The World Needs Your Light
You are living in the time of the consciousness evolution, an intense changing time. This is the time you need to figure out the piece of puzzle you need in life and owning your core.
My work here simply is to help you alchemizing your light
so you can embrace your creational energy and essence.
Because, you are here to be the vessel of change.
If you feel the restlessness within you,
If you feel the intensity and ready to transform your energetic potential
I am here to help you find the clarity in your unique energy blueprint and frequency.
This is the time to gather your strength to calibrate your light in a grounded way.

I offer

below Alchemy 1:1 coaching packages:

Activate Your Authentic Power


If you are feeling lost at sea, if you are feeling powerless and exhausted to change your present circumstances, this package will help you begin to understand that you can never be lost, because you are not the struggling swimmer but the ocean itself.

I help you to redirect the intensity of the life force within you so you can re-claim your authentic power and see the vastness of yourself. Together, we crystallise your dreams, we set boundaries, we remove those ‘suppressive agents’ that are weighing you down so you manifesting the future you were born with.



You have the power to transform your life even right at this moment, you feel very much stuck. The shifts often begin by telling the truth or have the courage to face your worst fears.

If you want to feel the aliveness and discover the power and joy of being more fully yourself, this is the package for you.

I guide you to reinvent yourself, I teach you how your very destiny is linked to your expression, intuition and emotions so you can ignite the higher energy to uncover your greatest desires and dreams.

Activate Your Abundance


Through an intention-setting and practical tools, I gently walk you into the concept of the true abundance—where the connection between you, others, and the source of creation can be truly understood.
I teach you that affluence, unboundedness and abundance is our natural state, we just need to restore the memory of what we already know.
I show you the secret of our collective abundance code and how to access it with ease.
I guide you to let go of the reasons why you hold back from receiving what is yours.

Business Essence & Brand Alchemy


No two brands are the same. This package’s content is intuitively designed to tailor-made to your needs.
It not only encompass all things marketing and branding on a practical and grounded level, we also dive deeper to align your vision and find the authentic voice on an energetic level.
Through matching your personal cosmic blueprint with your business energetic pulse, we distill the key Brand Essences that will bring your vision into physical form.
You will have completed Brand Book for your business at the end of the sessions to guide you for years to come.

Alchemy 1:1

is a 5-week transformational journey
designed to dig deep into the essence of your cosmic blueprint in order to access and unlock your unique creative expression and bring them into physical form. 
In order to reclaim your power,
you first need to reclaim your own trust
your own will,
own desires,
own impulses,
and you own sense of mission.


I offer support, insights and guidance as you follow your healing and self-discovery journey, reconnecting to your body, intuition, soul essence and your inner wisdom.

I help you peel back those layers that you no longer need to carry so you can drop deeper into your heart and confidently step into your new identity.

Nobody on this planet, will ever understand your passion or your mission like you do.
For it is the sacred contract between you and your soul.
It is your relationship to your mission, where that you are held safely in your spiritual centre.
I look forward to go in deeper with that mission of yours.

With love & peace
Grace xo

Alchemy 1:1 Coaching Incudes:

This Questionnaire will explore the key areas you’d like to focus on and provide guidance to dive help you get clarity on what you want to experience in our coaching. You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will form the basis of our work together.

We will come together for a powerful intention setting session to review your response & intentions and map out our key areas of focus for the months ahead.

Every week, you and I will come together for our 1:1 alchemy sessions. We will meet for 5 x 60 minute transformative sessions to dive deep and create powerful shifts.

Each week, we will have a theme or a key issue to dismantle, release and no issue is too small or too big to discuss.

Depends on the key topic & weekly theme, there will be notes, worksheets and journal prompts provided so you know exactly what to do. It is structured and easy to follow.

This will provide you with guidance and comfort after the session.

Use your follow up session within 3 months of finishing the program to check back in and receive support.

You will have email access to me where you can get ask questions and get support on anything you encounter between sessions.

Your Investment:
3 x Monthly Payments of US$444
Or one full payment of US$1200
The door
of your heart can open as wide for you as you allow yourself to let it be.
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