Let’s Talk About Dragon – April Monthly Energy

Dragon month Feng Shui Serenity

APRIL MONTHLY ENERGY (from 4th April – 4th May)

1. Dragon is one of the most well-known celestial animals in Chinese Astrology. However, you may not be fully aware that it is not always auspicious. ⁠

In Four Pillars of Destiny chart, if you have two dragons anywhere in your chart, it can create some challenges and we call this formation ‘Self penalty’. It means what it means. You tend to punish yourself or tend to create a predicament for yourself. There is a tendency within your chart to self-sabotage and create more harm than the situation itself. Being aware of it is a huge step towards healing itself. ⁠

In April, take extra care and be extra loving and gentle to yourself if you have a dragon in your Destiny chart. ⁠

2. Dragon is also considered a ‘spiritual gate keeper’, together with its counter part ‘the Dog’. Dragon also clashes with the Dog. Therefore, when these two animals come together, it is believed that the gates of the ‘heaven and earth’ will open. ⁠

In April, the energy will create many openings for all of us so we can access many ‘gifts and guidance’ where normally are out of reach. ⁠

Make more still time particularly during the hour between 7-9pm any day during the month of April (it ends on 4th May), you are likely to download some pretty amazing information from the ‘higher realms’. ⁠

3. If your ‘Essence At Birth’ is Earth, this month can bring you many opportunities to create abundance and wealth. You will notice it is easier for your to save and money seems coming in much more easily. ⁠On the other hand, if the Water element is not supportive for your personal chart, what can manifest is what we call in Chinese “見財化水” – Watching the wealth turns into water.

If your chart contains a lot of Water elements and is lack of Earth or Metal, the feeling of fear can rear its ugly head particularly in the month of April and you might feel extremely heavy. Learn how to manage fear during this special time HERE.

4. On Coronavirus front, April signifies that we may have left the the worst part behind. Indeed, March was a horrific month on both Bazi (clash month) and Feng Shui (double flying star of 5).⁠

Dragon carries the element of the wind, so April can still be a battle field in terms of the spread and transmission. We may also see more countries joining the list as the result of this. ⁠

As we move deeper into the Summer season from May onwards, the Fire energy will become stronger and peak in June. This is the time where we finally see Coronavirus is contained and we maybe able to have breath a sigh of relief. 🔥⁠

The Year of 2020 – Yang Metal Rat, according to the ancient text, is the Year of Plague and it happens every 60 years. So most of us will only experience this once in a life time (thank god for that).  However in 2020, the disaster is likely to repeat in the month of December (can you see this in the year itself? 20  20).

From the Feng Shui Flying Star chart perspective, in 2020, pay extra attention towards the East and South sector of your home. If you have had some sickness, difficulties or money issues in March, it is likely to happen again during the month of December. Reach out if you need any professional advice for your home HERE.


With light and illumination

Grace Xo

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