2020 Year of The Rat Key Energy Themes

The Year of the Rat starts on 25th January 2020 and is symbolised by the two elements – Yang Metal 庚 sitting on top of the Yang Water Rat 子. Haven’t we felt this energy in full swing already? The cornonavirus is the first warning this little rat is sending out to us that if there is no change in those areas that aren’t aligned, the consequences will go up a notch and we will have to bear the consequences. 


2020 Year of The Rat Key Energy Themes 
  • Yang Metal 庚 is usually symbolised by a sword or an axe and is an embodiment of action. It is also impervious to changes and hold strong ground. Therefore, 2020 sees ‘endings‘, ‘conclusions‘ and ‘closure‘ for many people after a long and hard challenge or dispute. The quality within the energy will serve as a sword that cuts anything that is entangled in order to reach a conclusion. This is the year to conclude and get things settled. Bold actions at times is required in order to start afresh. The Yang Metal asks us to ‘cut loose’ anything that is no longer required in life and this might need you to be brutally honest with yourself.
  • In 2020, there will be opportunities for wealth and money, yet this wealth can be hard to obtain unless you have an eye for innovation,  creativity and the skill of precision. It requires considerable amount of effort to forge and shape. But once it’s done, it’s of extreme value and price.
  • 2020’s energy can also be demanding in terms of what you produce, what you express. It looks for innovations, inspirations and anything that is of the beaten track. It pushes you to think outside the square and reinvent yourself or break out any old mould. So if you think you can go through 2020 doing what you have always been doing, you might find it hard to move through 2020’s energy flow and achieve new height. Your success will fully be depended on how much you are willing to see things from another perspective and your ability to shape-shifting with the current collective energy.
  • The animal Rat is considered Romance flower or Peach Blossom star in Chinese Astrology, therefore is sensitive and sentimental. At the same time, there is also an element of unpredictability within this energy. 2020 will see enhanced theme around beauty, attraction as well as desire for romance. At the same time, there will also be sex scandals or concealed love affairs come to light or go public.
  • In 2020, we will also see many social advocates and key influencers exercise their power to express their strong desires for fairness and justice on various front in the world and create a certain movement and changes. This can bring a tendency of conflicts and fights that is accompanied with the Yang Metal energy – fierce and resolute.  This can also indicate that any protests, riots a demonstrations can be more cold-hearted, aggressive with less compassion due to the harsh Yang Metal element.
  • On health front, during the Year of the Rat, pay attention to the breathing organs such as lungs, nose and the skin as well as kidney, urinary system and reproductive organs. The excessive amount of the Water energy in 2020 can also indicate mental illnesses, depression as well as nervous system, blood circulation and issues with the heart. Therefore, it is important to listen what our heart is saying and seek joy and contentment in each moment in life.

2020 in general can act like an energy Tsunami, that carries great force pushing you to a higher land. It is beyond the doubt that certain part of us will be left behind, one way or another. And it is only with this new-found lightness, we can arrive at the new paradigm.


Sending so much love

Grace Xo

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