Monthly Energy Forecast – May 2018

Changing Identities 


Enlightened Vision
Joyful Creation

The Yin Fire Snake month 丁巳 starts from 14th May till 12th June based on the Lunar Chinese Calendar, while based on the Solar Chinese Calendar, it started on the 5th May. 

The month of May contains strong Fire energy. It also marks the end of the Wood season and start of the Fire season for the next 3 months.

If the Fire energy is beneficial for you based on your Destiny chart, you are in for a joyful ride. Whatever the Fire element represents for you in your life (ie. Power, Careers, Resources, Money or Health), you will notice a significant boost in that area within the next 3 months. 

The Yin Fire is an element of change and enlightenment. Like a candle, this is the element that shines in the dark and brings brightness and warmth to its surroundings. It has the courage to self sacrifice, to captivate and to stay with you in your darkest moment.

Under the influence of the Yin Fire, we are invited to evolve and transform to our new identities. The Fire element is the only element that can change the form of the other 4 elements: it evaporates the Water, burns the Wood, melts the Metal and scorches the Earth. 

This is the time where each one of us will discover we are no longer our older selves anymore, even the subtle change have already begun at the start of the year. In May, you will notice a remarkable shift. You maybe releasing those old stories, breaking those old patterns and feeling more confident stepping into your new identities. We are expanding and embracing our future selves. This is because the Fire element also represents the Future.

Take it all in your stride and do not resist the energy of change, whether it is initiated by you or is  enforced upon you. The areas of changes can include your possessions, your home, your relationships, your projects, your money, your physical health, your tangible investments and anything physical that you own and use to live your life on earth.

The emotion that relates to the Fire element is Joy. In May, cultivate your creation of joy in life is important during this process of upgrading to your new identities.

Are you having enough present moment time with yourself? Are you giving yourself enough credit for what you have achieved in the last 4 months? If you aren’t cultivating joy, presence and space for yourself, you aren’t going to allow this transition to happen effortlessly.

The Fire element is related to the heart, spirit and higher realms.  So this month is a great time to connect with your intuition and start manifesting your dreams and visions.

The more you open your third eye, your heart, the truth and your soul, the more you start to see evidence of that all around you. There is a thread of connection that we are all in, it is one web that we live in as far as energy is concerned.

You will start to notice how Universe will orchestra those coincides, serendipities and snychronities in your life when you allow to keep your heart open. It is a good time to see that you can direct the way things are going to go. Recognizing that you are the CREATOR of your own destiny.

Enjoy this month’s energy, it is going to be magical!

Four Pillars of Destiny Chart Prediction


Each month, I outline the energy dynamic so you can be aware of it and therefore feel empowered. The aim of this is to heighten your awareness and ride the wave, especially at difficult times. At the same time, actively seeking solutions to minimise the conflicting energy is the best strategy to managing any challenging issues. Take advice from the below predictions or seek out a 1-on-1 Destiny Profiling session to prevent any major collision.

If your Self Element is Yang Water 壬 or Yin Water 癸, the Snake is your Nobleman Star.  When the Nobleman star is bestowed on you, you are blessed. No matter how tough the situation is, you will be upheld and protected.

For those born in the Year or Day of the Pig , Rabbit , or Sheep , March is considered a ‘Peach Blossom’ month.  When this star is shining over you, it generally means you are more charismatic and people are likely to fall under your spells. This is a wonderful time to meet like-minded people or pursue romantic prospects. If you are in business, it’s also an excellent time to expand your network and raise your social profile.

The forecasts below are based on your Essence at Birth or Self-element. If you don’t know what your self-element is, get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE. This prediction effectively only counts as 1/8 of your monthly luck (given it is only based on your Day Master). Book a Destiny Profiling session HERE for a full reading.

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People with their Day Pillar as Yin Fire Snake 丁巳 is often socially endowed with the ability to sense and adjust. Their greatest asset is their ability to blend into your environment and make you feel at ease. This Day Pillar make a superb teacher or a coach. They are great at finding qualities that you cannot see yourself. Bringing the unseen into the light, discovering other people hidden talent and look beyond what the naked eye can comprehend. I call them the “Guiding Star.”


Pay attention to those individuals who cross your path in May. Some of them may cause you to reflect on your journey and create some impact towards your personal growth, some can bring your career recognition. Perhaps you may meet a soul mate whose presence invites you to be the best version of you. Whatever it might be, May will bring a magical shift you have been looking for.


Focus on cultivating JOY this month will help you to move through this intense period. The more you are able to recognise joy in life, the more you will be present. Joy is the opposite side of struggle. If struggle has been your experience for a while, learn to appreciate small things in daily life will completely shift this energy for you. Raise your awareness of what joy is in your life and learn how to hold it and how to return to it.

You are a master of manifestation. The more you are grounded with the Earth energy, the quicker you will discover your super power to connect with the higher realm and bring it into form. Ironic but true. Hidden opportunities are coming you way if you turn on your intuition.


May will bring your nourishment, on all levels. You are able to pay more attention to your own wellbeing instead of others.  This energy has the ability to uncloak the inner magnificence and vibrancy of you. It is not necessarily even about newly acquired skills or knowledge but the energy lay dormant in your psyche that have suddenly become nurtured, developed and activated.

You will get new ideas, insights and inspirations and are stimulated to start something new. Follow your intuition and start to manifest what you truely desire in life.


The strong Fire energy this month represents Power to people whose Self Element is Metal. During the month of May, you will discover the subtle yet profound path that is marked not by linear time and rational thoughts, but by synchronicity and the whispered wisdom of intuition.

Intuition does not scream, so follow the subtle signs and messages in your body before you leap into action, practice tuning into the gentle whisper and see what guidance it may offer.

Your true power shines when you move within the quiet rhythm of your inner knowing.


The Fire snake is considered the guardian angel for the Water people. So if May is manifested with certain blockages at the start, don’t despair. Things will turn around with a positive outcome.

There are also some hidden money to be made if you allow yourself to shift your perspectives and break the old pattern. You might discover the way how you create your wealth and abundance is going through some major evolution.

You can also order a Destiny Profiling Report HERE to gain your unique blueprint of your destiny.
Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast**


**Everything in the universe is an ever-changing affair, including the qualities of the energy surrounding the space we live in. Flying Star Feng Shui is the only school that takes into consideration the influence of time. Therefore it is one of the most complex, accurate and powerful forms of Feng Shui. Flying stars are so called because they fly with the movement of the days, months and years. It is therefore possible to pinpoint the movement of the energy.

To simplify an otherwise very complicated practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, in each monthly prediction I will point out where the benevolent energy is located and where there is negative energy that needs to be managed. It is essential to first know the inherent natal chart of your home, as this determines the nature of the annual flying stars as well as the monthly stars. Your homes natal chart can only be provided by a qualified Feng Shui consultant. Blindly applying any enhancements or remedies suggested in this post could well have an adverse effect.



The SE sector contains the most auspicious energy in May. The monthly energy 1 joins the Annual prosperity star 8 to bring financial success and wealth luck to this sector. So if your entrance, the front facing of your building or any Yang space within your home falls into the SE sector, you will enjoy an abundant and prosperous month!   



Watch out for the problematic monthly star 5 in the NE sector this month. This star is further stimulated by the Wood energy 3, potentially bringing money dispute and arguments to this area. If your front entrance, living room falls into this sector, place some heavy metal such as 5-element pagoda or 6-rod metal wind chime is a must.

Fully embrace the magic of this May’s energy because the key essences and inherent qualities of the Year of the Dog will be in full swing now.


Grace Xo

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