate the lessons and experiences.  

The Yang Metal is often being described as a sword, they are strong, forceful and have the power of precision. This energy is able to cut through any entangled situation or confusion in order to bring forth the visibility and clarity you desperately need.


This energy is the embodiment of speed and it can also bring you the endurance and stamina during this month to support you anything that you need to deal with. Under the influence of this energy, you can swiftly go into action and keep at it until success because Yang Metal is great at taking charge during time of need and chaos.

Metal is all about connection, inspirational quality and purity.  
Metal represents the transformation of raw material into pure essence.


This month’s energy will stir at the deepest level within you, bringing out a lot of emotions you have been harbouring for quite a while. Don’t shy away from it. You are being asked to dispense with your reliance on the past, to release and let go.

Be comfortable to step into the ‘Emotional Leadership’ position. You will notice you and your language of emotion will be more understood, wanted and needed at this time, as more and more people are trying to find balance and understanding about their own emerging sensitivity.

August will be a month with open communications and heart-opening connections with others.

Four Pillars of Destiny Chart Prediction


Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness and ride the wave, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to managing any challenging issues. Take advice from the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to prevent any major collision.

If your Self Element is Yin Wood or Yang Earth, the Monkey is your Nobleman Star.  When the Nobleman star is bestowed on you, you are blessed. No matter how tough the situation is, you will be upheld and protected.

If you have a Tiger 寅 anywhere in your Four Pillars of Destiny chart, this is a clash month for you. If it is located in your Day pillar, it is most sever. It will affect your house, your job, your money, your relationship, your health, etc. Carry a jade pendant of Snake in your keychain or inside your purse.

The Monkey 申 is also considered one of the Travelling Horse star, so if you have a Tiger, Horse or Dog in your chart, you are likely to be traveling, going places or having changes in life.

The forecasts below are based on your Essence at Birth or Self-element. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE. This prediction effectively only counts as 1/8 of your monthly luck (given it is only based on your Day Master). Book a Destiny Profiling session HERE for a full reading.

You can now also order a Day Pillar Report HERE. Your Day Pillar accompanies you throughout your whole life and it provides the upmost important in understanding your Essence at Birth. Order it now for only $35.

The August’s strong Metal energy will bring discipline to the Wood people. Like the scissors pruning the leaves of a plant, it will help you discard anything that you no longer need for your growth. This energy will also bring you power and status. If that promotion is what you feel you deserve, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

If your Essence at Birth is Wood and a female, the chance of meeting your ‘dream man’ is high. And he is likely to be from afar and travel to meet you. So make sure you are at the right place at the right time.


The message of this month for the Fire people is very simple – money, money, money. Depends on whether the Metal energy has favourable influence towards your personal chart or not, this could have very different implications, but it is all about money. If Metal is favourable for you, it will bring you financial abundance and money-making opportunities. On the contrary, you might be feeling the financial pressure or expect sudden expense during this time.

If you are a man, this could also means women (yes, more than one)  in your life. 


August is a great month to let all the revelations settle so you know what it all means. If there has been any confusions in any aspects in your life, this month will bring you the clarity. You will know what you cherish and what you can leave behind. You will be shown.

You will also be gifted with crystal clear communication to the people around you and it will feel effortless for you to step into the ‘emotional leadership position.

You could also be discovering the best communication channel for you business as well, regardless it is through social media, a book or broadcasting media. It should be the right channel for you to best express your talent, to get your ideas across in the most authentic way.  Stay focused in your own game and don’t get distracted by what is going on around you.

This month could also bring you someone who is instrumental in your future success – the noblemen.


Your ‘cocooning time’ is over. During August, everyone will want a piece of you! Expect extra busy times, work, social, family and friends, you name it. The exciting part is you will feel rejuvenated from the deep connections with like-minded souls.

During this time, do not forget to stay in-tuned with your deepest desires and what truly moves you. As you give yourself permission to feel and receive them, a powerful sequence is set in motion. From the depth of the universe, your desire hurtles its way toward you as the perfect manifestation.

This month, learn to say one word “NO”. And it is a complete sentence.


The strong Metal energy will provide you with needed strength and clarity to move forward with your ideas or projects. This energy will make you feel contained rather than over-flowing and confused. During the month of August, you will know what is the next step, regardless, it is for your business or private relationship, you will know what to do. The decision that comes to you will be swift and don’t be surprised if it asks for a change of direction.

You can also order a Destiny Profiling Report HERE to gain your unique blueprint of your destiny.
Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast**


**Everything in the universe is an ever-changing affair, including the qualities of the energy surrounding the space we live in. Flying Star Feng Shui is the only school that takes into consideration the influence of time. Therefore it is one of the most complex, accurate and powerful forms of Feng Shui. Flying stars are so called because they fly with the movement of the days, months and years. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the movement of the energy.

To simplify an otherwise very complicated practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, in each monthly prediction I will point out where the benevolent energy is located and where there is negative energy that needs to be managed. It is essential to first know the inherent natal chart of your home, as this determines the nature of the annual flying stars as well as the monthly stars. Your homes natal chart can only be provided by a qualified Feng Shui consultant. Blindly applying any enhancements or remedies suggested in this post could well have an adverse effect.



The auspicious Wealth star visits the Centre of every home. If your home’s energy is balanced then you will see a great shift this month. For all my clients who have just done the ‘Feng Shui Alignment’, it’s a perfect time to receive the rewards.

NW sector can be activated this month by a Water fountain if the Natal energy in this sector of your home contains good energy. If you don’t know, better to leave it as it could have adversed effect. This month will be particularly auspicious for the ‘man of the house’. 



This month, be aware of the NE sector as the Sickness star resides in this part of the home. You need to place a Salt-water cure or a metal Calabash or a 6-metal-coins. 

Another sector you need to minimize your time is the SW sector as the challenging star 5 will shift into this sector. Have you got your 5-element-pagoda in place? If not, reach out, I can help you with this remedy.

My dinner table is located in this sector and I use it as my work desk a lot usually. So this month, maybe more mobile cafe-working-time for me LOL

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